Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Time for '3 Strikes and You're Out' Referendum Ballots!

Citizen Referendum ballots often offer the most direct way for the people of this country to engage in true representative democracy. For example, some ten-odd years ago Colorado voters gave their assent to a state medical marijuana referendum that has since enabled many medical dispensaries to be set up to allow access to MMJ for those with cancer, chronic, disabling back pain and other disorders.While this has been controversial, because the feds always see pot as a 'nasty' - despite the evidence that alcohol is much worse-  it has delivered a solid backing for a law that really ought to benefit tens of thousands of sickly people, or those with intractable pain. (And who are any of us to say that a person doesn't have pain, or that it's not bad enough to warrant a pot solution?)

On the other hand, there are what I call the "nuisance ballots" that serve no purpose other than to squander precious state time and resources, and which also have been demonstrated to be unwanted incursions after repeated voter rejection.

One of these is the odious "Personhood" amendment, now making its way to the Colo. state ballots for the THIRD election cycle. This is totally absurd!  Yet, the "Colorado Personhood Coalition" (WTF?)  announced Monday it has now submitted more than 121,000 signatures to the Secretary of state to have its measure put on the ballot yet again.


It's been fucking rejected TWICE already and by nearly 60% margins. Once again, pregnant women will be at risk, of being tossed into the pokey, if they are caught doing anything - like drinking alcohol, engaging in too long a mountain hike or snow mobiling, that puts the "person" inside them at any risk. By some accounts, they could face up to five years in prison if the Personhood amendment  passes and infraction establishes felony conditions. As one commentator put it, "we have to prevent the killing of any innocent PERSONS - including fetuses - and by even indirect means."  Really? And who made you judge, jury and executioner of the accused woman?

No wonder this bullshit amendment failed and bigtime on two previous occasions, as it will again. And for that, the state needs to come out and say 'ENOUGH! NO MORE! THREE STRIKES AND YOU ARE OUT!"

Such a law would be long overdue and enable the good citizens of Colorado never to have to endure this hokey bullshit crap again, and waste money on additional ballot space. Indeed, "NO Personhood Amendment' spokeswoman Emilie Ailts noted in today's Denver Post (p. 3A) that "eight other states have already turned down proposed 2012 personhood ballot and legislative measures" - and most of those were after only ONE prior ballot failure!

As Ailts correctly pointed out (ibid.):

"This is a colossal waste of time and funds that could go to women and children who don't get good post-natal and prenatal care"

But see, the "personhood' numbnuts and the morons who support them - by filling out the petitions -  don't care about the already born and their welfare, only the pre-born. Once they're born they're told (or rather their parents): "Every family for itself! You're on your own! Embrace the LIBERTY!"

Meanwhile, Ailts' group will again have to spend about $1 million to ensure this crap -ass law doesn't see the light of day. It's a battle that must be fought, but let us hope for the frickin' last time!

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