Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Memo To Selfie Takers: Don't Follow Christina Freundlich's Example!

Christina Freundlich, a former communications director for the Iowa Democratic Party who sparked outrage in March after taking a smiling selfie in front of the scene of a deadly New York City fire, has reportedly been hired as a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee. (Christina Freundlich via New York Post)
Christina Freundlich flashes the 60s Peace Sign in front of the site of a NYC fire that killed two.
I gave my unvarnished opinion of selfies in a post exactly one year ago when I wrote:
"We need the selfie craze to come to a halt as it's now getting ridiculous. The scene shown this morning (on CBS Early Show) of the Tour-de-France and one rider smacking the smart phone from a selfie -taker said it all. The ignoramus was apparently sticking his neck literally way out into the stream of bike riders to try to snap his mug with the racers in rear view. He couldn't fathom he was creating an obstruction, so having the stupid phone slapped from his hand was a wake up call."
And, of course, we know the stupid "selfie sticks" have now been banned from theme parks like Disney World, and if you've ever been there you'd know why. Let us also recall what Krimhilde, my sister-in-law and Eck spiritualist,  also said about selfies:

"These are the creations and obsessions of the immature human, which remains steeped in narcissism, in self-absorption. No truly advanced or advancing human on the path to a higher spirituality takes a selfie. Our true motivation and mission in this life is instead to embrace selflessness. That means placing one's body in proper relation to one's spirit."
No more graphic illustration of the "immature human selfie taker" was seen this a.m. on 'Morning Joe' when the image of dopey Millennial Christina Freundlich  flashed on the screen with Katy Kay providing the background info that the young woman posted "a controversial selfie at the site of a deadly gas explosion that killed two and injured twenty-five was now a spokeswoman for the DNC."
Seriously? The DNC, or Democratic National Committee.?  Does she not know, or has she never been taught,  basic democratic manners, principles and culture? Foremost among them that a Democrat is a fundamental Humanist who differs from his/her Repuke counterparts by having human sensibilities. We don't worship money changers or call money "speech" - denigrating flesh and blood people. We also look out for vulnerable citizens, help at soup kitchens where possible, and if not at least donate to worthy humanitarian causes. What we emphatically do not do is pose in front of a devastating disaster scene to take a selfie while smiling broadly.  That sends the message of being a closet Repuke, not a Dem!
Freundlich said in March  when this first blew up (and she caught plenty of flak),  that she was “deeply sorry” for the “careless and distasteful” photo she posted on Instagram that showed her flashing a peace sign with the caption, “Scene of the accident.” Just behind her the East Village scene could be seen cordoned off after the inferno.

She should be "deeply sorry" given her crass photo was the epitome of ghoulish, ghastly behavior. The self-inflation via selfie after others perished itself inviting bad karma by insinuating one's image into a death scene. No person of sound judgment would take such a heinous image, and the fact she is supposed to now to be “Southern Regional Press Secretary” for the DNC (according to her Twitter page) calls the DNC's own judgment into question.

According to one Pew Research study, the Millennials are supposed to be the primary selfie takers and aficionados. This may be a sign that they are having a difficult time growing up and becoming more self-aware, or it could be they are too caught up doing what their peers are doing. Whatever the case, including being too addicted to Instagram, they need to attend to the memo that you do not take selfies at disaster scenes. Especially smiling selfies in front of where people lost their lives.

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