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How To Manage The Next Four Years Under A Trump Dictatorship

Second-graders from left to right, Piper Slavin, Peter Nichols, Carter Barker and Lila Gerlach, close their eyes and collect their thoughts during a 15-minute Creative Challenge Community school Mindfulness class on Nov. 17, 2016.
Kids in a Denver public school practice meditation which will also have benefits for liberals forced to live in a Trump presidency.

Let us agree that the Trump Imperium facing the sane proportion of the U.S. in January will be ugly and mean-spirited to the core. Indeed, we may regularly see episodes like the one I discussed in the previous post, with the unhinged Trumpeter female shouting at everyone in a Chicago store.

The best prescription for retaining one's sanity may well be meditation, or at least mastering one such technique, as depicted in the image above for Denver school kids.  For fifteen minutes twice a month they are taught how to still their minds and reduce the flow of incessant mental rubbish to zero. Thereby, once they emerge, they are more able to handle the stresses of the day and achieve more in their classes.

We may also safely assume we need this to remain reasonably sane under Donald Dump's reign.  We may expect that each new day - once he enters the White House - ever new national outrages and assaults will materialize.  Many of them will be mental or psychological, stemming from his splenetic tweets, a good reason to ignore any media that circulates them as news. The way to deal with these and other affronts to normal consciousness is basically to shut them out, as well as any and all media rubbish, and empty one's mind to enable a different level of consciousness. Physicist David Bohm put it well in his book, Wholeness and the Implicate Order:

I think that meditation would even bring us out of all the difficulties we’ve been talking about....the actuality of this 3n-dimensional consciousness could not be attained by studying physics with our 3 dimensional consciousness. It might form a bridge or pier of some sort that moves us a certain way but, somewhere we’ve got to leave thought behind, and come to this emptiness of this manifest thought altogether and of the conditioning of the non-manifest mind by the seeds of manifest thought. In other words, meditation actually transforms the mind. It transforms consciousness.

Bohm’s reference to bringing us out of the difficulties etc. is in response to questions posed concerning the role of meditation  in respect to:  space-time,  and in particular his holomovement, and ‘3n-dimensional reality’. In effect, meditation permits a bridge by which to escape the plurality of objects and enter a realm of unity.  In like manner it can afford us a bridge to escape the travails, slings and arrows of Trumpdom, however long it lasts. Of course, the Trumpsters, or Trumpeters if you will, may try to portray such efforts as akin to the 'Cry -ins' held recently at some college campuses. But in truth there is no similarity at all. Meditation isn't expressive of any emotion as crying is, but rather concerned with emptying the mind of rubbish including the daily regimen of "Trump turds" we know will be dumped on us by a sorry Vichy media, e.g.

Image result for dump trump

So there is enormous power in meditation, while crying - apart from providing a brief emotional release- leaves one as powerless as before. The full emptiness of non-manifest thought implicit in meditation, as I noted in my recent book,  Beyond Atheism, Beyond God,  requires rational thought be left behind. In normal practice  meditation accomplishes this by providing a thoughtless void, given undisciplined streams of thought are more distractive than constructive. Hence, the effective conditioning of  thought via non-manifest thought yields a more cogent rationality less susceptible to  kowtowing to PR, propaganda.  At another level, such non-manifest thought allows the substratum of the wave universe or oceanic reality to be rendered accessible. In effect, meditation acts as an amplifier to empower our minds toward higher dimensionality, rationality and  openness to the Universal Mind. 
This is defined here to be basically synonymous with Bohm's  holomovement (op. cit.): 

In the implicate order we have to say that mind  enfolds matter in general and therefore the body in particular. Similarly, the body enfolds not only the mind but also in some sense the  entire material universe

The beauty of meditation is that it is accessible to all of us, without regard to class, race, income level or IQ. It is the one indispensible access point to Universal Mind and submergence within that Mind. It is, in other words, an intuitive and personal tool to accomplish the foremost practical goal of Theo-Physics: unity with Universal Mind and Christhood  in the sense of being and acting as our own "saviors", given there is one ground of being in which the individual is subsumed within a vaster infinite energy medium.

In this regard, the implicate and explicate orders may be depicted as shown below:

                                       INDIVIDUAL FORMS (EXPLICATE ORDER)



 The relation is holographic in the sense that each of the individual forms contains the information of the whole holographic field. The Dirac Ether is equivalent to Bohm's Implicate Order, or what he calls the holomovement, and is a pure frequency domain. If one imparts to it a universal consciousness (as Bohm does) it would also be the "Universal Mind" (another term for God, albeit, impersonal - not personal- and embracing the whole).  The ripples on this "sea" are the distinct material forms perceived as separate entities in the universe because we are generally unaware of the implicate order.  But - to the extent we become aware, whether by learning the applicable quantum mechanics, or using meditation - yes, we emerge as conscious forms manifesting the Whole (Universal Mind) and hence, "co-creators" of reality, not merely passive creatures. (The last is thoroughly discussed and shown in physicist Henry Stapp's book, Mind, Matter and Quantum Mechanics.)

 Ken Wilber (who interviewed Bohm) observes:[1]

           ...the core insight of this holistic experience is that man’s innermost consciousness is identical to the absolute and ultimate reality of the universe,

Bohm, in this same interview, alludes to meditation as a possible means to go from the explicate to the implicate, thence to some vast ocean outside of space as we ordinarily experience it.[2]

All of this may sound abstract, but once you actually practice meditation you can see how powerful a tool it is, in quieting the mind and eliminating the chaos erupting without. A chaos that will surely increase exponentially once January 20, 2017 arrives.

See also:

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