Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NO! To Any Cuts in Social Benefits as Part of Any ”Fiscal Cliff” Deal

As time goes on and the pundits and politicos understand that a deal must be reached well before Dec. 21 in order to avoid the dreaded (and much hyped)  “fiscal cliff”, we are likely seeing the stage set for yet another pusillanimous copout by the Dems. These are the same ones that – last I checked- won the Nov. 6th election. So why the hell are they ready now to capitulate once again to the Reptiles, now that the latter have declared they will use the debt ceiling gimmick to again hold this country hostage.

Recall last time the 'pukes pulled this BS, last year, Obama punted and gave the bastards $1.6 trillion in cuts – thereby reinforcing the pattern for the next hostage taking by these REEP TERRORISTS. Instead of being ballsy, and invoking the 14th amendment to head off the deranged reepos, Obama gave in. If it had been JFK, I guaran-damn-tee you the 14th would have been used to increase the debt ceiling without congress- and devil take the hindmost. JFK wouldn’t have tolerated this nonsense!

Before anyone flips out at this, let us understand the debt ceiling approval is NOT some magic vote to increase spending limits – analogous to a credit card company raising a person’s credit card limit. No, it is a pro forma agreement to pay money already spent! Since the President is afforded the power to ensure ALL debts are paid (under the 14th, Secs. 4,5) then it behooves him to use it if his opposition threatens default and destruction of the nation’s credit rating. It’s as simple as that. Adopt the attitude of the 'pukes and shout  "BRING IT ON!" instead of running from the fight!

But to cave in and leave out the 14th each time the Reepos pull this shit, because you want to avoid confrontation, is to betray wimp-hood and your base – who helped pour its heart and soul into ensuring your 2nd term.

Here’s my beef: According to people (such as WaPo’s Ezra Klein) in the know and with ears much closer to the ground than mine, the White House is seeking a “grand deal” to avoid the cliff and also incorporate the debt ceiling as part of it – effectively removing it as leverage for the Reeps in the near future. This alleged “grand deal” – get this – would raise the tax rates by barely 2 percent (to 37%) on the richest 2% in exchange for raising the Medicare eligible age to 67 and for substituting the “chained CPI” as a new COLA for Social Security.

This is NUTSO! What did we go to bat for Obama for only to get ambushed like this? As Joan Walsh said yesterday morning on ‘The Cycle’ – she cannot believe Obama would even passingly entertain such a cruel idea in his head. Meanwhile, David Cay Johnston was even more blunt on the Ed Schulz show: “It’s not just wrong,  it’s evil. We should be LOWERING the Medicare eligible age to 55, not raising it!”

Bernie Sanders (Socialist, VT) quoted in the WSJ (p. A4) day before yesterday said:

“The proposal to use a different inflation measure (for Social Security CPI) is a very devious and underhanded way to continue the class warfare being waged against the middle class and working families”.

He was equally blunt about the proposal to raise the Medicare age, which some looney tune “liberals” actually seem to believe might be a good idea because of “Obamacare” taking care of those oldsters caught out. Those liberals want their butts kicked. Or maybe their brains re-adjusted! And that includes any in Obama’s cabinet and among his advisers.

The fact is Obamacare, i.e. the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will be no use to any 65-67 yr. old senior in a state which forgoes exchanges, or nullifies the law altogether. In such states, all the seniors in that open age group will be screwed, or at the mercy of private insurers – who will either gouge them senseless or ignore them totally, say if they have pre-existing conditions, like my prostate cancer.

It is better, MUCH better, to go OVER this fiscal cliff than to cop to a bad deal such as the one Obama’s administration seems to be considering. As for the debt ceiling, Obama – if he has the balls – can stop that one time by using the 14th amendment and staring the Reeps down. Constitutional crisis? Bring it on! Let’s have this showdown face off once and for all.

To Obama: We got you elected, now we expect you to FIGHT and not back down! Please do not take "advice" from wimpish Demo wussies in your inner circle,  and instead make your own decision on this one, understanding that each time you toss "a bone" to the 'pukes they will use it against you next time.

There's an easy solution to them always grabbing the debt ceiling for "leverage": take it away from them, not by capitulation but via executive FORCE, and the 14th amendment. Do NOT "take it off the table"!

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