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You Can't Fix Stupid: Rebutting The Climate Change Threat Belittlers

It was hard enough watching the spot on Chris Hayes' 'All In' three nights ago featuring a clip from Stuart Varney's show on FOX Business Channel. It featured a red-bearded Brit buffoon who fairly relished ridiculing Bernie Sanders' claim that climate change is the most serious threat faced by humanity. He said: "Oh, he's really brilliant that guy! El Baghdadi will be sawing  Bernie Sanders' head off and he'll be screaming: 'If only we had an emissions trading scheme"

Ha, ha and ha. Funny, but it really isn't funny. Nor will it be when this imbecile, his host Stuart Varney and Peggy Noonan (who spouted on a different show that "most people would see Sanders as slightly daffy"   have parasitic worms infesting their brains within ten years, along with amoebas bearing amoebic dysentery and also dengue fever. All this as the temperatures rise to new record levels in long lasting heat waves. Nor will they be laughing when five to six years earlier some ten million more migrants rush our borders because their own lands have become unlivable owing to global warming. What? Will Trump or whoever try to kill them all or build a wall as high as the Empire State Bldg.?  Get real!

The problem with morons like this is that they are basically unaware they are morons. They have no clue, nor do they know enough science to even be spouting off about CO2 levels, or climate change, or the Paris Climate Summit now going on.

As another example, we can take Denver Post columnist Ross Kaminsky who is the closest thing to a Neanderthal - in image- that one could imagine, e.g.

Not that I've anything against Neanderthals if they can write some sense, which Kaminsky clearly can't. A radio host on 850 KOA in Denver, Kaminsky had best keep his day job rather than churning out offal like his 'Climate Conference is Meaningless" dreck in last Sunday's paper.  He also, like the Fox buffoons, asks "How can it be that even a dozen people take Bernie Sanders Seriously?'

Well, because as Sanders noted in his on air response to the FOX Business clowns, the CIA and Pentagon are taking it seriously! See e.g.

As noted therein:

In  The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the authors compiled detailed statistics showing that water shortages in the Fertile Crescent in Syria, Iraq and Turkey, killed livestock, drove up food prices, sickened children and forced 1.5 million rural residents to the outskirts of Syria's jam-packed cities - just as the country was exploding with immigrants from the Iraq War. The stage was literally set for a human tinderbox.

And further:

on April 24 this year the 'Defense, National Security And Climate Change Symposium' was held in Washington, D.C.  At the Symposium Brigadier General Stephen Cheney stepped up to the podium to discuss 'Conflict and Climate Change'. Cheney, like some other speakers- zeroed in on climate-driven migration, asserting:

"We know for a fact that climate change is already driving internal and cross border migration"

Referencing here, for example, that in Bangladesh - the 'ground zero' of global warming- rising sea levels could displace 15 million by 2050. Oxford University's Norman Myers has projected there could be as many as 200 million climate refugees by mid-century.

Do Ross or any of his FOX nitwit pals have any remote idea what a human catastrophe such mass migrations would create?

Well, the defense and security establishments do which is why they are freaking terrified about the prospect and trying to get plans in place to cope with the floods. Not just water floods!

Ross then asks the most stupid question of all:

"How can it be that people fail to see a world boiling over with Islamofascism and say to themselves: 'We really need to focus our time and resources on climate change/"

Well, because ISIS are little irritating roaches compared to the magnitude of the peril we face in planet-wide climate change!  You can easily step on roaches but not rising seas inundating your cities, see e.g.

But that's not all! We can also expect raging fire storms from coast to coast similar to what struck Tasmania back in 2013, forcing people to flee for their lives, and escape to water areas to stay cool,  e.g.
Tim Holmes

And we already know that West Nile Fever and Dengue fever will spread to most of the nation by the first year of no seasons (ca. 2040), but other viral and parasitic infections will also abound, probably infesting most of the U.S. by 2025. (And already the "kissing bug" is devastating areas with Chagas disease. Google and learn more!)Two of these are illustrated below:

Thus, worm infestations, especially of the brain (above left) will proliferate as well as elephantiasis,  from  filariasis which will occur throughout the U.S. by 2040. Right now, there are in excess of 9 BILLION worm parasites inhabiting the vertebrates of our world, according to the author of Parasite REX. The human population alone may carry within it up to 2 billion worm parasites, including: hook worm, one of 5,000 forms of tape worm, round worm, trypanosomes, schistosomiasis-causing flukes and the protozoan that causes Toxoplasma (which over 1 billion may carry, mostly in their brains.).

With the stimulative effects of runaway cusp warming these numbers can expect to double or triple, especially amongst the human denizens of the planet. For an excellent insight into what we're in for and how bad it will be consult the paper: Global Climate and Infectious Disease:The Cholera Paradigm, in Science, Vol. 274, 20 December, 1996, p. 2025.

Imagine half a population sickened by cholera and dysentery and the other half by dengue fever, Chagas disease and parasitic worm infestations.

Now, if you still don't believe those are more serious to prevent happening than solely focusing on ISIS, comment. But I believe you might be able to complete the thought!

Then we have the uber Moron Bret Stephens,

babbling away in another WSJ piece ('Liberalism's Imaginary Enemies')  in which he claims (presumably with a straight face) :

"I am not the first to have noticed the incongruity of this huge gathering of world leaders meeting to combat this notional enemy in the same place a real enemy just inflicted so much mortal damage."

Radical climate change a "notional" enemy? As in dreamt up by scientists on diets of MJ waffles and who have mere "notions"? What sort of nincompoop is this guy? As for defining a "real enemy" I defy this ignoramus to read again what is posted above - in terms of imminent climate threats if we don't get our acts together, and tell me these constitute a "notional" as opposed to REAL enemy. You would have to be either batshit crazy or with an IQ less than room temperature to do so.

Obviously, no one is disputing ISIS as a threat. But as I said in a post some two years ago, one must weight threats on a scale of consequential magnitude. It is true that the ISIS vermin may somehow in some way inflict a mini-holocaust on one of our cities if they get hold of something like sarin - say, as depicted in the current 'Homeland' TV series. That may indeed wipe out tens of thousands and that is truly horrific.

But rapid climate change is no duppy or ghost! It is also a real threat and we are talking about the death of millions not just tens of thousands. It is true this comprises a ghoulish calculus but one must make it to set the record straight on the greater threat to humanity worldwide. In this calculus we can include - by 2040:

- 5 million dead or dying from potable water shortages- resulting in amoebic dysentery, cholera etc..

- 4 million dead from famine as the last of the 'green revolution' expires and GMOs are found not to meet the needs, even as they sow cancers, Alzheimers.

- 3 million dead from MRSA, and other antibiotic -resistant bugs

- 6 million unproductive and more like walking dead because of parasitic worm infestations, especially of their brains.

Stephens, as per his wont, also writes other specious nonsense including of the "hysteria generated by an imperceptible temperature rise of 1.7 F since 1880."

Well, say one thing say the next, at least the simpleton isn't claiming a  "one hundredth of a degree" increase as he did on the Bill Maher Real Time show back in January. Some would say that's progress - even for an imp like Stephens.

But the new fact is that recent documents flatly declare that a 2˚C temperature rise is passĂ© and that a 4˚C rise is already in the cards, moving towards a staggering 6˚C rise . That is an almost 11˚F temperature rise globally! and has always been the increment that Carl Sagan specified as the immediate trigger for the runaway greenhouse. Fortunately, this would not take hold until 2100, but it will take hold if we as a species continue to sit on our butts and do nothing.

In this regard, it is clear rational humanity's battle must be against ISIS and also allowing increased fossil fuel output to the atmosphere which would trigger the worst case scenario.

Unless we really fancy the image of parasitic worms crawling around inside our brains - wreaking havoc.

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