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There Are Many Other Ways Than Nuclear That Trump Can Fuck The Planet Over - Do Trumpistas Have A Clue?

It was laughable reading some of the Trumpista blogs that we on the left are merely losing it because we're afraid that Trump (lacking impulse control) may go for broke with the nuclear codes if someone slights him enough in an altercation.  Of course, the nuclear scenario - though scary - is not the only one that ought to instill trepidation. Especially among Trump voters!.

I already noted that his billionaire-plutocrat- heavy picks to man his potential administrative atrocity are numerous. Let's look at a few of the major calamitous consequences to get the Trumpistas' eyes and minds focused, and show how 'the Donald'  can bring the world (and nation) to perdition in numerous ways besides nuclear but perhaps not with the same speed.

For example, there is the specter of antibiotic resistance and the spread of novel,  resistant bacteria that can wreak havoc, e.g.

As I noted, health care cuts -  especially to Obamacare-  would put millions of our fellow citizens at risk of infection - and infecting others. If their ACA insurance coverage or Medicaid is taken away, and they deem it too costly to seek care outside it  - they may well just try to sit out a bout of c.diff. diarrhea (going up to 20x a day) or a MRSA skin infection. The results could be catastrophic. As opposed to 23,000 dying in a year, 2 million infected, we could well see 200,000 dying each year and 20 million infected.

Trump's very anti-regulatory stance, in other words, could produce  nightmare world where hundreds of thousands die each year and don't even have the health care available to use palliative treatments. Plus, the multiplying infections would be spread even worldwide.

Then there are the severe adverse consequences from destroying the existing climate change agreements to which the U.S. is a signatory. See e.g.


The above Trump picks, in tandem with a current ongoing "witch hunt" to ferret out any climate scientists working on supporting anthropogenic warming, would mean within even fewer years the runaway greenhouse effect is upon us.  Right now, we are well on the way to reaching 4 C by 2100.  Prof. Gunter Weller estimated it would kick in when the CO2 concentration level of 600 ppm is surpassed which seems reasonable. If it is at 400 ppm now - by many conservative measures -  then doing the math (adding 2 ppm  per year ) we would see its initial stages by the early 2100s.

The conditions in even civilized,  advanced nations will border on the horrific in the pre-runaway years.  This will range from power grids crashing from overuse, to lack of water from utilities (because power is needed to pump water for use), to the spread of diseases such as dengue fever, as well as brain infestations by worms, e.g.

Tapeworm infested brain of which millions may be ushered in under warmer temperatures in the U.S.

Much higher global temperatures ushered in by Trumpian policies and a loose EPA, would also portend more rapid bleaching of the remaining coral reefs in the oceans,  destroying ecosystems, e.g.

As well as more rapid destruction of vital ocean bacteria, see e.g.

In addition, because Trump wants to kill all "useless"  regulations, including for clean water, we can expect - in tandem with rising temperatures - an increase in brain parasites as well as brain-consuming amoeba in fresh water lakes etc.

Many of the parasitic brain infestations would be incepted by worms not currently common to the U.S. but which would find a home here as conditions alter to favor them.
Those worms include the species shown at left.

The real, understated risk is that we will be swamped by parasites- throughout the country and even the world. Right now, there are in excess of 9 BILLION worm parasites inhabiting the vertebrates of our world, this according to the author of the monograph Parasite REX.

The human population alone may carry within it up to 2 billion worm parasites, including: hook worm, one of 5,000 forms of tape worm, round worm, trypanosomes, bladder worms, schistosomiasis-causing flukes and the protozoan that causes Toxoplasma (which over 1 billion may carry, mostly in their brains.)

Note also the massive parasite infestations, as well as spread of lethal, mosquito borne diseases such as dengue fever, will effectively reach global extent.

Truthfully, the threat from parasitic worms as climate warms faster - thanks to pro-fossil fuel policies- will only materialize if too many cuts to public health expenditures are also made. In that case, the public health resources may simply not be available to battle worm- infestations such as from tapeworm, hook worm and particularly schistosomiasis.   As the Wikipedia entry notes regarding the latter:

"In intestinal schistosomiasis, eggs become lodged in the intestinal wall and cause an immune system reaction called a granulomatous reaction. This immune response can lead to obstruction of the colon and blood loss. The infected individual may have what appears to be a potbelly. Eggs can also become lodged in the liver, leading to high blood pressure through the liver, enlarged spleen, the buildup of fluid in the abdomen, and potentially life-threatening dilations or swollen areas in the esophagus or gastrointestinal tract that can tear and bleed profusely "

Having seen villagers in St. Lucia suffering from this worm, I really would hate to see it spreading here in the U.S.  But I guess all the Trump voters, hyped up for their aspirations for false change, never thought of all these consequences.

Then there will be the havoc wreaked on ordinary workers here at home, through Trump's hired guns like Andrew Puzder who doesn't believe in the minimum wage. This means that 90 percent of working Americans will be unable to afford even basic rent or utilities in most of the U.S. and will have to depend on social services, e.g. food stamps, Medicaid etc. But WAIT! The Trump "alligators" in the DC swamp plan to kill all those too - as well as privatizing Social Security.

A trope being spread on wingnut blogs and websites is that "the good jobs are there begging if people want them". Which is rank codswallop. There are roughly 2 of these "good jobs" (most often in tech, others in trades like plumbing etc.) for every 11 Americans looking for work. Even if every one of the potential candidates for such jobs had the qualifications to do them, millions would go begging.

The other trope is that the fast food service jobs are "starter jobs" which is another load of horse shit. They happen to be the most generated jobs of all because so many people avail themselves of fast food - and hence that is where the demand is! Are the 'starter job' idiots trying to tell us that only HS "kids" should take them, and the others ought to "move on to plumbing, computer repair etc." If so they are truly lame, as well as abysmally uninformed.

Most appalling is when these fools say "Bring on the robots!"  full well having to realize that will mean an inevitable increase in food stamps, applications for welfare, Medicaid etc. But perhaps the anatomical condition of having one's brains in one's ass leads to such misfires of thinking. Alas, a trait too common among Trump voters..

Of course, Paul Ryan also plans to privatize Medicare using a "voucher" (premium support) program. That means most seniors - who live on barely $28,000 a year- won't have enough to get the health care they need, not to mention meds. They will end up like this granny being hurled off a cliff - by "Paul Ryan":

Finally, the Trump voters themselves, I am talking about the working class, will be left without a pot to piss in. No jobs, no medical support and even their pre-existing conditions will now be held against them.  As I noted in my Dec. 7 post, " the unemployed factory workers who voted for Trump basically voted for a pig in the poke.  .... Productivity dependent manufacturers who are now content with more automated processes, robots etc. are simply not going to hire back workers for whom they have to cough up benefits."  As for the Carrier (United Technologies) deal, that was a farce purchased with $7m worth of state subsidized corporate welfare. Is 'The Donald' really going to try to replicate that thousands of times over? I don't think so.

Besides, it entices any corporation to use economic blackmail to try to exert leverage: "Hey, Donald, we're planning to move 6,000 jobs to Mexico. Whatcha got for us?"

Minus Obamacare, minus Medicaid, minus food stamps, and jobs, Trump voters will be in a world of hurt and they will have had only themselves to blame.

The future for Trump voters, families - many others - is grim and there's no getting around it. A look into a possible future in a year, assuming the electors don't stop Trump based on the Hamilton remedy, e.g.

Here a girl boils oats in a pan in her folks' tiny wooden shack.

Yes, there are many other horrific futures in store if Trump is actually allowed into the seat of ultimate power so he can fuck the whole world at will.

But this is why the Hamilton electors must ensure this sorry- ass fuck never sees the inside of the Oval Office.

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