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Mikey 'Marine' Blasts CBS' AMAZING RACE Episode

Scene at My Lai, with some of the hundreds of villagers slain, in 1968 by Lt. William Calley and his troops.

I guess in a way it no longer boggles my mind that my loose screw youngest bro (formerly ‘Pastor Mike’), who is so detached from reality he can’t recall his own history (or that of his brothers) is now lashing out against an ‘Amazing Race’ episode shown last week. To see his venomous rant  you’d think CBS had committed a capital crime.  Worse, is how he misrepresents it, with all the bluster, indignation and faux macho shtick you'd expect from a guy who got paddled every time he wet his bed at the 'Bluebird Nursery' when he was two (maybe another reason he's so deranged now!)

Anyway, wifey and I saw the episode, where the contestants were flown to Hanoi, Vietnam – site of some of the worst bombing at the hands of the mass murderers LBJ and Richard Nixon. On the show we also saw the B-52 memorial, which the citizens of the nation rightly kept on display to show Amerikkan aggression and the penalty for it. Again, let us bear in mind – unlike the paranoid delusionals- that the Vietnam conflict was started on a pretext, i.e. the Gulf of Tonkin incident wherein the Turner Joy and Maddox were allegedly attacked without provocation in the summer of 1964. The claim of baby killer LBJ was that the attack(s) were initiated by the North Vietnamese.

But in 2005, an internal National Security Agency historical study was declassified; it concluded that the Maddox had engaged the North Vietnamese Navy on August 2, but that there were no North Vietnamese Naval vessels present during the incident of August 4. The report stated regarding August 2:

“At 1505G, Captain Herrick ordered Ogier's gun crews to open fire if the boats approached within ten thousand yards. At about 1505G, the Maddox fired three rounds to warn off the communist boats. This initial action was never reported by the Johnson administration, which insisted that the Vietnamese boats fired first”

and regarding August 4:

“It is not simply that there is a different story as to what happened; it is that no attack happened that night. [...] In truth, Hanoi's navy was engaged in nothing that night but the salvage of two of the boats damaged on August 2”

In other words, the U.S. aggressors used it as a pretext to demand the Gulf of Tonkin resolution and launch a war that killed nearly 58,000. Like other pretext wars (e.g. Iraq, see the excellent MSNBC special ‘Hubris’) Vietnam never should have occurred. It was once again a case of congress abdicating responsibility as opposed to actually declaring a war. (And bear in mind I would actually not have been excepted - for poor vision - had it been an ACTUAL declared war, as opposed to a setup bogus ‘war’ to serve the banksters and oilmen. My 1-Y designation only permitted military service in a REAL DECLARED war, in other words)

Anyway,  Mikey blabbers: (Anyone curious to see how low a human brain can go in its dreck and overt racism, bigotry and LIES - e.g. that I "got a student deferment"  - and "cried that I didn't want to go to Vietnam"-  can see it here on full display (But be forewarned!):

"My friends, having served...PROUDLY, in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam war (as did my two middle brothers, one serving in the U.S. Navy, and the other in the U.S. Air Force), as well as hundreds of thousands of other men and women, and where over 60,000 Americans lost their lives, as well as hundreds of thousands coming back home with missing limbs, cancer from Agent Orange, and other disabilities that CAN'T be seen (e.g., PTSD), I personally, must thank Bob Beckel for giving CBS a well-deserved ass-chewing over them showing on their latest episode of the Amazing Race, where the contestants were flown to Hanoi, Vietnam and told to memorize a pro-communist song and search for clues in the wreckage of a B-52 bomber (shown above) that was shot down and American soldiers were killed. Beckel says that CBS should apologize to Vietnam Veterans everywhere, otherwise they risk becoming known as the “Communist Bastard Sympathizers!”

Lost in his reckless rant, and in Beckel’s perceptions, is that the song was not a “communist” song but a nationalist song celebrating the Socialism that has enabled North Vietnam to rebuild after the savage American attacks on their homeland. To be specific, the Amazing Race contestants were NOT asked to memorize the song but to match Vietnamese symbols (displayed via symbols by a chorus of singers) to characters displayed separately. In truth, NONE of those contestants had clue one what they were actually seeing, their task was one of matching symbols seen at different times accurately! That this is lost on both Bob Beckel and Mikey, discloses both are hysterical (as well as ahistorical)  idiots.

Only a fool, moron (or latter day CPAC-GOOpr) would fail to process the Americans lost the war once they lost the hearts and minds of the people of Vietnam. This was accomplished by their massive Agent Orange bombing, the use of napalm with its indiscriminate destruction of crops and people, as well as their mass murdering of women and children – such as that shown from My Lai, compliments of the monster Calley.

For those for whom this is ancient history, My Lai was the name of Vietnamese hamlet where up to 500 innocents were butchered, most of them elderly, women and babies (see photo). On top of that sexual atrocities were perpetrated on the victims, many of the people were tortured before being killed, and "souvenir gook ears" were sliced off and stowed away. Twenty -six soldiers were originally brought up on charges, but only one: Lt. William Calley, was convicted. He was supposedly sentenced to life but served only three years of the original sentence, and most of that under 'house arrest". So much for Vietnamese lives being extended much value!

As in the case of Afghanistan, lost once massive numbers of civilians were killed as collateral damage, including from drones blasting wedding parties, the Americans lost whatever meager chance they had in ‘Nam with the Calley massacre combined with their destruction of the people’s food crops. That so many morons still can’t see this maybe also explains why Americans score near the bottom of citizenship tests recently given to the people of many nations. (See )

Holland cites a 2009 study in The European Journal of Communications, and observes:

“Overall,” the scholars wrote, “the Scandinavians emerged as the best informed, averaging 62–67 percent correct responses, the British were relatively close behind with 59 percent, and the Americans lagging in the rear with 40 percent.”

Hmmmmm......why am I not surprised?

Sadly, it appears that not even the passage of time (and the resources of the web)  can bring sobriety or sense to perceptions of our wars of choice.  But this is exactly why at least some bloggers need to remind people of the truth. How the Vietnam War really started, why and how it was lost, and why in the future we need congress to do due diligence and formally declare wars instead of allowing presidents with too much power to instigate them on pretexts or outright lies. Mikey can whine all he wants about “Libtard pansies, and sissies” but in the end truth matters, at least to those with I.Q.s over moron level!

Mike bemoans and wonders how he and I "came from the same loins" - and eulogizes my dad (rightly, for his WWII service) but neglects to mention how dad basically disowned him as Mike became ever more vitriolic in his blogs toward my parents' Catholic faith (note how he smears my Mom's rosary).

(Btw, aside to DHS, FBI and Secret Service: You may want to investigate the content in the above link- for Mike's blog -and especially all the savage attacks on Obama. Perhaps with a view to taking this guy's VA disability pension away  and giving it to a returning vet that actually earned it (unlike doing KP duty for two yrs. in the Marines and two yrs. in the Army) This move will give him less time for pernicious, reckless as well as racist attacks from his keyboard! And as we know, especially with the recent mayhem actually CAUSED by right wingers, you can never be too careful with these scumballs!)

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