Monday, November 28, 2016

The White House Needs To Shut Up About Election Recount

Depiction of Obama from 2011 when he was ready to cave on Social Security (COLA) cuts, like he wants to cave on recounts now. But we need leaders with balls, not appeasing wimps.

It is incredible that now,  with Hillary Clinton backing the election recounts in three states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania),  the White House wants to interject its two cents that "the American people have spoken" and Hillary and Jill Stein need to put a halt to it. (This according to the UK Guardian yesterday). No fucking way, not with what's on the line. It is especially incredible to many that Obama - clearly the source of these statements - given he hates conflict,  could so easily be ready to see his legacy ripped apart step by step. Hell, Obama's White House ought to be the first on board to support these recounts given all the irregularities reported, including provisional ballots not being counted.

It isn't just a matter of the pitiful political IQ Trump brings to the table, accentuated yesterday with a series of petulant tweets at the level of a dyspeptic 3-year old: "Very unfair! No Way! This is a Green Party scam to fill up their coffers!!"    It's particularly choice Trump is squealing like a stuck pig given he'd be the first in line to do recounts- and in all the states he lost - if the situation was reversed. Oh, and here's the kicker showing this splenetic blowhard pretender fails the reality test for President:

"I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally!"

Seriously,  Sherlock? In fact, as numerous credible sources including Politifact have shown,  there isn't a scintilla of evidence for this off the wall claim. A claim which merely shows Trump  - now nicknamed 'Donald Dump'  by the Left - belongs more in a rubber room at Bellevue than the Oval Office.

By now, everyone not living under a rock is aware of the  outbreaks of bigotry and racist violence perpetrated on innocents in the wake of Trump's aberrational  electoral vote "victory". Many of us worried, and it's now been vindicated with over 1,000 reports to the Southern Poverty Law Center, that the troglodytes and knuckle draggers would interpret the Trump electoral college win (he didn't win the popular vote) as license to commit all manner of hate crimes and  domestic terrorism. We have now seen this reprehensible behavior in spades.

Now include on top of that the "abominables row" of cabinet and other agency picks (which David Axelrod has called the "Monster's Ball") and you can understand why millions of sane citizens are terrified. Ryan Holmes of Chicago, quoted in yesterday's Denver Post (p. 4B) said:

"I am frightened of what's to come. Sad and less hopeful of the future."

That sentiment is shared by nearly 53 percent of the populace who saw their votes flushed down the toilet because GOP gubernators had been gaming their electronic voting systems since at least April,, as originally reported by Bob Fritakis and Harvey Wasserman ('The Fix May Already Be In For GOP To Steal The 2016 Election') As they noted in part:

There is no way to verify the official tally on the electronic machines on which the majority of Americans will vote this fall. Nearly all the machines are a decade old, most are controlled by a single company (ES&S, owned by Warren Buffett) and the courts have ruled that the software is proprietary, making the vote counts beyond public scrutiny. In fact, they are beyond all independent monitoring altogether. In many key swing states (including Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Arizona) GOP governors and secretaries of state will have a free hand to flip the vote count to whatever they want it to be without detection or accountability. This could turn control of our government over to the GOP come November, as it did in 2000 and 2004.

Obama and his White House, meanwhile, appear to be oblivious - given their response to the recounts - that the nation's voting majority are aghast as Trump has made appalling decisions in staffing his administration.  This includes appointing racist bomb thrower Steven Bannon to be a "strategist" and appointing  pro-Confederate Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  The cast of "abominables" changes almost hour to hour but one thing has been established, these inveterate assholes will hurl this country back at least 50 years, demolishing most advances made with tears, sweat, toil and grit. The "Dump" menagerie includes the likes of climate denier Myron Ebell, e.g.

Whose staffing of the EPA and other agencies will burn up all our climate change regs in a monster coal pit fire.

Then there is the screwball Betsy DeVos that has been appointed to Education Secretary who is dedicated to converting U.S. public schools into vast educational ghettoes- where resources amount to string and cellotape and only poor kids are found.

As Matthew Rosza of has written:

"DeVos, is a woman who never went to public school, nor sent her children to public school, nor worked for public schools. She does, however, come from a wealthy family that has donated millions to the Republican Party. And she would be terrible for public education in this country"


"DeVos also serves on the board of the Acton Institute, which merges corporate interests with dominion theology, or the belief that Christians should take control of political and social institutions. Earlier this month, the Acton Institute published a blog post titled, “Bring back child labor: Work is a gift our kids can handle.”.

Bring back child labor?  This derelict nut case is to be in charge of public education and one can imagine her replacing education with child labor for  6 hours a day at all public schools under the rubric "they will learn by doing".  No wonder so many are appalled, including that the hijacking of the Supreme Court could easily bring back back room abortions ....or coat hangars.

Trump, by his very picks,  is not about unifying this nation but rending it asunder with his reckless decision making and arrogance. The fool needs to be stopped, and short of the state electors coming to their senses on December 19th to cast the electoral ballots, we need this recount to do the job.

This despite the media - including the so-called liberal- already mounting a campaign to normalize Trump and his fascist pool of anti-government degenerates.. 

The last thing needed in this mix is the White House adding its two cents to try to make this election appear normal and Trump being the "choice of most Americans". (See link at bottom which skewers this nonsense.)  No, a majority of us didn't make that choice at all, so don't perturb the results with verbal effluent and snide PR. In a genuine democracy - which doesn't depend on an artificial anachronism - Hillary Clinton would now be President Elect by virtue of a 2.4 million popular vote win.  That outcome is still possible, no matter what Donald Dump barks on his Twitter, if these recounts are done faithfully, including all the provisional ballots.

Let Trump tweet until he's hysterical with rage, he merely proves each day how unfit he is for the job.. Since he wants so desperately to keep his fingers in the 73 odd outposts of the Trump empire maybe it's best he do that, since he clearly doesn't wish to devote 100 percent of time and energy to being a President. Especially for ALL the people!

As for the White House, it ought to be cheering Jill Stein's efforts, given that her success - especially in overturning the electoral vote totals- will ensure Obama of retaining his legacy, policies - including Obamacare.   If those policies and legacy mean anything to him he will now put a sock in it, as they say, regarding Stein's (and now Clinton's) recount efforts.

See also:  "The Voters Rejected Trump":


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