Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Trump's Latest Trash Talking Should Make Him Unelectable

Donald Trump's latest trash talking about Hillary is beyond belief. I had to play the clips (featured on Chris Hayes 'All In') several times before I could absorb the magnitude of it. As political journalist Chuck Todd noted on the NBC News just minutes before, if any ordinary mortal had spewed the vomit Trump did before an audience of howling groupies in MI (who Trump himself described as "nine thousand maniacs"), he or she would have been fired on the spot.

As I paused the DVR control and examined the faces of those Trumpie groupies, I compared them with the separate stills from one of Hitler's rallies captured by his Third Reich filmographer Leni Reifenstahl, on a separate TV set. What struck me was the similarity. These yahoos were literally drowned in a hate fest, just as Hitler's groupies were. Who would have believed 50 years ago that America could havc mutated to this point to unleash such political deviants upon us?

Incredibly, assorted Fox News puppets insisted he meant nothing vulgar. As one female spokesperson for Trump's campaign put it: "He meant slung to the ground!" Uh no, dearie, the word was "schlonged" - described by most U.S. media as a "Yiddish" term but in fact many Germans use it as an Anglicized alternative for "fucked". (In strict German there is no specific counterpart, though "fucken" is used by semi-literate boors of the lowest classes, like in the slums of Munich, Berlin or Dresden. "Schlong" for penis, also - I am told- is a common Anglicized term used by actresses in German porno films.)

So, let's not get cute here, Trump knew damned well what he was saying and what he meant, and anyone who needs to "interpret" his remarks is a moron.

Hillary herself, to her credit, took the vile epithets and calumny in stride at a separate meeting, where she counseled a girl suffering from asthma not to be intimidated by the bullies. She also described how she has had a long experience with this lot, and indeed she (and Bill) have, dating back from the mid -1990s, when the right wing nexus tried to pin Vince Foster's murder as well as drug dealing out of Mena, AR on them. All of this was finally exposed in a superb Newsweek article entitled 'The Right Wing Web'. (February 22, 1999, p.34)

As Trump himself crosses each new barrier of impropriety, under the phony mantra of "attacking political correctness", his hate mongering fans are in a state of near euphoria. I even read yesterday in The Denver Post (p. 11A) how the Ku Kluxers now see him as their man, their voice. They want their members to bone up on the issues and pay attention to Trump with a view to catapulting him to high office.

Ain't gonna happen! Already the new polls show 50 percent of Americans affirming they would be embarrassed to have this turkey as their president. Of course, it vastly breaks down along party lines with only 20 percent of Repubs in the embarrassed category while 82 percent of Democrats are. But what do you expect when the R-party has mutated to become one of poltroons and knuckle draggers?

Jeb Bush to his initial credit, began to knock Trump (after the latest remarks) as the "chaos candidate" but then quickly attacked Hillary for cultivating "victimology". Huh?  So wait, Jebbie - you effing loser, it was Hillary's fault that Trump used such crude and abusive language? To be sure, as one MSNBC guest noted, this latest outburst ought to seal Trump's fate certainly for female voters.

Meanwhile, historian Michael Beschloss - appearing last night on Rachel Maddow- insisted there is no history for such venomous rhetoric (including inciting a mob against reporters) other than segregationist George Wallace back in 1968. Wallace also used vitriolic, racist and degenerate rhetoric in trying to stir up the semi-literate masses. He tried to do it again in 1972, but was felled in Laurel, MD by a would be assassin's bullets. That was Arthur Bremer from Milwaukee.

Incredibly, it took that turn of events to temper Wallace and in later years he actually regretted his hate- spewing rhetoric. By the end of his life he'd almost become a changeling.

A recent (Dec. 5th) article in The Economist really puts the Trumpies in perspective noting (p. 30):

"The anxiety Trump supporters betray by looking for scapegoats says most, of course, about themselves. Typically members of the white lower middle class, they are at once jealous of the small privileges that distinguish them from the toilers below, and bitterly resentful of the faraway government that provides their Social Security, VA care and Medicare.

Remonstrating in hard times, they are the "radical centre" in academic jargon, who turned out before for George Wallace, a populist southern Democrat who ran for President four times in the 1960s and 70s."

The article then identifies the iconic Trump supporter of this "radical center" with a character  from a John Updike novel named Rabbit Angstrom "from whose flabby mouth dripped endless expressions of impotence, anger and glum humor...having retired to Florida to nurse his disappointment".

As WSJ author Bret Stephens also noted in a recent op-ed outburst of establishment GOP despond, "Why Don't We Just Elect Hillary Now?",  the upending of the GOP race and the tilt to Trump cuts across the whole freakish Republican coalition. What had once been an unholy alliance of business -Wall Street types, evangelicals and libertarian followers of Ayn Rand has now metastasized (according to The Economist, ibid.), to become "pro-Trump Tea Party agitators, racist evangelical Christians (who believe Obama is really a "Muslim" with a fake birth certificate) and national security obsessives" (who believe Snowden is a "traitor")

The Economist's final words on this (and bear in mind this is before Trump's latest venom directed at Hillary):

"Almost none of Mr. Trump's jokes are good jokes. It would be good for America if the end of him, as seems likely, is in sight"

Let's hope it's sooner rather than later. As one savvy political analyst pointed out, Trump's actual testing of "the law of political gravity"  will start with the first caucuses and primaries next year. Then we see an end to power by polls, and whether the Trump rise is just another mirage. (Like Pat Buchanan in 1992).

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Ahab said...

"As I paused the DVR control and examined the faces of those Trumpie groupies, I compared them with the separate stills from one of Hitler's rallies captured by his Third Reich filmographer Leni Reifenstahl, on a separate TV set. What struck me was the similarity."

Ed Brayton came away from a Trump rally feeling the same way. Trump rallies sound like deranged circus-like affairs.

Copernicus said...

Thanks for the link. I hope readers will also check out the links at the end of my post.