Friday, August 10, 2012

Jamaicans Sweep the 200m as a Yankee Has-Been Pisses, Whines and Moans

The three conquering Jamaicans, L-R: Weir, Bolt and Blake.

Last night, it was a sight to behold for Caribbean peoples, especially from the former British Commonwealth, as three Jamaicans swept the medals in the men's 200m race. There was Usain Bolt, getting his second 200m gold, followed by Yohan Blake with the silver, and team mate Warren Weir getting the bronze. Was it any wonder crowds went delirious in Kingston, and across Jamaica and the former Brit colonies from Trinidad to Barbados. Yes, mon!

(Side note: Barbados 110m  hurdler Ryan Braithwaite, roused Bajans from their stupor Wednesday night, when he made the finals. Alas, he came in fifth but we hope for much better next time around).

On a more unsportsmanlike note, it seems the total Jamaican success in the 200m was simply too much for one whining American has-been named Carl Lewis. According to press-media reports making the rounds in Kingston, Lewis - a former 100m and 200m champion (though he didn't manage to repeat like Usain did in the latter), has intimated that "Jamaica's drug -testing procedures may need to be tightened".  Say What?,  you Yankee twerp! He added that in his opinion Jamaica's "doping controls" were not as tight as in other countries. (Presumably the US of A)

And how do you know that, twerp? Have you been there to assess those procedures? Do you even know what their criteria are, or are you just talking out of your ass as you spew sour grapes?  In fact, Jamaica's procedures are probably light years beyond what has applied in the U.S. Over there, for example, you'd never ever have beheld a cricketer trotted out in disgrace for steroid use, like Barry Bonds and other baseball players in the U.S.  Nor would you have witnessed the ugly specatacle of a doper seizing the analogous (runs per over or 6s) crown in cricket - comparable to the home run crown in the U.S. (held by Hammerin' Hank Aaron) until Bonds stole it - which is why I shall forever appeend an * to his name.

But this is what American sports exceptionalism is all about. If they can't dominate in every event then either: a) they lost because they didn't "practice hard enough", or b) the opposing team or nation that dominated them must have had the benefit of lax "doping control procedures".

These Yankee whiners even pout and cry because the Chinese now have so many golds, having applied training methods once used by the Democratic Republic of Germany (DDR, or former East Germany). That is, kids are sized up from early for possible Olympic talent  then allowed to mature to their full potential in various well-equipped Sports centers or camps. These range the gamut from training divers, to shooters, to weight lifters, to gymnasts, with the focus being on the competitions that deliver the most bang for the buck as well as those (like shooting, and weight lifting) other nations often overlook.

Yet American whiners cry and pout, like some bozo (a "Christy Corey") in today's local wingnut rag who yapped about the Chinese success and methods:

"The state screens children for flexibility, balance and quick reflexes, takes them from their families and raises them to have one job: train every day for as many years as it takes to win Olympic medals in whatever program the state chooses.

These are not amateurs, but creatures of a billion-dollar state apparatus. They should not be allowed to compete with those who have to earn their own way and develop their own skills in the sport they love.

The Chinese should be banned from all international competition, and these youngsters should be freed from servitude to the government. It’s sickening! "

BWAAA-WAAH! Hand her a sippy cup and a nappy, like Carl Lewis. She's whining and crying because a really dumb country that likes to start "wars" (actually occupations) for their own sake and to fuel the immediate coffers of militarist congressional pork barrelers, munitions makers and defense contractors - actually has to BORROW hundreds of billions from the Chinese to pay them! So when the Chinese then use those billions to construct state of the art sports centers to train its young athletes, to make them gold standard -she has a hissy fit. Oh, and let's not forget the appeal to the "state" - forgetting that the Chinese capitalists have actually out-capitalized their American (cowboy) capitalist counterparts! (But see they don't spend one tenth of their total revenue on military BS, especially when the $$  has to be borrowed from other nations.)

As for the youngsters being "freed from their servitude", I defy this little wingnut ninny to go over there and ask any of the Chinese kids if they'd prefer their current life as an Olympic competitor - being rigorously trained,  but ultimately guaranteed a cosseted future - to one of working 14 hrs. a day in a factory making cheap toys and clothing for American vulture capitalist-ruled companies.

I think she would find the answer to be a rousing 'NO! We wanna stay right where we are!" Even little Chinese gymnast trainees know what side their economic bread is buttered on, unlike too many 'Muricans.

Sadly, this is what we have to expect from a certain quarter of our countrymen, who simply find fault and point fingers as opposed to "giving Jack his jacket" and saying 'Job well done!'  At least Wallace Spearmon,  the lone American in the 200m who came up short behind the Jamaicans, had the class to do that. Not so Carl Lewis, and hence why I have to agree with Usain Bolt when he said last night in an interview he had "lost all respect" for Lewis.

Well put, Usain!

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