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Another Reich Wing Loser Roused To Febrile Ruminations Of Retribution - And Busted Just In Time

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Robert Bowers.

Robert Bowers (top left) who committed the Spring Hill Synagogue massacre last October, and Trump and Hitler - two authoritarians of a feral kind.  Below:  Christopher Hasson, the White Nationalist who plotted the latest domestic terror - but which the DOJ let out nary a peep for a week.

"To hear the Republicans you'd believe all these violent acts are just spontaneous events like some weird meteorological event. All of a sudden strange things happen, sun changes  positions with the Moon, floods appear, tornadoes if there is no coherent explanation for the mass killings, the hate crimes. It's incredible!"  - Julia Ioffe, October 29  on 'Morning Joe', after the Spring Hill massacre.

"It's not to say Trump's words cause crazy people to be crazy. It's to say his words have impact and they have particular impact on people who are mentally unbalanced or who have an inclination to violence.  The other problem is that Trump personally has lied over and over to convince us that Muslims from outside the U.S. are the greatest threat to Americans. And in fact it is domestic terrorism. He's lied about this, lied about it to Congress and it's about time we have some oversight hearings from Jerry Nadler and others to really explore why we have not taken domestic right wing terror more seriously."  - Jeennifer Rubin, speaking on All In Wednesday night, following the arrest of Christopher Hasson for a domestic terror plot..

In October,eleven people were killed and six wounded in the worst ever massacre of Jews in U.S. History. The slaughter  - at a synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh -   was the work of a hate -drive, right wing psycho named Robert Bowers, a  46 y/o truck driver and Pittsburgh resident.  There was no doubt Bowers held far-right views.   After all he was a committed poster on "Gab"  then the  'go to' haven for Nazis, White Nationalists, Aryans and other extremists - oh, and plenty of Trump supporters too. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the local CBS affiliate KDJA reported that a “white male [with] a beard …walked in yelling ‘All Jews must die’.”

The latest sick-MAGA -ized whackjob is Christopher Hasson, fortunately busted before he could mount a terrorist slaughter using a stash of weapons, e.g.
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Prosecutors said Hasson was a “domestic terrorist” and that he should be detained. He was arrested last week on drugs and weapons charges. Incredibly (and inexplicably) there was no DOJ alert or news release - as if the agency sought to contain the news that this bad guy was not a Muslim,  But as noted by David Cay Johnston on 'All In' Wednesday night, after Jeff Sessions came in as AG, cases involving  right wing domestic terror were "downgraded", i.e. shuffled to the backburner.     In the case of Hasson, we needed  the help of an astute university prof (Seamus Hughes) to expose the bust.  For nearly a week after Hasson's arrest there was complete radio silence from the FBI, from the investigators, from the prosecutors, from the Justice Department - not to mention the White House. Why? Likely because busting these turds would puncture the main tropes and narratives, propaganda of MAGA country.  In Johnston's words:

"Big surprise given Sessions background and Donald Trump's race baiting through his campaign. Trump had been giving aid and comfort to these people, many of whom are mentally unbalanced. These people are being encouraged by Donald to act on their impulses not just fantasize about them."

That still doesn't excuse the top law agency in the nation  remaining silent on the terrorist perp for over 5 days (We already knew Adolf 'Dotard' Drumpf would, duh!).  As former DOJ spokesperson  and Justice analyst Matt Miller put it last night on All In:

"There are good law enforcement reasons why this case and similar ones should be publicized. I mean this isn't the only white nationalist, domestic terrorist out there. These cases are on the rise and by publicizing this case you send the message it will be taken seriously and you let other people who might be around these domestic terrorists know the warning signs, like stockpiling guns, reading right wing manifestos. Those are warning signs that it's time to call the FBI. It makes our country less safe by not publicizing these cases."

Miller went on to note this isn't the first time the DOJ has sat on such a case. He cited a Nebraska incident last January in which white supremacists tried to take over an Amtrak train, but was subdued by the crew and passengers. Again, the DOJ put out no press release and the public only learned after a beat reporter was coming court filings and happened to come across it. As Miller added: "It makes no sense. It's not the way we did things when I was there. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but find I just can't do that."

But it is the way things are done in an administration that wants to protect itself against the charge it's stirring up hate with its vile rhetoric and often praising neo-Nazis and other filth.

The toxic change since Trump's arrival has also been documented and verified by the SPLC .  The organization (to which I belong) has found the number of U.S. hate groups hit a record high last year at 1.020.  Most appalling, the number has jumped 30 percent since 2014, and followed three consecutive years of decline following President Obama's time in office.  The center also noted: "The rise in hate movement coincides with President Trump's campaign and presidency."
Anyway, we now know Hasson - who incredibly reached the status of Lt. in the Coast Guard-  intended “to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country”, according to a filing to federal court in Maryland. Law enforcement officers seized 15 guns and 1,000 rounds of ammunition from his home.
The POS had Democrats in his sights and his online targeting materials read like a 'Who's Who' of liberal media stars and politicians.  The filing acknowledged  Hasson to be a fan of the Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik, and that he had compiled a spreadsheet of targets, including:  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Scarborough, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris,  Cory Booker and Ilhan Omar, as well as Chris Hayes ('All In') and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.  
Sound familiar? Recall back in October another Trumpie dirtbag named Cesar Sayoc was also planning a mass assassination of the current liberal-progressive leadership. Sayoc - picture din the image below at a rally with his red MAGA cap,
mailed out pipe bombs to a slew of Dem legislators.  NY and federal  investigators all made it clear they were damned dangerous, even equating them to IEDs. The one that ended up at Robert DeNiro's place, for example, could have blown his eyes out or fatally injured him had the mail not been intercepted by a former NYPD detective.  TO remind readers of Sayoc's similar terror tactic, see:

The demented loser Christopher Hasson also  clearly was infected with  Trumpist racial tropes and hateful mind viruses.  The wack job evidently searched online for “civil war if trump impeached” and “what if trump illegally impeached”, according to investigators.  This again, shows me all the more reason to impeach the Dotard and bring the rest of these rats and roaches out of their rotted woodwork.
Incredibly,  Hasson’s  terror plot was first noted by Seamus Hughes, the deputy director of George Washington University’s program on extremism and a former US anti-terrorism official.  It was, as I said, not put out there by the DOJ.   We also now know this rabid dog  had been stockpiling weapons in his cramped basement apartment in Silver Spring, Maryland - probably for months in anticipation of his Nazi-spawned bloodbath.

After all, the court filing quoted emails recovered from Hasson’s account in which he spoke about “dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on the earth”. He  also mused about biological attacks (using plague) to foul the food supply,  along with bombings and shootings.

Most incriminating - not just for Hasson but the whole White Nationalist cancer invading the nation -  he used far-right slogans spread in recent years by other supporters of Donald Trump as well (like Synagogue killer Bowers) ,   The same sorry tune was sounded, i.e. warning that “liberalist/globalist ideology” was destroying white Americans and discussing conspiracies by “((((People))))” – a styling frequently applied online by the far right to the names of Jews.  Also used by Robert Bowers, the Synagogue killer
I know the average American has the attention span of a gnat, and even less memory of recent political events, far less historical ones. But it shouldn't be too much of a stretch or mental demand  to recall the incendiary words of the Swine-in-chief  often just before major massacres or displays, including before the Synagogue massacre by Bowers. 
Is Trump partly responsible for triggering these murderous misfits? Is the Sun a star?  Does a bear shit in the woods? Is gravity real (or fake news)? Dotard has regularly called reporters "enemies of the people" and encouraged his zombies to "knock the crap out of protesters".
A good summary of Trump's rhetoric, in speeches and ties to Neo-Nazis, appeals to White Nationalists can be found here.

 In the wake of the Squirrel Hill Synagogue massacre one onlooker was heard to say, in regard  to the viral hate issuing from Trump:

“I can’t believe it has spread out this far,”.

But so long as Trump is rallying his crazies, it will.   The fact this pissant could have condemned the attack on the synagogue  but instead  turned around and heaped attacks on his critics. All of which shows his words are empty as far as any condolences. They're merely a pause before he launches the next hate screed on the media, the caravan, the Democrats, you name it.

Meanwhile, we will have to keep a watchful eye out for entitled, bat shit  Nazi goons like Christopher Hasson - convinced their whiteness gives them license to murder, plunder and destroy with impunity.  All of that merely to try to resurrect some long dead "ideal" that never truly existed in the first place. Like Lance Morrow's fanciful "Neverland" of the Saturday Evening Post 1950s - when blacks were still being lynched and burned if still out at sundown. And using a white water fountain in Mississippi got them two months behind bars.    

All of which points to the essential necessity of ousting Trump and his entire administration next year, given it must now be considered an existential threat. As former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal  put it on MSNBC  'All In' two nights ago:

"All the accounts together show that Trump is engaged in a serial murder of the Constitution and rule of law. He fires anyone investigating him who wants to seek the truth,  whether it's McCabe or whether it's Comey or even Jeffrey Sessions. He puts in place constitutional jokes like Matthew Whitaker.  He tries to discredit and destroy investigations.  He dangles pardons at people who could help him out in any trials. He declares national emergencies without warrant. He discredits judges. All together  this is someone who is unfit to discharge his duties as our chief executive officer."

Like a metastasizing cancer all of the toxic tentacles of Trumpism will need to be eradicated, eviscerated from the nation's memes and political processes as far as humanly possible - especially the odious white supremacy.  We must also hope there are no more hoax incidents of racial victimization such as concocted by Jussie Smollett in a desperate bid to grab more fame than he probably deserves. At least in Smollett's case there will likely be judicial retribution, unless he pleads temporary insanity or that he was on a strong medication  that affected his brain.  But no one ought to believe for one nanosecond that Smollett's pathetic stunt relieves Trump and MAGA country of all the racist transgressions and hate crimes committed under his banner!

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