Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Alex Jones' Platform For Conspiracies Now Ventures Into the Psychotic

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Alex Jones' recent guest believes a colony of child sex slaves exists on Mars.

Let us concede and agree that when you invent bonkers conspiracies with no grounding in reality it is only a matter of time before you go off the deep end, into the realm of psychosis. We see this has now happened with balmy conspiracy inventor Alex Jones sponsoring a nutty guest (Robert David Steele ) with a loopy conspiracy ideation (it doesn't even merit the term 'theory') about a child sex slave colony on Mars. . The insane conspiracy theory was aired on Alex Jones’ “The Alex Jones Show,” which is broadcast on 118 radio stations across the country.

According to Steele, appearing on last Thursday's  "Alex Jones Show":

"We actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20 -year ride."

He added:

"So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony."

The most disgusting aspect of this bullshit was blaming NASA for engineering the "colony" and secretly populating it - using what manner of craft - we don't know and can't say. NO NASA craft that large - to hold a hundred "sex slaves" - has yet been designed far less tested.

Also, two decades of travel would mean the hypothetical "children"  were no longer children upon arrival, but it is possible Steele might cite something like "suspended animation" .  If that was the case it's still the sorriest craft in the cosmos and not one NASA (or anyone else) would design, given a trip to Mars using standard chemical fuel rockets should take no longer than 8 months.  Besides a 20 year Mars transit would end up with all passengers dead given the levels of radiation they'd be exposed to.

Even 8 months would be pushing maximum tolerable levels. One paper appearing 4 years ago noted that the spacecraft containing the Curiosity Rover for its 253-day, 350-million-mile (563 million km) trip to Mars, indicated a radiation dose equivalent for even the shortest round-trip with current propulsion systems and comparable shielding at 0.66 Sievert (Sv) in a range of plus or minus 0.12 Sv.  A 20-year dose would be over 1730 Sv. (NASA lifetime astronaut limits are between 0.6 and 1.2Sv, depending on sex and age)

Then again, where on Mars would this colony be,  given Mars is inhospitable beyond comprehension, not like moving into a bottom basement Vegas hotel, say on Fremont Street?   To fix ideas,  the atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and the average temperature is minus 81 Fahrenheit.  The "colony" would have to be some vast underground development with ample space for food storage, as well as access to melted Martian ice from which to make oxygen using electrolysis.  No such technology even exists to do this yet although it was depicted on the recent NatGeo series, 'Mars'.

If such a Mars destined space ship with hundreds of "sex slaves" was ever launched, why did no one see or hear it?  The ship would have had to have been at least three times the size of the Saturn V Moon rocket with five times the thrust. Such a launch, say from Vandenberg AFB in California or Cape Canaveral would have sent windows shuddering from a hundred miles away with the blast of the take off .   Yet no one has reported anything along those lines.

Neither have astronomical observatories reported detecting such a monster craft in the skies, dating from twenty years ago .  Were all the astronomical observatories in on this conspiracy too?

Why have all those sucking up this Martian sex slave BS -like the "Pizzagate" malarkey - not done the critical thinking to satisfy themselves it's all a big lot of hooey just like Jones' false flag ideation on Sandy Hook?  That is, that no children were actually killed and it was merely a gov't ruse using child actors to justify taking citizens' guns away.

Why are any Americans with more than air between the ears giving Steele's noxious sleaze bag crap any credibility or re-tweets at all?  For that matter, why is anyone still paying any attention to Alex Jones' absurd conspiracies?

The fact Jones' program is Trump's favorite show discloses he himself is in need of anti-psychotic treatment (strait jacket, electroconvulsive therapy, thorazine) as much as Alex Jones or Robert David Steele.   Worse, it means our fearless leader - who may now have to deal with an ICBM-capable North Korea - manifestly suffers from major psychotic delusions.  His release of the CNN beat down video with him acting like a latter day Hulk Hogan to body slam "CNN" shows he's lost his few remaining marbles.

Would you trust him to deal with Kim Jong Un, who now takes Trump for the biggest clown on Earth? Or to make any strategic deal involving a resolution of the current crisis? I sure as hell wouldn't! Nor would I any screwball that watches Alex Jones ' bilge or buys into any of it.   I'd no more trust his judgment than a guy who's certain that his gold teeth are really radio receivers, for distant aliens to send messages.

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