Monday, April 6, 2015

Norovirus Strikes --- Forcing A Blog Hiatus

Norovirus closes hundreds of wards
Norovirus is a nasty bug as any cruise line passenger whos's caught it can attest. Well, I was on no cruise line but norovirus came to visit yesterday just as my wife's Easter dinner was about to be served. I ate a little bit, far less than usual - and the whole rest of the day and into the night have been going 'two ways from Sunday' unable to even keep water down. The worst thing is the constant taste of vomit in the throat even after brushing teeth, rinsing out.

I am going to try to drink electrolyte- laden Gatorade to replace fluids and electrolytes but if it doesn't work will likely have to make a trip to urgent care for IV fluids. One thing you can't play around with is dehydration.

So, until next time.

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