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Will Trumpies Be Aroused From Their Coma By An ICBM Called "SATAN II"?

Russia unveiled chilling pictures of its largest ever nuclear missile, capable of destroying an area the size of France last month. A contract for the weapons was signed in 2011, and they are expected to be ready in 2018

The largest ICBM ever made: The RS Sarmat -28 or "Satan II" - in NATO nomenclature. One of these could wipe out an area the size of Texas. Are Trumpies finally going to take the Trump -Russia ties seriously, or punk out like fidget-spinner zombies?

To most Trumpie zombies, the whole Trump-Russia narrative is all baloney, pure bunk. They refuse to take it seriously and believe it is just a media-Democrat conspiracy to bring down the biggest horse turd to ever occupy the Oval Office.  They insist the narrative (and investigation) stop and just let the horse turd do what he was put into office for. Which most of us presume is to lay waste to this Republic and leave all ethical standards and norms in tatters, defining the country itself down to gutter level as he "fast forwards" its decline - according to one Aussie (Australian News) political editor.

How whacked out are the Trumpie zombies, otherwise known as "Storm Trumpers"?   Their alarming descent into madness is grimly illustrated in the results of a new survey by Public Policy Polling (PPP). Some examples from the survey:

  • Only 45% of Trump voters believe Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with Russians about information that might be harmful to Hillary Clinton...even though Trump Jr. admitted it. 32% say the meeting didn't happen and 24% say they're not sure.
  • 72% of Trump voters consider the Russia story overall to be 'fake news,' only 14% disagree.
  • Only 24% of Trump voters even want an investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, 64% are opposed to an investigation.
  • Only 26% of Trump voters admit that Russia wanted Trump to win the election, 44% claim Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win, and 31% say they're not sure one way or the other.
  • Even if there was an investigation, and it found that the Trump campaign did collude with Russia to aid his campaign, 77% of his supporters think he should still stay in office to just 16% who believe he should resign.
A psychologist like my niece Shayl or Dr. Pat Bannister might inquire as to what manner of sickness we have displayed here. After all, less than half of the Trump disciples believe that Don Jr. met with Russians despite his having confirmed it. Shayl has already offered the opinion that the Storm Trumpers are suffering from the late stages of schizoid personality disorder and could use a number of sessions of ECT. But some of us wonder if even that can bring them back from their political delirium.  But look, the hacks who defend Trump and attack the Russiagate story aren't much more advanced.

According to WSJ resident nabob, Holman Jenkins ('On Don Jr. Media Can't Help  Itself'):

"The farcical element continues to predominate in Russiagate...But real trouble can flow even from a farce. Thinkers for whom Russia was just one problem in a world full of problems (who previously did not identify Moscow as the No. 1 enemy), now do so vociferously....Even the estimable Anne Applebaum - author of a book on the Soviet Gulag- now fulminates in The Washington Post against every recent president for 'failing to heed Russia's peculiar dangers'"


"Most U.S. reporters know they are overplaying the Trump-Russia connection, even as they revel in the Don Jr. gotcha moment."

In the same piece Holman mocks the import of the Russkie lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, as well as the "tubby British music publicist who babbled fourth hand Russian government support for the Trump effort".

This and other pieces probably led a Denver Post letter writer to scold the Post over its recent Trump-Russia coverage: "The 'smoking gun' ballyhooed by Democrats and The New York Times (and The Denver Post) is really only them blowing smoke. If anything it is a toy gun masquerading as a real one."

In other words, like Jenkins, he believes this is a whole lot of nothing, aka a "nothing burger". But is it really?

In terms of Jenkins' take,  let's first note that mere days later the WSJ featured a major story 'Lawyer Met With Russia's Top Prosecutor' (July 15-16, p. A5) pointing out that in fact Ms. Veselnitskaya had close ties with the Chief Prosecutor Yuri Chaika's office. Noting also that Chaika is a "top official appointed by the Kremlin".   In other words, she certainly wasn't the casual person of acquaintance Jenkins' makes her out to be.

Supporting that, in an interview on CBS Tuesday morning,  former U.S. fund manager William Browder told Charlie Rose and co-hosts that Veselnitskaya was the "most aggressive lawyer he'd ever met" and indeed went to the mat with him to try to overturn the Magnitsky Act.  This is a 2012 U.S. law that locked up Russian funds tied to its Kleptocratic oligarchs.  In response, Veselnitskaya  and her cohort have launched all out efforts to upend it.

Jenkins' and the Post letter writer's other strategy appears to dismiss the import by mocking the whole factual basis, including that the guy who contacted Donald Trump Jr. was Rob Goldstone, a "tubby" Brit clown who once blabbed - while on an African jaunt- that "the only thing to do here is eat".  Of course, mocking a conspiracy has always been one of the means used to try to dismiss it.  Just ask those who've investigated the JFK assassination for many decades.

But even if Don Jr. is dismissed as a dope or clueless dunce - as Holman Jenkins seeks to do -  other aspects betray the meeting in Trump Tower. As per a recent piece in TIME (July 24, p. 24), the giveaway may not have been so much Don Jr.'s reactions but what his co-colluders (Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort) did not do.   In particular, they "never dismissed the offer of very high level  Russian support as phony or fake. On the contrary the prospect of Russian assistance  was real enough to pull these busy men into a Trump Tower office to meet with a messenger (Veselnitskaya ) from Moscow."

Again, one needs to look beyond Trump Jr.'s foibles to what his companions did. Are Kushner and Manafort to be written off as "gullible clowns" too? I think not.   Even more damning - and given Veselnitskaya's actual background noted from the WSJ story:

"They also failed to report the alleged effort of a foreign power to influence the election".

As I told Janice on relating this information to her, it appears too many Americans now have had their brains and intellects gutted to the point they are little better than walking zombies. In establishing this it is always useful to go back in perspective to what citizens confronted by similar news would have done 50 years ago.  Without any doubt, none - zero, if this story broke of a U.S. President and his team meeting with the Russians the WHOLE nation (not just part of it) would literally have gone ballistic and called for all and sundry to be charged with treason. Yes, you read that, treason, not just collusion or even a Klein conspiracy.

Yet 40 percent of today's citizens (about the same who are committed to Trump come hell or high water) actually regard the Russians as "friends".  This is simply unfathomable. As TIME also notes (ibid.):

"From Damascus to Turtle Bay, from oil fields to outer space, Russia is a fierce rival of the U.S. and has been for generations.  What politician jumps in bed with Russia? Whether overt or covert, Moscow's stance toward Washington runs a short, troubling gamut from mischievous to hostile."

Then quoting Steven Pifer, former U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine:

"Russia is the one country that could physically destroy America."

And to underscore that capacity, let us now introduce to readers the largest, most monstrous ICBM ever built: the RS-28 Sarmat Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, nicknamed that Satan II by NATO.   This 100 ton beast, one of which is capable of obliterating the state of Texas, has recently been revealed by the Russian Defense Ministry.

There are a number of aspects of this missile that ought to keep Trumpie zombies awake at night, or at least get them to reconsider their "Russiagate is nothing" or "Russia is our friend" memes, and especially the noisome "if Russia can help Trump defeat a Dem in 2020 we're ok with that".

One is that the Satan II has been designed with stealth technology, which means that it can be fired at a target without being detected by U.S. radar.  This means the Russians - if they wanted- could launch a pre-emptive strike to knock us out of the game before we could launch a single Minuteman III ICBM.    Another is that this missile can deliver up to 12 independently targeted warheads in the 350-500 kiloton (e.g. half a megaton) range. Any one of which could wipe out whole cities the size of Dallas, Houston, LA or Miami.   This also means the U.S. defenses would be rendered impotent, after all which particular warhead do you target with an anti-missile missile?

Add to that the capability of the Satan II coming across over the South Pole, as opposed to the usual North Pole track, and you have a nightmare scenario.

Let's again emphasize that by the time this beast is ready by 2020 it won't be aimed at Iran, Japan, India or Kenya. Nope. All five hundred-odd Satan IIs will be aimed at U.S. states - regions to deliver their nuclear payloads for imminent obliteration.   And no it shouldn't take a genius to grasp this.

What about Trump's 2nd (secret) meeting with Putin, with only a Kremlin translator there to help him? A bad scene all around since the translator could have told the Donald anything and he'd never be any the wiser.  But the most dangerous aspect isn't necessarily Trump cooking up some nefarious plan with Putin. No, it would be a U.S. President - a largely unread and stupid one with no security personnel of his own - in the presence of a supreme former KGB operator.  The latter, being a guy who can size an opponent up as formidable or a dumb turd in a micro-second.

And if the latter is interpreted, along with a critical character weakness, how long might it be before that is exploited, leading to a first strike nuclear attack to take out an enemy?

Maybe it's time the Trumpie faction of the nation start to get serious about the Trump-Russia issues too.

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