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Some of the Positive Highlights of This Year's Election

Brittany Maynard's date with death
Brittany Maynard- had to move to Oregon to take advantage of a right to die measure. Coloradans no longer have to.

While it's easy to focus on the negatives in this past election, the fact is there were also a number of bright spots for any liberals looking for silver linings. I list a number of them below for the benefit of anyone who believes all has been lost by the ascension of Donald Drumpf to power.

1. Proposition 106 passed by a huge margin in Colorado.

This is our state's new aid in dying measure for those unwilling to live in abject pain with a terminal illness - say like the brain cancer Brittany Maynard suffered from two years ago. She had to move to Oregon to take advantage of such a law. Here in Colorado, despite over $1 million spent by the Roman Catholic Church, it passed by nearly a 3 to 1 margin.
The law offers all terminally ill patients who are at least 18 years of age to access life-ending, doctor prescribed sleep medications so they can die peacefully. To qualify, the patient must be diagnosed with a terminal illness by at least two doctors, be Colorado residents, and have no more than 6 months to live. They must also be mentally capable of making an informed decision in order to receive the prescription.

2. Passage of Amendment 70 to increase the minimum wage.

The state of Colorado passed a law making the minimum wage $12 per hour by 2020. Next year the minimum wage will go up to $9.30/ hr. then an additional 90 c / hr. each year until reaching $12/hr.  This will be a huge boon to the  thousands of service workers in the state and also help many more of them access housing that is currently out of their reach. All research carried out thus far shows that the job losses predicted by the nervous (conservative) Nellies will not cone to pass, and in fact the higher earning power of tens of thousands will translate into a more vibrant economy.

3. Initiative 300 passes in Colorado:

This extends Amendment 64 passed in 2012 and allows MJ users to now be able to use it publicly, e.g. in bars, cafes and even Yoga studios. Hitherto, those who purchased MJ had to return to their own homes and be out of public view.

4. Joe Arpaio booted from office in Arizona.

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The heavy-handed bully sheriff Joe Arpaio will lose his job come January thanks to being thrashed in the local AZ  Sheriff election. Even better, after his crushing defeat by Democrat Paul Penzone on Tuesday, Arpaio faces the possibility of a criminal conviction as a final public humiliation. 

5. Kelly Ayotte knocked out in New Hampshire.
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The odious Trump bootlicker Kelly Ayotte was thankfully knocked out of her own Senate seat in NH to Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan. Ayotte, believe it or not, is being rumored as a Defense Secretary pick for Trump, but I don't buy it. Not even Donald Trump could be that obtuse. Most in the know in New Hampshire put it as a PR leak, similar to an Arizona leak that Joe Arapaio will get a Homeland Security post.

6. Liberals kick ass in Nevada.

In Nevada Democrats scored big wins as Catherine Cortez  Masto bested Repuke Joe Heck and Dem Jacky Rosen defeated Republican Danny Tarkanian in Nevada’s 3rd District.  Nevada also passed a recreational marijuana law which Republican Sheldon Adelson (long time funder of Republican causes) poured lots of money into.

7. Florida passes a medical marijuana law.

 Florida voters approved the state constitutional Amendment 2 Tuesday to effectively legalize medical marijuana. The amendment, known as the Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative, passed with a 71 percent approval.

The People United for Medical Marijuana raised almost double what the opposition campaign did, with The Morgan Firm and the Florida Democratic Party counting among the top donors to the effort.

The amendment language allows for medical marijuana to be prescribed by doctors to patients of diseases such as HIV, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder, ALS and Crone's disease. This is a significant expansion of the limited program in place now, which allows for certain physicians to prescribe non-smokeable low-THC cannabis to patients with cancer or who suffer from seizures or severe muscle spasms.

8. California approved a recreational MJ law that will have the biggest impact ever on acceptance.

Of course, most of us knew California would do this anyway, and perhaps it will finally inspire the Feds to look again at MJ banking rules..

9. A New Grassroots movement is building to oppose Trump's agenda and rebuild the Dems

To those unaware, Bernie Sanders' progressive campaign has now evolved and mobilized to become an activist movement with networks nationwide.  The aim will be to mount protests and congressional call ins to stop any overt Trump initiatives that don't redound to the national welfare, as well as primary Dem candidates who refuse to embrace the necessary change to include all Americans in their policies.  These groups are also now organizing for a "million person march" in the words of Michael Moore, for Trump's Inauguration Day.

10. People are now looking at finally getting rid of the archaic electoral college.

About time we junked this antiquated system and actually elected Presidents using direct democracy!

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