Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spiritual Advice From an Eckankar Adept

It is gratifying that my sister-in-law, Krimhilde, an Eckankar Adept, is once more in Colorado. I had occasion to ask advice on a number of issues, and though I am an atheist, I’ve always found her wisdom extends far beyond her own domain and has often proven useful. A few of the topics below, also her insights into my brother Mike, after seeing some of his blog material:

- On my proposal to travel to Germany and particularly Dachau (former site of the infamous concentration camp), in order to experiment with time slips (subject of a forthcoming blog – next month)

K: I do not recommend this! Time slips as you know are unpredictable. While in most cases nothing will happen if you should travel to Dachau, what if you do somehow manage to step through a time slip? What if you then find yourself in Dachau of 1944 instead of Dachau in 2013 or even 1980? You mention bringing a calculator with you to convince any concentration camp guards that you are from the future. But what if they confiscate it? Then, your proof is gone! And what will Janice do if you should be lost back in time? It is not a good idea!

-Why is it unwise for those like my brother Mike to be so obsessed with bibles?

K: Those books were written by lower vibration people living thousands of years ago, for other lower vibration people. We are now in a more enlightened era where we know more. Reading those books or bibles is like a college student groveling around in a nursery and talking baby talk. Worse, the degraded level of the writers, especially where they depict their god killing humans like the Canaanites out of vengeance, is a reflection of their own base nature and desire for vengeance. Their degraded, low vibration souls hate so they write to make their god hate, like them. This bible god is no god of love. Those who follow it cannot be people of love but hate.

You must remember the Hebrew-Christian universe is one in which the overriding anxiety to be right…..right, right, right….penetrates everything. That’s why they clutch their bibles so closely. I believe they’d all have heart attacks if all their good books suddenly disappeared overnight.

- Having to deal with Mike and his incessant blog attacks:

K: There is only one way to deal with him and that is to detach yourself from reading his blog! You can’t change him so long as he is filled with hate and hardness. Hardness covers his heart like ice and if you read his material it can affect yours. You must go your way and let him go his. You cannot control what he does, so if he continues to go to your blog and use it to make attacks, that is his choice. His business. He knows your material is not to his liking, but if he still exposes himself to it and makes himself mad, that is his choice. Your choice has to be to dislodge and stay clear of his angry vibrations and low sense of self-esteem and worth. He may be your brother by blood, but in the end that means nothing. One must find accord with those who share the same outlook, not blood!

- What is your sense of Mike’s blog?

K: From the bit I’ve read, this is a man spiritually stunted and given to hardness. He is so enamored of his own hardness he wears it proudly like a mantle! Maybe the Marines made him this way, who is to say? But as we know, life thrives in softness, not hardness. Hardness is the nature of death, of preserved, dried out and dessicated things! If you examine the tissues of living plants and the bodies of animals their cells are soft, pliant and hence open to life. If you examine a corpse, it is encased in stiffness, hardness. Being hard is being dead. If not physically yet, then mentally and spiritually and as we know physical death not long follows if the hard person refuses to change.

His hardness is also based on his alienation from others: other races, other religions, other ways of life, even his own brother.. Because he is so hard, he sees others as soft, or weak. But he is the one who is weak because of his need to appear hard. He is not open to life or its experiences, but only serving his own needs. His own needs also mean creating Satan by which to terrify others. But we know Satan doesn’t exist, it is the product of a low vibration mental state, barely above the animal. In Eckankar you can only give out what your baseline vibrations allow. If those vibrations are low or degraded you will emit degraded ideas and concepts. People who write or talk often of Satan are embedded in degraded mental states so they create a degraded being which is really a reflection of their own nature.

- On starting another war as with Iran:

K: This is a terrible idea! The world now is starved for peace! We have had already more than 12 years of war! When does it end? Sadly, too many people are enthralled by conflict. Too many nations are intoxicated by their own power. We can only escape this maze by invoking the special Eck words of sound (HU) and light which elevate the mind and consciousness beyond the animal level. War is the outcome when we accept only the animal level mind and refuse to rise above it. Our politicians and leaders must seek to rise above this degraded low vibration mind and listen more to their inner Being. If a war begins with Iran all people will suffer, not just in Iran or in the U.S. Is this fair? No, it isn’t!

But all people must strive for attaining the peaks of insight. The higher one goes on the spiritual frequency scale, the more ordered one’s thoughts become and the closer one gets to the Godhood. By studying Eckankar we learn to know and use those special words (like “HU”) which interject the highest light and sound frequencies into our meditations, and positive purpose into our lives. If a majority in the world practiced such meditations there would be no need for wars.

-On life after death

K: Yes, there IS life after death by way of reincarnation! Having one life in which you must attain a good or salvation and if you don’t you go to Hell is stupid and crazy. There are too many impediments, improbables, intrusions to admit that. For example, if you are a backward peasant living in the Indian backwaters and have never heard of Jesus does that mean you must go to Hell? No. That is stupid. It isn’t the fault of the Indian peasant as he has no control on where he’s born. The only justice system that makes sense therefore is karma (as you sow, so shall you reap) and reincarnation is part of it.

- So in terms of karma, what would be the likely reincarnation for a ‘Billy Badass’ hard soldier-type in this life who extols the military and worships anything ‘tough’?

K: That is easy! His reincarnation would be as a soft female! Most preferably a beautiful one! Only then would he begin to learn the important lessons he refused to learn in this life: that life itself is built on softness not hardness. By having to wear a body that is soft by nature he would be forced to submit to its softness and also have to deal with others’ perceptions when they perceive it. He will painfully experience the criticisms of others for being soft that he dealt to others in this life by proudly portraying himself as hard.

The good thing for him is that reincarnation means he will not recall his earlier self or body so there is nothing to compare his current one with, or feel upset about! The wheel of rebirth works in wondrous ways!

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