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WHO Is This Racist Female Psycho Trumpeter Ranting In Chicago?

Face-off: The angry shopper confronted another customer, Jessie Grady, when she spotted her recording her rant on a cellphone
Unhinged white woman in the midst of a temper tantrum as she spews racist invective in a Chicago Michaels craft store.

Yes, the Trump -voting,  psycho white woman shown above went on a veritable racist rampage on Thanksgiving eve in Chicago.   She wanted everyone within earshot to know she voted Trump and also that she was being "discriminated against" - at least in her febrile mind - by two "black women". As The New Republic observed (see bottom link) , this is what it's come to now: unhinged lunatic whites with grievances galore broadcasting in public how they voted Trump and daring anyone to challenge them.

Are these outbursts evidence of courageous, confident white people? Nope, just the opposite. As the New Republic puts it:

"The bigots in these videos are anything but comfortable in their own skin."

Going on to note:

"they're all displaying petulant and pathetic assertions of white privilege. But they're also full of what the scholar and author Robin DiAngelo calls 'white privilege' - 'a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves."

According to activist Tim Wise, quoted in the piece, all these incidents of meltdown show how racist  whitey brains have collapsed in anxiety over events in recent years. Especially with the inauguration of the first African-American President,  Barack Obama - whereupon "Obama derangement syndrome" took hold. But , of course, the hostility displayed toward Obama was mostly couched in policy terms (against Obamacare), though if one peered beneath the veneer plenty of racist blogs, websites, hate sites emerged. Then one detected the REAL basis for opposition: the color of Barack's skin was not up to whitey standards for the Presidency.

The racist lunatic Trumpeter, fortunately, was captured on cell phone camera by online fund raiser (and a sober white woman), Jessie Grady.  You can see a segment of the psycho's rant that Mrs. Grady captured here:

Mrs. Grady, in the interest of all sane shoppers, was compelled to video the harangue - which lasted nearly 45 minutes- to ensure those targeted weren't opposed by just one psycho's voice when the cops arrived. So the video record provided added proof of this screwball going off inside a Michaels craft store in the Lakeview section of Chicago..

According to Mrs. Grady, the woman went on a foul--mouthed rant and racist meltdown because she didn't appreciate one store clerk at the checkout line offering her a re-usable bag for her larger items for only a buck. What any normal person would have welcomed as a practical bargain she took as some kind of insult and promptly lost her mind - in a similar fashion to what another Trump voting asshole did on a recent Delta flight. That nutso got up in the aisle and barked to all the passengers "YEAH! Trump, baby! Any Hillary bitches here?"   The kook was escorted off on landing and instantly made persona non grata for any future Delta flights. In fact, he ought to have been institutionalized and given ECT every two hours to get his neurons back in order. Just like the floozy that went ape shit in Chicago.

Mrs. Grady - who has now raised over $30,000 for the besieged store clerks on a 'Go Fund Me' page-  said she was right behind the racist wacko in line at Michaels. She observed that , apart from being totally courteous, the clerk did nothing to merit the savage verbal attack by the Trumpeter freakazoid.

On Facebook, Grady reiterated that employees did nothing to provoke the unhinged woman, and never yelled at her as she claimed.

Grady's cell phone footage began with the crazed woman admitting she voted for Trump, belching:

"Yes, I voted for Trump so there! You want to kick me out because of that? And look who won"

But as The New Republic pointed out, the behavior of these braggart Trumpies is more in line with that of pathetic losers, ashamed of their foul deed and perhaps now finally recognizing the fate they've visited on the whole nation.  Indeed,  the NR elaborated that these self-destructive exhibitions are more consonant with white shame than pride. They display no class, no grace and not even an appreciation for the nature of the venue in which they vent their sorry spleens.

It also wasn't long before the harpy turns her rage on Grady who she basically accused of being a race traitor. She yelped:

"I was just discriminated against by two black women and look at you, being a white woman and thinking that's okay."

As this fruitcake woman vented her spleen on all within earshot, Mrs. Grady noted that everyone else kept their cool.  The harpy's parting yelp was:

"You're not gonna tell me who I can vote for or can't vote for!"

Obviously, still feeling the full weight of her guilt complex and now having to deflect it to others via a classic reaction formation.

Sadly, as Trump moves closer to the reins of power we will likely have to witness ever more spectacles like this. Clearly this lot can't just accept their minimal electoral  fortune with grace or aplomb, they must act out like wild baboons on crystal meth or angel dust.

As for the woman, one hopes she can soon find the right psychotherapist in Chicagoland, who can prescribe the right meds.  Hell, he or she may even have to recommend the Trumpie voter to have a few rounds of ECT.

Mrs. Grady, in the meantime, merits kudos and praise for not allowing this incident to erupt without video intervention   and being a vocal witness for sanity (she more than once calmly responds to the nutcase) . She is what the New Republic calls a "white ally". A white person who refuses to stand mute in the face of a racial tirade or eruption.

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