Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bring Out the Brats n' Burgers...But Beware the Mental Effects

Take care what you wolf down today as it may have adverse effects on your brain tomorrow - ravaging all kinds of gut bacteria and turning them into paranoia reapers

Today, on the 239th birthday of our nation, millions of Americans will be firing up their grills and be piling on the burgers, bratwursts and hot dogs. However, as they then descend to gobble those goodies up with their cold beers a danger lurks.  The danger is that by the next day they will feel hung over, depressed or in a totally bad frame of mind.

So claims Dr. David Agus, who on a CBS Early Show spot yesterday warned of the real connections between the state of millions of gut bacteria and how your brain functions. While therps have been treating depression for years with the usual crap - like Prozac and Zoloft - creating millions of sexually impotent folks in the process, the new research discloses they may have it all wrong. It isn't the brain's serotonin levels that are critical but instead the state of gut bacteria and whether the good ones will "like" the food you eat or rebel.

And when they rebel, look out!

Agus recommends monitoring what you eat and then the effects in the day of two after. If you feel like you're losing your mind or getting severely anxious or depressed it may be better to part with those foods in the future or at least not pig out on them. On the more positive side, he noted that different foods will affect different people in different ways -so perhaps those two extra brats today (along with potato salad) may not have as deleterious an effect as they might on your cousin or wife.

Of course, Agus admits this is a novel research field so much more work needs to be done to nail down the general effects on the brain, not to mention which of the 20,000 odd bacteria play the biggest roles.

In any case, I plan not to worry about it as I dig into hot dogs, beans, potato salad and brats.

Will I feel ok tomorrow? Maybe, maybe not - I will worry about it then....or not.

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