Monday, August 20, 2012

"Legitimate Rape": A Shot over the “Bow” for Women Voters!

The pro-GOP pundits this morning were almost in tears. Whining, crying, weeping and bellyaching: “If Karl Rove was in charge of the campaign he’d never let this happen!”

What are the talking heads blubbering about? Why?

After GOP (Missouri) Toad Todd Akin’s comments on an interview went public. To quote, after being asked why he supported banning abortion:

“It seems to me from what I understand from doctors, if it’s a legitimate rape female bodies have ways to shut that down.”

Huh? Say what? Female bodies have magical and invisible weapons to shut down potential pregnancy....from forcible rapes?

By “legitimate rape”,   Akin meant by force, for example being gang -raped. Somehow the woman’s body will “know” what happened and be able to instantly neutralize or “purge” the millions of sperm violently injected into her against her will. Hence, no need for seeking abortion! Hell, it’s a natural medical “miracle” of the female body to be able to distinguish “friendly” sperm from “hostile” types!

Where did this numskull learn his human biology? In some creationist Sunday School camp? The same ones that teach that dinosaurs walked the Earth simultaneously with early humans – as fake scientists like Jason Lisle proclaim?

Naturally, liberal women’s groups are in an outrage but ALL women’s groups (including conservo) ought to be because Akin’s ignorant remarks also are embodied in House legislation proposed by Paul Ryan via H.R. 3805. Thereby the distinction is made between ”forcible rape” and “non-forcible rape” with the former being the only “legitimate” kind that might be allowed for abortion. Even then, the forcibly raped woman who’s been impregnated would have to submit to an ultrasound “wand” or “probe” to be inserted into her vagina as she's  lectured over the “preciousness” of the rapist’s growing seedling inside. This, by the way, would be a NATIONAL piece of legislation applying to all women everywhere.

This is in contrast to the same law that had been proposed (last year) by Virginia Governor Bob McDonald, who once joked that women who had to submit to insertion of ultrasound probes shouldn’t complain because “they’ve already had something in there.”

Can any woman of sound mind, sight and hearing really vote for any of these knuckle draggers? Can those who are even conservative but are moms think of doing so, given what the voting consequences may mean for their daughters?

Be mindful here that what reprobates like Akin and Paul Ryan are after is a nationwide equivalent to the odious "personhood" amendments now making the rounds. This election, further, is likely to be quite close given that up to 5 million minority, elderly and student voters may well be disenfranchised by Republican Voter ID law tactics - which are not meant to preserve electoral integrity but to suppress potential Obama voters.  This makes it more critical than ever that women who intend to vote in affected states ensure they have all the documents, including ID, they need and they see that the GOP ticket is one of disaster and regression.

The crying pundits like Joe Scarborough have reason to be concerned as this Akin comment emerges days before the Repuke Convention in Tampa. And don’t anyone believe this is going away anytime soon!

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