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Trump Now Demands "Repeal Only" And NO Replace - Why Even His Supporters Are Abandoning The Twit

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"I want the whole Obamacare repealed! No replace! Do it!"

Trump, aka Donald Drumpf, can't seem to help burning his whole administration down from the inside out using his own halfwit, impulsive brain. The latest salvo manifesting as friendly fire on his own Repuke Senate (struggling to pass their "Better care" bill) was his demand to just "repeal Obamacare and don't replace".   The very fact this imbecile could offer this shows: a) he doesn't know diddly about the existing R- bill, and b) doesn't know it contradicts all his previous statements committed to NOT doing that, and c) that it would leave 32 million without any health care.

In addition, as per a WSJ article today (p. A4, 'Conservatives Seek Speedy ACA Repeal') "those inside and outside the GOP warned that repealing the ACA without a replacement would create enormous uncertainty, roiling the insurance markets, panicking consumers and making life difficult for businesses."  Not mentioned is the effect it would have on health insurance stock shares, i.e. send them into the toilet.

Above all this Trump tweet demand discloses the guy isn't serious, he's again acting the part of the disrupting clown he really is, only fit to do stand ins as Bozo, or....maybe clean porto-potties in a clown costume. Hell, he isn't even aware of the peril he's now in as word is spreading through more intelligent and savvy former supporters that he's a loser and the carny barker most of us on the Left had always claimed. He's simply the real estate swindler and reality TV "firing" goon he always was.

As a blogger friend, Vietnam-Era vet and Trump voter put it in a recent blog post referencing the falling out:
I voted for you but this is embarrassing,” someone else wrote last week, responding to the president’s tweet attacking the department store Nordstrom.

Complaints like these are being logged by a Twitter account called @Trump_Regrets. Since November, the account, managed by Erica Baguma, a 23-year-old Canadian college student, has climbed to more than 220,000 followers by curating some 1,500 messages, mostly from exasperated people who say they voted for Trump.

And…these people are not the only ones’ pulling their support from Trump. There are literally thousands of veterans like myself also ‘waking up’ to his BS! He’s ‘shit’ on and pissed off the wrong people with veterans. Despite Trump being granted FIVE deferments during Vietnam (one medical and four educational deferments), we vets nevertheless voted for him 2-1 over Killary.

The last straw was when he proposed to cut financial support for aging and disabled veterans included in $1.1 trillion federal budget proposal for the estimated 225,000 vets who would have lost the payments, had it not been for the hue and cry from veterans and veterans’ groups, and finally…Shulkin said he would not include the (IU) cuts in the budget proposal.

But, as far as myself and thousands of other vets are concerned…too little – too late! It shouldn’t have even been a consideration!

Some comments from veterans, when they found out it was in the budget proposal were:

“Make that guy in the White House keep his promise to all of us veterans, lest we all fall by the wayside and be left on the battlefield,” said a former Army staff sergeant who served in Vietnam.

“Please don’t do this to us,” said a sailor who served on ships in the Tonkin Gulf during the Vietnam War. “My wife and I already live our later years in constant uncertainty. We thought our VA benefits were fairly safe.”

“I have become aware that President Trump’s VA budget sets to screw Vietnam veterans first in line by eliminating the unemployability benefit for those of us who actually served and sacrificed who have reached the age of Social Security benefits,” said a former Navy lieutenant who flew the EP-3E version of the P-3 Orion surveillance aircraft in Vietnam.

Wow! If trends like this continue, Drumpf's "re-election campaign" will be dead in the water before it even gets to the midterms next year. And these are just the citizens, mainly military, upset about the potential cuts if his budget goes through, and as my blogger pal noted these are mostly "wish lists", most don't go through in entirety. But now add to those the millions of Trump voters who will be adversely affected by his pulling Obamacare without replacing it and it's his (and the GOP's) worst nightmare.

Even Kimberly Strassel in her Op-Ed in the WSJ two days ago, conceded that 77 percent of Americans now accept the minimum for the health care tableaux must include: i) acceptance of pre-existing conditions and  (ii)that kids can stay on their parents' plans until they are 26 years old. She argued the reason the acceptance of these ACA provisions was so widespread  because they were "the simplest part of the ACA to understand".  Maybe, but they are also humane and rationally based, especially not charging ten times more to those suffering from pre-existing conditions!

All Trump is doing now - between his deranged tweets and trying to trump Bitch McConnell in health care policy -  is ensuring disaster for himself, his administration and his party.

For those of us on the Left, it can't happen soon enough that all of these assholes sink, one time if possible, but we'll accept the 'long game' otherwise.

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