Tuesday, February 5, 2019

As Before, No One With A Brain Ought To Waste Their Time Tonight On Trump's Hog Swill

"Oink, Oink! Now I got the whole country as my captive audience and I can tell 'em anything I want."

"With near-certainty, Trump will utter repeatedly debunked lies, lots of them. He’ll talk about national unity but take no responsibility for the deep divisions he has caused nor for the racism and hatefulness he has exhibited. He’ll make a slew of unfounded foreign policy pronouncements attributing newfound (and nonexistent) respect in the world to his own brilliance. (He seems not to notice that he is the subject of international derision and an endless source of frustration to allies.)

At least with a teleprompter, he can avoid the kind of word salads — or as Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) calls them, “word vomit”he tossed up in his interview with CBS’s Margaret Brennan"  - Jennifer Rubin, 'Can We Skip To The State Of The Union Response',  Washington Post yesterday.

Fellow citizens, the state of our Union is currently foul and riven by divisions.  We know this because the human swine occupying the seat of power is the source of the pestilence and division.  With every byte of effluent he spouts or tweets the corruption eating away at the body politic increases.  Therefore, we know that the stage of the State of the Union tonight will only be used to further the pestilence by spreading more lies, discord and fear.  No one with a mind or what the theologians call "soul" needs to watch  his performance to confirm that.

Look, Trump, aka Dotard, is a DNA fusion of swine and human slime, a liar  and common thug running a criminal and treasonous enterprise from the White House.  Now...think I am suffering from "outrage fatigue" like too many screen -addicted Americans these days? Think again! I wake up every morning outraged at the spectacle of a bipedal maggot, barely human in any reasonable sense, fouling the People's house every day he exists, breathes and spouts more venom, lies and braggadocio.    I don't do small screens, nor am I hostage to Twitter, so I can devote my attention to many other more useful things, as well as reading.

And the more I read about Trump's planned State of the Union spiel tonight, the more I realize it will be more lying, more grandstanding to again try to make a specious case for his mythical wall.  And bear in mind this was never ever real, it was designed as a mnemonic.  The fact is we now know the "wall" was invented by Trump's then advisers as a memory image for when he was planning his campaign run.  They needed some quick and dirty device to keep Trump's  diminished and demented brain focused on immigration and figured a "wall" was the best bet.  "Just keep repeating 'wall, wall' wall'...".  See e.g.
Trump's defenders - even the semi-clever ones like Peggy Noonan - don't seem to get this. In her last column ('Mr.President, Tear Down That Word',  Feb. 2-3, p. A15)  Noonan seems on the surface to grasp that Trump is boxed in by his own fetishistic obsession with the word "wall" - which initially he didn't seem to care how defined ("They can even call it peaches!")  But then she resorts to taking backhanded slaps at both Pelosi ('What if a Prada bag with a gun in it became a person?') and the Dems in general ("The Democrats must defeat the president on that one word").  Failing to comprehend it isn't the word but rather the fact if the Dems cave to the Swine-in- chief's extortion he will use it again and again to try and get what he wants. This we cannot allow, not the Dems nor any upstanding citizens who declare they are genuine patriots - not paper patriots. 

But this is exactly why Trump is now salivating for the chance to spew his lies about his mythical "wall" on the grand stage tonight, to try to appeal to lower IQ people to back his spurious case that "we need it"

Why should Trump lie?    Why wouldn't he, especially after being afforded a grand stage,  which personally I don't think ought to have been offered until and unless the government was fully open.  Not like it is now, with a Dotard Damocles' shutdown sword hanging over it if the man baby doesn't like what the bipartisan conference come up with - threatening daily to order a "national emergency".  So all that's happened is that the extortionist has been given a national megaphone to renew threats and recycle his lies and fear mongering.  No one with a functioning brain deserves that. No one with even a half-functioning brain ought to subject it to such toxic twaddle.

There is now indeed even more reason to dodge this farce given we know how much  time this fool is wasting in office, thanks to Axios.  They got hold of his schedule and published it on their website - with the orange spaces all denoting "executive time", i.e. wasted time.  
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  Since the mid terms that translates into 60 percent of his time in office being "unstructured". The details include:

"Trump, an early riser, usually spends the first 5 hours of the day in "Executive Time". Each day's schedule places Trump in "Location: Oval Office" from 8 to 11 a.m.

  • But Trump, who often wakes before 6 a.m., is never in the Oval during those hours, according to six sources with direct knowledge.
  • Instead, he spends his mornings in the residence, watching TV, reading the funny papers, and responding to what he sees and reads by phoning aides, and tweeting about those who upset him."
"He's always calling people, talking to people," a senior White House official told Axios. "He's always up to something; it's just not what you would consider typical structure."

But why be surprised? We've known since Day One that Trump can't handle the job.  Recall the guy has never really worked at a real job outside of his family branding business, being a part time reality TV  prop and a real estate weasel and con man.  In the latter capacity he used bankruptcy (of multiple casinos) to make $$$ including off state governments as well as marks to whom he owed millions. This according to author and Trump specialist David Cay Johnston.  The little orange bitch  even bawled that the presidency had  turned out to be too much for him to deal with. Too many details, too much stuff to master and nowhere near the brain power for the task.  Hell, he refused to even read his daily briefs!  Hence, his penchant for becoming a cable TV and tweet addict. See e.g.



Being president is harder than Donald Trump thought,” begins the article, neatly capturing the blithe, criminal ignorance that characterizes both Trump himself and the many dozens of millions of morons who thought he should be the leader of the free world. Yes, being the president is a harder job than Donald Trump would expect, because Donald Trump had never previously held an actual job, because actually, spending your inheritance on a succession of failed cons is not an actual job."

Now, given all this why on earth should any sensible person - far less responsible citizen-  let this grandstanding buffoon con him or her out of their time as well?

This is why wifey and I plan to forego the SOTU to instead watch the next to last episode of 'Counterpart' .  After which we will likely tune back in to MSNBC, after the dais has presumably been fumigated,  to watch Stacy Abrams' response to Dotard's word vomit. This will be worth watching given we know Ms. Abrams can separate fact from  fiction and BS.
by Robert Reich | February 5, 2019 - 7:53am | permalink


"Donald Trump says his State of the Union address on Tuesday evening will be about “unification”. But Trump discussing the state of the union is like pyromaniac discussing lighter fluids. His goal is, and has always been, disunion.

The man thrives on divisiveness. It’s how he keeps himself the center of attention, fuels his base and ensures that no matter what facts are revealed, his followers will stick by him."


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"When President Barack Obama was in office, Donald Trump used to attack him repeatedly and baselessly for supposedly not working hard enough for the American people. Since he’s become president, Trump’s Twitter habits have revealed his own excessive consumption of cable news, his golf schedule displayed an ample appetite for leisure, and reports found that his staff schedules large bulks of “executive time” — during which he has no formal duties — into his days."

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