Thursday, August 13, 2015

WSJ's Gerald Seib Needs A Reality Adjustment

The Wall Street Journal's Gerald R. Seib now embodies the deaf, dumb and blind media tool so immersed in his own BS he can't even get reality correct. Sadly, with John Stewart no longer around to expose these conservo twerps and their misguided influence, someone else has to.. What I refer to is Seib's latest column ('Summer of Trump May End Up Helping GOP Rivals'. p. A4, Aug. 11) which is the biggest bunch of media malarkey since Sarah Palin was hailed as the huge "game changer"  asset for the GOP - before Katy Couric exposed her in 2008).

While Trump is definitely a crackpot, Seib's too myopic to see the rest of the GOP field is equal to or exceeding Trump on the crackpot spectrum. They may not bellow as much drivel - but their policy positions betray a bunch of psychos just as unhinged. As Hillary put it, while what Trump said ahout Megyn Kelly was "outrageous" what the other candidates are saying about women and denying them abortions - even in cases of rape and incest-  is equally outrageous. 

Let's see who Seib is praising and why he's daft.

Marco Rubio, aka the Cisco Kid -has a "fresh life story and a young face."

Uh no, Seib. Cisco is the usual right wing Cuban whiner (a 'dime a dozen' in Miami's  Little Havana),  with his own sob story of how "that big bad Fidel chased me family out with nothing, and we had to start with nothing in the U.S.....and my momma had to wash the neighbors' laundry all day long and I had to study by candle light". I will have more sympathy for punks like Rubio when his lot have more empathy for the 73 innocents murdered on Cubana Airlines Flight 455 off Barbados on Oct. 6, 1976. Blown up by Right wing Miami Cubans from Alpha 66 colluding with a Venezuelan rat with CIA links, Luis Carriles Posada

Rubio may have a young face but he also has an old solution for poor women who face death by medical complications rather than be able to get an abortion: Let them die!  Also, any young women impregnated by rape or incest under a Marco Rubio administration better not look for help from him or his lot!  You're better off leaving the country for Canada.

Rubio is also claimed to be "well schooled on national security matters" which goes to show how big an advantage it can be to have Alpha 66 lineage in one's background- especially when they were in the employ of the CIA. (Probably the DRE)

More mystifying even than Rubio, is Seib's selection of Ted Cruz and Ben Carson as "more sane outside conservative voices". Really?

Ted Cruz, let us bear in mind, is definitely not "sane", e.g.

Our end-of-the-world obsession is killing us: Climate denial and the apocalypse, GOP-style

He has all the hallmarks of an egomaniac and would love, if elected by enough morons, to usher in Armageddon and finally fulfill Biblical prophecy like the fictional nut ( Greg Stillson ) in 'The Dead Zone',

Carson isn't much better and is incompetent besides. To remind people who may have forgotten, Carson is the one who asserted anyone taking the AP  U.S. history course last year would "be ready to join ISIS".  Then, earlier this week on CBS Early Show, when asked about allowing abortion exceptions for mothers with medical complications (that might lead to their deaths if they gave birth), Carson said: "Oh, our medical advances have now taken care of things like that!". A total, bald -faced lie laden with ignorance.

Carson is also the bozo who's made basic mistakes  in various forums, including: suggesting the Baltic states are not part of NATO,  not knowing the main political parties in Israel and (no kidding!) believing Alan Greenspan had been Treasury Secretary instead of former Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  Any one of these bonehead errors would ordinarily disqualify a candidate as surely as Rick Perry (in 2012) failing to recall the DOE as one  of the main federal agencies.

If these two are the only "sane" alternatives the Reepos have to Trump, they could as well nominate the other Donald: Donald Duck. At least they'd gain in gravitas.

Oh, but let's not forget Scott Walker, because Seib hasn't. To Seib he's a "solid but conventional conservative". In other words, if you love your women barefoot and pregnant (especially after they've been raped) he's the guy for you. Also, if you want your university profs working with no tenure, and your unions all dissolved so that 52 -hour weeks become the norm along with unpaid overtime  - Scottie is also your guy.  This is a turkey who couldn't even complete college yet wants to lead the nation. How is he going to meet the exalted goals confronting the country, including getting its debt under control - as well as malignant inequality - if he couldn't meet the much more humble goal of completing the final term for a 4-year degree?

Do people really want to cheer a character who starts a 5 k race, is within 100 m of the finish line, then drops out?   Or a guy who is within 4 moves of checkmating his opponent then resigns?

Glaring by its absence was any mention of the sole sane person on the debate stage, John Kasich. Kasich was notable for his no-nonsense demeanor as he robustly defended Medicaid for the poor in his state as well as same sex relationships. Of course, his name may have been left out because most of the base that loved the names Seib did cite would be too "reep-tarded" to appreciate a candidate like Kasich. (Who now, by recent polls, has even African-Americans leaning more his way than Hillary's)

If Gerald Seib wants to be taken seriously on who the sane candidates are, he needs to leave out the screwballs. But, of course, he has to be able to recognize them first.

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