Monday, August 27, 2012

Guest Blog: "2016 Obama's America": A Disgustingly Dishonest Film

BY Mike Ghouse -

Like most of the movies, it is a good, bad and an ugly movie. The film producer Dinesh D’Souza has propounded a preposterous hypothesis of colonialism and its effects on the subjected people. He has made a serious attempt to force-fit Obama into his own projection to prove his theory. I must admit it is a grandiose effort and has a greater appeal for conspiratorial theorists and offers plenty to gossip circles.
The title claims Love Him, Hate Him and you don't know him. I did not see the first part; Love him. If the producer was someone else, it would not have bothered me, but he has claimed to be an intellectual, but in the movie, he lacks the simple intellectual integrity by not presenting another point of view. That is not fair to the Americans. Perhaps he believes everything is acceptable in politics and wars.

It is clearly a propaganda movie, the right wingers among us Republicans will buy anything that is anti-Obama, and they probably swallow D’Souza relentless coaxing Obama’s brother to tell him that Obama did not take care of his family.

However, the Republicans with common sense will see that D’Souza carries his own cultural baggage to have asked that question; for God’s sake Obama was not connected with that family. The Democrats will certainly enjoy the rebuke from Obama’s brother. He tells D’Souza that he is an adult and on his own, Obama has his own issues, and a life to deal with. Perhaps, Obama’s brother is more Republican than D’Souza who was advocating hand outs. I am surprised D’Souza did not edit this out, as it goes against his propaganda.

The good part of the movie is acknowledging in a matter of factly manner that Obama was born in Hawaii, his birth was recorded in the hospital and announced in two news papers. Not only that, he shows him and Obama were born on the same day. Ironically, the movie is a clear slap on the birthers.

It was disgustingly dishonest of D’Souza to show Israeli flag being pulled down while he was interviewing Daniel Pipes. Was he trying to instill fear among Jews, and the Christian Zionists? What about millions of other Israelis and Jews who have an opposite opinion of Israeli occupation? Was D’Souza pandering to the right?

Where on the earth do some of the right wingers get their brains from? They talk as if Obama is the Absolute King and his word is the law of the land. The conspiracy that Obama will turn America in to a socialist nation is ridiculous. Nothing happens without Congress and Senate passing the bills.

Indeed most of the bad acts have happened when all the three branches of government were run by either Republicans or Democrats. As Americans we need to figure out a way to maintain the integrity of our system of checks and balance.

No party should be given overwhelming majority in either house, those men and women become evil with such a majority, a simple majority to Republicans in the house and a simple majority to the Democrats in the senate will keep our nation safe and secure. Whether it is Obama or Romney, they cannot sign the bills into law, until these suckers have debated and agreed to it. I rather them fight than slam dunk the bill with their evil majorities.

Bill Clinton left a chunky budget surplus after Reagan and Bush Sr., had piled up the debts, indeed, it was the Vice-Presidential nominee Senator Lloyd Bentsen who told Bush, that I can make the country look grandeur if I charge everything on credit card without having the sources to pay back.

It was the Junior Bush’s reckless war mongering that got us into trouble; it was Bush who signed a $700 billion bail out to the Wall Streeters to pay bonuses to the CEO’s for failing the banks. Obama inherited the down spiral and fed more to it with this health care over job creation priority.

As a Republican myself, Romney Presidency and a house and senate Republican majority frightens me; he is a ruthless business man and his attitude would be, if you are sick, take care of yourselves, government is not in the business of taking care of you, it is the game of survival of the fittest. May be he is invincible like some of the right wingers, but most Americans are vulnerable one time or the other in their lives.

Did Romney’s huge charitable donations were restricted to Mormons, or were they like Catholic Charities that benefits the whole humanity? Is he there to take care of his buddies or is he there for America?

His effort to appease Netanyahu and his ilk (Not Israel, as Netanyahu does not represent the will of the majority of the people of Israel or Jews around the world) he may give a green signal to Israel to bomb Iran, what Bush did to America, Romney will double it. The average American gets the shaft, while these guys have safe heavens to live on.

Do we want another reckless President or do we want someone who can get Osama Bin Laden with least expense and damage, and talk Iran out of it without sacrificing possibly another 5000 of our men and women on the battle field as a collateral damage, do we want our sons and daughters killed, and for what? Will Romney and Netanyahu will be holocausting Iran, self-destructing Israel, and running a huge deficit and ruining the Average American’s life?

D’Souza wanted to appease the right that Colonialism benefited the subjects, despite the subjects getting legitimately raped.

I keep forgetting that the movie was propaganda and I don’t need to worry about the truth. However, I walked out of the movie grim faced and took me several hours to recover.
By the way, I fall in the category of moderate Republicans to whom America is first and foremost, and not hesitant to be critical of the bad leadership among Republicans.
D’Souza’ movie boomerangs on Republicans; has finally helped me make a decision to go with the least of the two evils; Obama.
I appeal to my fellow Republicans to sanitize ourselves and just have one bloody mouth, than talk from two sides of our body: when we talk about freedom, let’s mean it, and not talk about taking away choices from a woman about her body; when we talk about individual liberties, let’s not rip that right from gay couples marrying each other, and when we talk about freedom of religion, let’s not be sadists in passing laws restricting Muslims to practice their religion. When we talk about bad economy, let’s take some blame for initiating the useless wars.
As I am set out to make a movie about Americans Together, I was cringing, would I be honest enough to tell the truth or would I project my own theories and force fit situations to make my theory look fantastic? I do know that I would not bet on the commerciality of the movie, and compromise the truth.
The movie at best panders to the right wingers who are possibly a vociferous minority trying to dictate the nation. As I was walking out of the theater, I heard fellow Republicans concerned about the bull, and I could not resist jumping and saying, I wish he had presented another side of Obama, they said, yes, we noticed that.

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