Thursday, August 2, 2012

Teddy Bear Invasion Upsets a Regime!

A couple of the 879 Teddy Bears parachuting into Belarus

The eight hundred and seventy nine teddy bears were strapped in for the flight of their lives. Ensconced in a small light aircraft, set to take off from Pociunai airfield in Southern Lithuania - destination: Belarus. The home of the world's "last dictator", President Alexander Lukashenko. The stunt, masterminded by two radical Swedes - Thomas Mazetti and Hannah Frey - was to accomplish two objectives: 1) show that Belarus airspace was not impenetrable, and 2) dispatch freedom messages in Russian and English (using small signs attached to the bears) as they landed.

The trick was parachuting them into a hostile territory while flying at an altitude of barely 50 meters, or 150 feet. Moreover, doing it for one and a half hours, enough time to allow all 879 bears to skydive into history - marking the first time ever toy bears have brought down two generals - one the nation's Air Defense Chief-  of this objectionable regime. (After denying the whole event, which transpired on July 4, Lukashenko - as photos were produced - eventually acknowledged it and fired two of his top generals on Tuesday.)

Meanwhile, all the landed teddy bears have been captured and impounded while the two Swedes have petitioned for their release. In addition, a young Belarussian photographer who captured the teddies as they landed has been imprisoned by the regime. He committed 'treason' by providing undeniable evidence that toy bears could penetrate Belarus' airspace . This despite the Air Defense Chief's claims the bears didn't really exist. They were a figment of western imaginations run amuck.

The two young radicals, who have more 'balls' between them than most of the Dems in the U.S. congress -especially after 19 have now voted with the Repugs to allow Bush tax cuts for ALL-  were a year in preparation for the event, including purchasing the 3-seater Jodel aircraft that carried the bears into enemy territory. They financed the $184,000 stunt using earnings from their work at a small ad agency.

Lukashenko, still red-faced from the embarrassment of invading teddy bears, has vowed to never ever let such a foul travesty happen again under his reign. He promises swift retribution for the culprits, execution of all the bears, and shoring up his air defenses and border alerts.

Meanwhile,. Per Cromwell, founder of Studio Total wrote in an open letter to the Belarusian president:

“You have spent 20 billions of euros on an air defence system that could not detect a homebuilt aeroplane with a cargo of teddy bears,"

Long live the Teddy bears!

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