Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trumpies Beset By Rage After Campaign Promises Broken

BWAAAAHAHA! You pwomised you'd lock her up,  Mistuh Twump!

Will wonders never cease?  Seems now the Trumpies who literally believed the Donald's fulsome promises during his bombastic campaign are now beside themselves with lots of buyer's remorse and rage. "He promised he'd investigate Crooked Hillary!" burped one gullible fool on the FT website in response to a lead article on 'Trump Reverses Course on Core Campaign Pledges'.  Another doofus barked "He cheated us and he knows it!"  Followed by a whiner who spat: "Another fucking liar in the WH!" Yet another twit bellyached: "I knew he'd backtrack. What a dishonest way to secure the presidency".  In regard to the last, sure - if you enabled him because you're a fucking moron!

The goofy nabobs at Judicial Watch, meanwhile, "warned Trump against his promise to the American people to drain the swamp", according to the same Financial Times piece.

Well, who'da thought! Eh? A guy who everyone with a grain of sense already knew was full of hot air, backtracks on a Clinton investigation.

During a live  meeting with the NY Times, Trump tweeted to reporter Maggie Haberman:

"I don't want to hurt the Clintons. I really don't. She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways.....I think it would be very, very divisive for the country."

Of course, merely because Trump has adopted a semblance of decency, grace and humanity doesn't mean his deplorables will fall in line.  They will believe as fiercely as ever she deserves punishment, and now their standard bearer has punked out.

Who can forget al the idiotic chants  "Lock her up!", "Lock her up!" at Trump rallies during the long and histrionic campaign. Some knuckledraggers were so taken in by Trump's swag talk, e.g. "I'm gonna appoint a special prosecutor!",  they actually wasted hard -earned money on T-shirts with the same 'Lock her up!' and showing "Killary" behind bars. Sheesh, how dumb can you get?  (Let's further note Trump's minions ought to have known better anyway given a President cannot prosecute or lock people up on his own, that is left to the DOJ, other law enforcement.)

Obviously and clearly, Trump didn't expect to really win as most of his honest strategists will admit. That is why he went overboard repeating the message the election was "rigged" by huge unseen "interests". When he did win, you could see the astonishment on his face and then reflected in his - now humble- victory speech. In that speech he spoke relatively sincere words on Hillary's effort and one could see a change in tone coming especially after he said he wanted "to bring the country together". Not that he will have an easy time doing this, but the wrong way was definitely to go after her with more than half of voters (she's now leading the popular vote by  over 2 million) ready to be pissed off if he did. Indeed, in real terms Trump is the "minority President- Elect" if, in fact, genuine democracy is assessed using actual votes of citizens as opposed to artificially contrived "electoral votes".

But it was only a matter of time, following his civil victory speech,  before he'd break the news to his followers that there's be no investigation of "Killary" as they disrespectfully called her. And let's get another thing straight here: Just because Trump won the electoral vote majority doesn't mean our side plans to shut up about him or his administration to come, or his deluded followers. Sorry, but accepting his minority 'W' doesn't mean we also forfeit out first amendment rights. Deal with it!

But obviously from reading the FT reactions, most didn't see it coming. ("How could he DO this!?", I feel BETRAYED!") They are now even reconsidering Trump for a 2nd term. Even Breitbart. com posted "A broken Promise!"  Aw, tough shit! Deal with it, assholes!   Let the alt Right also suck on Trump's other words yesterday that he "disavows and condemns" those extremists. (Maybe he actually read my post on how the alt Right are Nazis, giving Nazi salutes.) 

It didn't stop there and as reported on CBS News last night, Trump has reversed himself on two other issues as well, in which he appeared to put his foot down during his odious campaign.  Those were to do with climate change and torture. In respect of the last, despite all his howling about bringing back water boarding and asserting "I will bring back a lot worse than water boarding!", Sen. John McCain (himself tortured during the Vietnam War) let it be known that no such BS would be tolerated. That meant McCain and possibly others could stand with the Dems and use a filibuster to block any such nonsense.

Further, Trump told the Times that he "changed his mind" after talking with Gen. James "Mad Dog"  Mattis, a Marine, no less. Mattis told Trump "Give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers and I'll do better.".

Will Trump's diehard followers, who want all the tortures of the Inquisition brought back for "radical Islamicists" accept this? Doubtful, but I guarantee they will spill a lot of vitriol in the coming months.

In respect of climate change, Trump repeatedly blurted that it "was a hoax" and "started by the Chinese". Never mind the concept was actually proposed more than a century ago by Svante Arrhenius, see e.g.

Now, Trump has evidently changed his tune, at least to some degree.  He told Maggie Haberman, reporter for the NY Times:

"I think there is some connectivity between humans and climate change."

When asked by Tom Friedman if he'd withdraw from existing climate change accords, Trump responded: "I'm looking at it very closely. I have an open mind to it."

This is at least a first step, and might disclose Trump actually possesses a few real neurons and isn't a total buffoon. But this is also contingent on assuming he won't now change his mind with the next breath and say something 180 degrees different.

All in all, what was most appealing was seeing so many of Trump's supporters losing their minds over his broken promises. I warrant many more of their heads will be at risk of exploding in the months and years ahead as they learn that the blurtations recklessly uttered in campaign mode don't easily translate into post-election reality.

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"the very same Republican Party that spent eight solid years making President Obama’s life a living hell, obstructing and blocking everything he proposed under the sun all while hurling vile and racist attacks on the man, well, suddenly wants the country to come together and sing kumbaya and accept the electoral outcome. To that end, Republicans have done everything to delegitimize the outbreak of passionate protests taking place across the country in the wake of Trump’s unexpected victory "

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Darrin Rychlak said...

During the campaign, Trump sounded like that drunk holding up the bar at Carino's Tavern every Friday. After a few beers . . . 'build a wall on the Mexican border.' A few more beers . . . 'and make the spics pay for the wall.' And a few more beers . . . 'we should deport all 12 million undocumented immigrants immediately . . . and make them pay for it.' A few shots and beers later . . . 'ban all Muslims from the great USA. USA, USA, USA, White is Right! USA!'

Only fucking idiots or racists voted for Trump. There really is no middle ground.