Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Now HitchBOT Becomes the Hunted - As A Moron Philly Iggles Fan Kicks It To Pieces.

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A video shot of the Philly moron taking his loser's retribution out on a hapless robot.

Two Canadian researchers at McMaster University  made hitchBOT as a medium to test human interactions with a vocal, anthropomorphic mechanical device.. Incredibly, hitchBOT fared well in its traverse through Canada and a number of nations in Europe including Germany and the Netherlands  before getting to the U.S. - land of psychos - where it met its end at the hands of a Philadelphia Eagles loser fan (wearing a Randall Cunningham jersey - clearly not aware that ship already sailed)

The idea was for various human agents to respond to the device's request for transport and move it from one locale to the next- eventually arriving in San Francisco in the U.S. Well, it didn't make it. After being transported from Boston to New York and then to the City of Brotherly Love - not much human love was shown. A lunkhead wearing an old Eagles jersey  - clearly still nursing wounds from the last season and no doubt grasping the next won't be much better - kicked the shit out of the robot.

Why? For what reason? Maybe one answer was found on one blog written by another Neanderthal- maybe also from Philly:

 "they (Canadians) crudely assembled a broadly anthropomorphic heap of refuse and left it someplace for strangers to take care of for them. It traveled across Canada and Europe for some reason, experiencing nothing, doing nothing, being all the while nothing more than a loudmouthed freak thing."

Hey, Igor. You could have just ignored it. Besides, no one left the hitchBOT "for strangers to take care of". There was no taking care of, only transporting limited distances in response to its appeals. Got the difference? Or is that too difficult to process, say like a fetus not being a baby for Right wing twits? And, btw, "heap of refuse" is in the mind and eye of the beholder. To some that little bot may have been a work of art!  As for "doing nothing" do you have any idea how many Iggles fans do nothing? Well,  other than gorge on Philly cheese steak sandwiches during a game,  til they're too stuffed to move to the rest room?  Why kick the crap out of it? Or turn a blind eye to a nitwit doing it by making dumb excuses about 'heaps of refuse'? Maybe an inferiority complex?  You know, that you lack the emotional intelligence ('EQ') of the little robot?

We may never know, including how the experiment in human interaction might have finished in San Fran. Sadly, the world merely has one more nasty view of psycho Americans - now taking their revenge out on an inanimate device that never hurt anyone.

The McMaster University researchers claimed it "could have happened anywhere" referring to the bot's brutal demise. But I doubt it. People in San Fran would have had too much class to ruthlessly rip an elaborate mechanism to pieces, ditto folks in the much larger Big Apple. And no Green Bay Packer fan would be caught dead doing a demolition job on a smiley face, primitive robot just asking for a hitch! If nothing else he'd have had too much pride in his team to wear its jersey while committing such a fell deed.

Seems only a sore loser Philadelphia Eagles fan could be such a bottom feeding a-hole as to carry out this senseless property crime..  Maybe the guy's chick ditched him. Maybe she knew if he expressed the desire to beat up on a non-ambulatory mechanical man he could beat up on a live human female too, or even a quadriplegic human.

Who knows? We can only hope he's relatively happy now he's got at least 5 minutes of fame. Or more likely, shame.

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