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The Perfect (Alternative) Punishment For Entitled College Rapists Who Want To Avoid Prison Time?

Austin James Wilkerson
Rapist Austin James Wilkerson - believed by many women to have gotten off lightly.

Women in our state, as well as prosecutors, continue to express outrage at the light sentence meted out to rapist Austin Wilkerson.  Wilkerson, 22,  a former University of Colorado student, was sentenced last Wednesday to two years of county work release for the 2014 rape of an alcohol -impaired coed on the CU campus. He told friends at a party he would help the woman get back to her dorm safely, then raped her including with digital and oral penetration.

The work release means he only spends nights at the comfy Boulder County jail - as opposed to a prison - then during the day can leave the jail and pursue college courses or work. Most rapists should have it so good - especially in Colorado - where sexually assaulting an impaired, vulnerable victim can earn the offender up to 20 years to life. (Note: Wilkerson did get 20 years to life on probation).

But for the victim it's been a downward spiral. She hasn't been able to continue her college course work, she's been unable to concentrate, had to get therapy and owes nearly $250,000 in medical expenses and educational  debt. She told the Denver media (including Channel 7 and the Denver Post) she's had to relive the trauma multiple times.

She is still trying to piece her life together, according to a Channel 7 report and must deal every day with panic attacks, depression, and even one suicide attempt. As she's noted: "my life was ruined without my consent".  She added:

"On campus I was on high alert constantly checking over my shoulder. Keep in mind that CU didn’t have a Criminal Protection Order. All CU said was that if we crossed paths, he would have to turn and go the other way. However, this didn’t happen. After the trial conviction, the rapist was in the waiting area. Instead of him turning around and going the other way."

Prosecutors who tried the case were flummoxed when  Judge Patrick Butler delivered the sentence believing it was within the legal parameters and also nothing would be served by passing a maximum penalty.  According to Boulder County DA Lisa Saccomano:

"We’re obviously disappointed by the sentence that was imposed,"

This is especially interesting as Judge Butler evidently harbored his own reservations as when he told the Boulder Daily Camera:

"I do have some great concerns over, as I would describe it as, ways he tried to play the system,"

This was especially galling to many women, specially younger ones, comparing Wilkerson's escape to the Stanford culprit Brock Turner:  - who got off with six months in jail for a felony sexual assault on an unconscious woman.

These light sentences have elicited a discussion  by many women of whether alternative physical punishments should not be advanced in lieu of a stiff prison sentence - as opposed to just giving a light, slap on the wrist sentence. For example, in many Caribbean nations, like Grenada, rapists can accept either a five year sentence or a flogging with 100 lashes delivered. Incredibly, many opt to the prison time, especially after seeing the effects of a bull whip.

Obviously, this  would be seen as too barbaric in the States, but at least one friend - a female physician - has suggested such rapists could be forced to make a choice: prison time or submit to a medical castration procedure (preferably a combination procedure, e.g. physical and chemical).  Thus, they either accept the castration or long prison time - no light escapes.

Her first suggestion was that their prostates be "cryo-ablated" -  basically knife like "needles"  inserted into the gland,  injecting freezing gases to turn it into a small "snowball"  e.g. see the general procedure outlined here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OnqA-mJDWg

And more detailed here:


The effect is massive apoptosis or cell death, with lingering effects of impotence and likely incontinence. The therapy is touted as superior to surgery or radiation for prostate cancer treatment but in fact when one does the research the side effects can be just as great.  To ensure the maximal impotence and castration effects on the rapist, she also recommends hormone treatment as a chemical castration. She added, "the bastard will also likely grow breasts and have tender nipples from the hormone which will then have to be treated" - making him more compassionate to the plight of his victim, in her opinion.

If she were a real judge would she pass such a sentence, say on sexual predators like Austin Wilkerson or Brock Turner: "In a New York minute!" she retorted. "Given the hell they unleashed on their victims - both not fully conscious - a little nipple sensitivity and breast enlargement coupled with prolonged impotence is fine."

She makes it clear, however, that the offender doesn't have this forced on him, he has a choice. He can take the prison sentence, OR take the treatment. If the horrors of the prescribed castration are too appalling, there is always the 5 - 20 years or whatever incarceration alternative. Some may argue: "Well, that's no damned choice! Who wants to take 20 years?"  But then they should also ask what choice did these guys offer their victims? It cuts both ways.

Compared to the days when rapists were executed in many states, I'd say they're getting off lightly.

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