Monday, December 17, 2012

Bravo! To 'Anonymous' Hacker Collective for Shutting Down the Westboro Haters

If there's one thing more revolting than a child-killing psycho it's a filthy, disgusting, fundy hell -mongering type that pickets an innocent child's funeral with Hell threats! But these vermin, namely the Westboro (KS) Baptist freaks have been at it even longer than "Pastor" Mike. They have picketed troops' funerals with their disgusting Hell signs until the families of the troops themselves came together to cordon off the sites with their own - preventing "pastor" Fred Phelps and his Kansas detritus from fouling the grounds.

News has now come through that Anonymous- a dedicated hacker collective - has shut down the Westboro Baptist website ( with a denial of service attack (DDOS). This was after the hate group/"church" announced its plans to picket victims of Sandy Hook’s funerals. Evidently they are suspicious that one or more of these little kids (one a devout Jew) are "hell bound" as well as the teachers killed. Where do these demented jackals come from and where do they get these insane ideas? How can any sane human remotely contemplate an eternal hellfire fate for a kid brutally murdered while merely in a 1st grade class?

It beggars the imagination, but then in my own family I've witnessed what screwed up religiosity and whacked out literal translations of bibles can do to a brain. I've seen first hand how the mind virus of biblical bunkum can send a brain careening toward phantasms, overt hell mongering and even burning dozens of people (figuratively) using moving blog imagery with flames. This is sick, though granted, not quite as sick as picketing the funerals of innocent kids murdered by a whacko.  But fortunately, 'Anonymous' got word of it and exacted its own brand of rough justice. As Salon’s Natasha Lennard wrote on Sunday:
"Hacker collective Anonymous was swift to respond, releasing private information of Westboro members including email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses. This video, decrying the church for spreading “seeds of hatred,” was also released. It warns, “We will destroy you. We are coming.”

By all tokens of reason and common sense, Phelps and his miscreants ought to be far more worried over Anonymous than their fantasy Hell myths. Meanwhile, according to a report at today, an Anonymous source has said it intends to keep the website offline throughout the day, with plans to take it over completely and deface it. The message reported was: "We will continuously DDOS until they are forced to put their inbred church tithes to use to pay for bandwidth."

Meanwhile, a popular Anonymous Twitter account went one further: “The message is simple: Dont fuck with little kids. Especially their funerals.”  Ouch!  Although ordinarily I am not ok with vigilantism of any kind, I do think exceptions can be made when free speech is taken too far, such as abusing families at their kids funerals. In that case, all I can say is "Go for it!". The fuckers deserve as much or more as any other hell monger, including the bitch I wrote about that threatened my friend (who has only months to live) with "hell" if he didn't repent before he died.

As I've said before, "free speech" is only free up to a point. One ought not be free to spew hatred at any one's funeral, I don't care what religious umbrella you try to use. I don't care if you put "pastor" before your name.

The thing that always amazes about these hell -mongering,  holier than thou nitwits, is how they never ever place the mirror in front of themselves and take a good look. If they did, they'd see that by threatening hell at child funerals they're no better than the butcher that killed those kids in the first place. Maybe worse, because they hide their hate behind a false god. That's just my opinion, and readers are free to take it for what it's worth.

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