Friday, July 17, 2015

Anti-Obama OKIE Reb Flag Wavers Ought To Hang Heads In Shame

It’s heritage, all right: What those ugly anti-Obama Confederate flag protests really mean
Obama greeted by Confederate flag waving looney tunes in Oklahoma City.

The spectacle of dozens of Okies waving large Confederate flags to greet President Obama outside his hotel,  after he arrived in Oklahoma City Wednesday night,  was deplorable. It rightly aroused such revulsion in the Republican Governor that he denounced the vile exhibition while Republican Rep. Tom Cole said:

"I was shocked and disappointed by those who showed up to wave Confederate flags soon after President Obama arrived in Oklahoma. Their actions were not only disappointing but incredible disrespectful, insensitive and embarrassing to the entire state.

....No president should ever be confronted by such behavior, especially when the visit was meant to celebrate and recognize some of our state's greatest achievements."

Hmmmm.....maybe a future "achievement"  ought to be brain transplants for the racist yahoos and their ilk who went out to wave those fucking flags in front of a black President.

Should the Okie Confederate flag wavers who greeted Obama be arrested for treason? Many believe so, as opined in a talk radio (liberal) show broadcast this a.m.  If in fact the Confederate flag is and was a symbol of original treason then shouldn't those who wave it be charged with such in retrospect? Ok, maybe that might be excessive, but at least these yokels ought to be charged with hate crimes against the nation's first black President.

Oh wait! Can't do that either because in this country hate is protected speech. Unlike in Germany, where if hundreds came out to wave Nazi flags at Angela Merkel they'd all end up in a German prison.

But at least one thing is disclosed by this aberrant exhibition: those who waved these execrable flags at Obama - knowing full well that flag's implicit and explicit meaning - are died in the wool racists.As a Wall Street Journal article ('The Right Way to Remember the Confederacy', p. C1, June 11-12) by author William C. Davis pointed out:

"Former Confederate states incorporated it into their state flags, and militant white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan began deploying it as a symbol of resistance to integration and voting rights,  The worst proponents of white supremacy displayed that emblem while committing unspeakable acts of violence against African-Americans and white supporters of civil rights. They still do. Witness Charleston."

Joan Walsh's observation yesterday on is therefore spot on:

"Now the flag’s racist meaning is crystal clear, which is why it’s becoming an ever more beloved symbol for racist morons, even outside the old Confederacy. The ugly Confederate flag tableau that greeted President Obama in Oklahoma City Wednesday night illuminated this new reality. It follows a similar protest earlier this month, when the president visited Nashville, Tenn. Over in Durant, Okla., where the president was scheduled to speak, there was also a Confederate flag protest earlier in the day."
The most odious aspect of the OK City display as Walsh also notes, was the Confederate flag protest  was reportedly led by a black wingnut, Andrew Duncomb, whose "Facebook page features lots of smiling, flag-loving white people." (The rest of the folks insulting Obama with the flag were white, according to local news reports.) 

Can you say "Uncle Tom"? How about a token black idiot out to posture to appease his whitey Massahs? "Looka me, honkies, I wid yuh all!"
 Incredibly, this numb nut Duncomb, calls himself “the black rebel"  but he's clearly a black stooge and ignoramus. He obviously knows nothing of the Confederacy, its abominable  history, or the significance of the Reb flag and how his ancestors were likely lynched by these inbreds - maybe in the guise of the KKK. He is,  in fact,  a disgrace to his race, and his exhibition against Obama proves that there are indeed living black people too stupid to see how their actions of racial appeasement actually mock themselves and retard the advance of their own people toward genuine equality.
As Walsh has put it, this twisted  loser has been "making a career out of claiming the flag really was about heritage, not hate.” He led a pro-flag protest through the Oklahoma City metro area on Monday, joined by 30 trucks waving the flag.  The whole spectacle of Duncomb leading the racist charge with his own giant flag was almost as pathetic as a Jew waving the swastika en route to the Auschwitz gas chamber.

As for the white trash Okies following this joker's lead, you can more or less expect it. Oklahoma is a red state after all and though never officially part of the Confederacy at the time of the Civil War it's clear its proximity to two Confederate states - Arkansas and Texas- enabled the toxicity to rub off on its denizens over time. Denizens, at least, who apparently can easily be led by the nose by a black clown (wanting media exposure)  to raise Confederate flags against a black President.

What this episode shows more than anything is just how far this nation is from truly reaching the stage of a post-racial society. Because there's no way that can come about so long as even one black person still perceives himself as such a mental slave that he needs to perform like a minstrel of old for whites who'd lynch him in any other context.

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