Thursday, April 9, 2015

Michael Slager Is A Dirtbag Who Merits NO Exoneration

For sure there will be oblivious hardheads out there who, just like they may cry 'My country right or wrong' will also cry 'I'm for any cop right or wrong!'- and make lame excuses for any cop misbehavior they see.  But they'd be dead wrong in the case of ex-North Charleston, SC cop and dirtbag Michael Slager. The video of this maggot shooting an unarmed man in the back as he's running away has now been seen millions of times and is as glaring, real and unrelenting as an ice pick in the chest. NO sane human watching it could possibly come away with the belief Slager had any extenuating circumstances by which to justify his feral actions. It's there for all to see!

And for that we have to thank one alert citizen with a cell phone , Feidin Santana, without whose footage this rat would very likely have gotten away with it  -including (as an FBI observer on CBS News showed this evening) tampering with evidence at the scene in trying to plant the taser on the guy even with (apparently) other cops assisting.  (Feidin told NBC on Wednesday that he approached the scene because he noticed Slager controlling his 50 year old victim and father of four Walter Scott on the ground, and heard the sound of a taser).

Nervous, he secretly began videoing the events from behind a fence - after which he turned the video over to the family, which released it to the media and then law enforcement. The video also prompted the FBI and Justice Dept. to announce a federal probe based on possible civil rights violations. Interviews with other people in N. Charleston by Chris Hayes tonight also confirm this is not a lone outlier event but that these cops seem to have a power trip way about them. But at least the Police chief has now declared the need to distribute body cameras which may keep a tighter rein on his charges (who he referred to in a press conference Wednesday as "my children". Well, best keep your "children" on a tighter leash,  pops!)

The video itself is so graphic (google Walter Scott shooting if you've not yet seen it) that even Slager's defense attorney, David Aylor, was prompted to drop his client the day after it appeared and after Slager had clearly been exposed as an inveterate liar. (The PD dropped him on account of his bald-faced lies, no other reason) He claimed he had to shoot to "save his life" because Scott had taken his Taser but the video shows no evidence of that. Zero. None, as in nada.

The former FBI official on CBS who watched it this evening asserted there was no doubt in his mind that Slager was guilty of murder. You do not, NOT ..shoot a fleeing suspect in the fucking back, especially a guy only stopped for a freaking busted traffic light!   The former FBI agent on CBS said the proper approach was to chase him down by foot and subdue him with no more than the necessary force needed.

In some cases, not many, the visual evidence is unimpeachable and the truth shouts out at people at the hundred decibel level. In the case of the JFK assassination, the images that exploded the codswallop that "Oswald did it" or the "kill shot came from the rear" were Kennedy's head wound - massive excavation in the rear of his skull- visible in the autopsy black and whites.

In the case of Slager's claim he was acting in "self defense" the clear visual evidence of him standing there firing at a man while running away - hitting him at least four times in the back - destroys the claim as effectively as the JFK autopsy images destroyed the Warren Commission's.  (Admittedly, in the latter case, too many still haven't put 2 + 2 together)

Slager, by the force of the video, has revealed himself to be an assassin - like the guy ("badge man" so called) in the cop uniform who killed JFK in Dallas. He's currently being held without bail for murder (which is the appropriate charge) and could get 30 years for his act.   If justice in North Charleston, South Carolina is worth more than doggie lickspittle, jurors will hold him to account and he will get what he has coming - no dismissals, or "not guilty".  There can be no exoneration for this dirtbag and people around the nation won't settle for another case of a rogue cop getting the benefit of the doubt.

Having a "field day" with this one? (And don't even hand me that BS that cop 'haters' are doing it!) You'd best believe it! And Slager was the one who made it possible by putting HIS own ass in the sling, no one did it for him.  His mistake - like lots of rogue cops - was believing because he saw no one around there wouldn't be witnesses especially equipped with cell phones.

Other potential rogue cops need to get their heads on straight that even though they may not yet be equipped with body cameras someone will always be watching and waiting to catch them in the act with their own cell phones.

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