Friday, August 24, 2012

Now We KNOW Catholic Bishops Are Repug Stooges!

Well, maybe the Catholics ought to maintain more control of their media outlets, because these days there's nothing a media center can broadcast that won't be picked up by a secondary source. And so we have the spectacle of the Eternal Word Television Network  (EWTN) leaked word of Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s forthcoming benediction and appearance at the GOP convention last night in a press release. This is related to  Romney’s exclusive appearance, to be aired tonight, on the program “The World Over.”   Note: EWTN, was founded by the nun Mother Angelica in 1981, and had been recently acquired the National Catholic Register (“America’s most complete and faithful Catholic news source”), which sued the Obama administration in February, charging the contraception mandate "violated its First Amendment rights".

This was not that long after the miscreant Tim Dolan himself proclaimed, concerning the proposed contraception provisions in the Affordable Care Act ('Catholics Hit Rule on contraception', WSJ, Jan. 27)

"It is a literally unconscionable attack on religious freedom"

Don't they ever learn! Bear in mind, "religious freedom" is the last refuge of religious scoundrels, and bullies. They have no more respect for liberty or freedom  than the Nazis had for the Jews at Auschwitz. Indeed, these same asswipes helped to rescue Nazi-SS butchers along ratlines to South American during and after World War II.

For those who may be interested, this site 

- with excerpts from the book 'Blowback: America's recruitment of Nazis, and its disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy' by Christopher Simpson, Collier / Macmillan, 1988- is very informative. Particularly in the Vatican's role in smuggling Nazis out of Europe - with U.S. (CIA, actually then, OSS or "Office of Strategic Services') assistance. Also the role of Intermarium is clarified. I do hope people-readers find it ironic that a cabal that helped Nazis and SS butchers escape would proclaim so much moralism now with birth control! Or more accurately, allowing non-Catholic women (mainly workers at Catholic institutions) to access it.

Keep in mind that Roman Catholics are perfectly entitled to mandate the withholding of contraceptive services for their own Catholic members, but may not do so for the general public that has no other alternatives or recourse than to go to a Catholic hospital, or work at some other Catholic institution - say like a school. Hence, if I as an atheist am teaching at such a school, I need to be able to secure these contraceptives for my wife if she should need them. To say I can't based on the fact the school is religious, is an infringement of my rights as a citizen. And certainly, if the Catholic Church is to continue to enjoy tax free status as a religion, it needs to keep its nose out of issues that don't concern it, namely those affecting non-Catholic citizens, irrespective of where they work.

Anyway, the just leaked EWTN news makes it clear that Willard Mitt (the selfsame a-hole who intentionally walked a blind teacher into a door while a preppie) intends to make the same bogus, irrational and unsupportable arguments as the National Catholic Bishops Conference and their lackeys and stooges (the same lot that bullied the nuns belonging to The Leadership Conference of Women Religious.) Thus watch these fools focus on the notion of "attacking religious liberty" and "religious infringement" despite there being no such thing!

What will come out of it, however, is that the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops and their toadies are attached at the hip to the Repukes, the same lot that plan to destroy Medicare for anybody younger than 55, so that they will need at least a million extra bucks saves to partake of health care. (See my next blog).  Also, the same lot that has full intentions to destroy the poor - cutting food stamps, and ripping away Mediaid - so millions of kids will not only suffer malnutrition but outright starve as their frail bodies waste away-  while tens of thousands of rich pigs dine each night on caviar after their rose wine wraps.

These are, remember, the same vile pigs and oafs who moved child molesters around from parish to parish so they wouldn't face justice. And now their victims are still trying to seek justice. Why would either of these odious groups - the USCCB or the Repugs have anyone of integrity backing them? That is a question that remains to be answered. Right now, the only one I can think of is that millions are suffering from "Obama Derangement Syndrome" and perhaps need to ask for some electro-convulsive therapy at the first opportunity.

And certainly before November 6th!

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