Monday, January 9, 2012


Tebow, after the game, jacked up like a rat on crack. Let him enjoy it because this time next week he will be crying into his good Book!

Well, I guess I spoke- wrote too soon. I predicted an end to "Tebow Mania" and the unpatented "miracles" of Mr. God Boy Tim Tebow, but seems I was premature, e.g.

But seems that like a vampire that won't die, even after "Igor" drives a stake into him for the nth time, Tebow Mania has once again been resurrected, thanks to the Broncos unlikely victory over the hard-nosed Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday, 29-23 with the winning TD coming in overtime on an 80 yard pass play from Tebow to Demaryus Thomas. Wild doesn’t begin to describe it. The play took 11 seconds and was the quickest ending to an overtime in NFL history.

The Steeler defender who got burned, Ike Taylor, is well as he should be along with the other corner and safeties. They were caught by surprise!

Thomas hauled in a high play-action pass at the Denver 38, stiff-armed Ike Taylor, and then outraced Ryan Mundy to the end zone. Tebow, who looked as startled as everyone else, chased down Thomas and knelt on one knee - a gesture known far and wide these days as Tebowing. Then he pounded a fist in triumph and took a victory lap.

According to Tim Tebow:

When I saw him scoring, first of all, I just thought, 'Thank you, Lord,’ Then, I was running pretty fast, chasing him - like I can catch up to D.T! Then I just jumped into the stands, first time I’ve done that. That was fun. Then, got on a knee and thanked the Lord again and tried to celebrate with my teammates and the fans.’’

But Tim, why didn't you hold your same Lord to account for all those losses? This is the question many of us want you to answer! Shouldn't you shun the Lord in a loss if you "praise" him for a win? If you praise him for loss or win, then what does it matter if you win or lose? And WHY should the "Lord" care two mites?

Prodded by John Elway to let the ball fly and pull the trigger , Tebow acted as if the last three weeks never happened, lifting the Broncos to their first playoff win in six years. And, unlike Elway, who lost his first postseason start - to the Steelers at home in 1984 - Tebow is 1-0 in the playoffs. Is this a miracle? Hell no!

This was no "miracle" but once again, the Broncos by pure happenstance - meeting a team with too many serious injuries to compete - like they did earlier against Minnesota (Adrian Peterson the top RB out with an injury) and the Chicago Bears (QB Jay Cutler and Running back Matt Forte out with injuries).

The Steelers (12-5) lost because of being injury-depleted on both offense and defense! On critical defense they lost Brett Keisel and Casey Hampton during the game, key linemen. Another defensive tackle, Starks, was in and out of the game but mostly out. Ryan Clarke a top secondary man wasn't able to play because of having sickle cell anemia which worsens at high altitude (Denver is a mile high). On offense, Roethlisberger was gimpy from a high ankle sprain, top RB Rashard Mendenhall was out, and Center Pouncey was also not able to play. All bad omens and had I known all these injuries would materialize I'd never have forecast a Steeler blowout.

But, the Broncos (9-8) are now heading to New England for a second-round game against the top-seeded Patriots on Saturday night. They lost the earlier bout big time, and I forecast they will again.....Finally, finally putting an end to this Tebowing, Tebow time, Tebow Mania bullshit.

And if they DO win, by some remote freak chance, I will "Tebow" in my front yard for 10 minutes every morning until Superbowl Sunday! Oh, and take a photo of me doing it and post it!

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