Monday, August 17, 2015

Do Not Call Bernie "Bernice" - He Didn't Authorize Any Apology to the Black Lives Matter Bums


It appears some brash right wingers, obsessed with the posturing of false machismo, have taken to calling Bernie Sanders  "Bernice" on their blogs, and also averring he's become "a bitch for Black Lives Matter". Do not believe this bullshit for one damned second. Bernie did not offer any apologies to these Black Lives renegades - who find it easier to pick on liberal candidates than risk their heinies going after right winger Repubs.

Nor did Bernie authorize any apology as he made clear on "Meet the Press' yesterday. What happened is that a clueless black staffer, suffering from a variant of Stockholm Syndrome and repressed black guilt (on behalf of all white "libos") went rogue and wrote an email himself.

Can the right wingers process the concept of "going rogue"? Huh? Do they not recall Trump's lawyer going rogue a few weeks ago when the issue of Trump's alleged rape of his first wife, Ivana,  came up? Recall the daft lawyer, in an NBC interview, told the media on his own that the Donald couldn't be guilty because "there is no such thing as marital rape",  instantly contradicting decades of settled state and federal law. A case that the Donald had to butt in and make clear the words were NOT his. (The lawyer was fortunate he wasn't fired like the Donald normally does on 'The Apprentice')

Hence, candidates cannot be held to account for what their loose nut staffers do. Sanders has too much on his plate to be keeping an eye on every little detail and expects his hired staffers to be professional enough adhere to normal standards without micro-management.

The goofball who dispatched the "apology" was Marcus Ferrell,  who e-mailed the 'Black Lives Matter' bullying black racists,  asking them to have a meeting with the Senator. The putz wrote:
"I apologize it took our campaign so long to officially reach out. We are hoping to establish a REAL space for REAL dialog between the folks on this email and our campaign."
The email also said that the campaign wants to "have a more formal interaction with the movement. We wanted to let you know that we hear you, we want to do a better job speaking out on the issues, and as a sitting U.S. Senator, possibly introducing legislation and making a constitutional change."
But when asked whether he felt an apology to Black Lives Matter was necessary the Vermont senator told Meet the Press: “No, I don’t. I think we’re going to be working with all groups. This was sent out without my knowledge."

Marcus Ferrell, in the ideal world, would be fired on the spot for writing so many words that he effectively portrayed as coming from Bernie. That isn't kosher, not at all. Problem is, if Bernie sent that idiot packing the Black Lives bums would be squawking "racial prejudice!" - and saying Sanders really was intolerant.

But what they miss is that everyone ought to be intolerant of assholes - no matter what their color.

As for Sanders hiring Symone Sanders, a young Black woman, as his national press secretary.  (Symone Sanders is a member of the National Urban League's Young Professionals Network in Arlington, VA.)  this was a masterpiece of strategy to deal with the Black Lives Matter clowns using a genuine black activist - not a Tea Party fakeroo like Marissa Johnson.

  She, in fact, came up with the idea for Sanders supporters to chant "we stand together" if there were any disruptions to any future Sanders' event.

This is a great idea and if it doesn't work, Bernie can always hire guards to keep the riff raff away.  In the meantime, Righties willing to call girly names based on false perceptions need to get a grip on reality - and maybe do more background checking.

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