Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Degenerates May Let Perry's Comments Slide - but Decent Folk Cannot!

Once again we return to Rick Perry's threatening comments (to the Fed Chairman), and also this time to the dissembling cretins that would make justifications, or apologias for them. These people, mind you, have no moral compass, and no conscience - not one scintilla - never mind they try to hide under the "Christian" umbrella, but they wouldn't recognize a real Christian if he sat on them! Hell, if the real Christ arrived they'd likey want to lynch him, just as Perry would Ben Bernanke!

Recall again Perry's words - verbatim- made in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last night:

If this guy prints more money between now and the election. I don’t know what y'all would do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treacherous, or treasonous in my opinion."

Now, what does the screwed up Right blogosphere and punditocracy have to say? Let's see some choice responses:

John Podhoretz: "It was just a rookie mistake"

A Fox News Judge pundit (one hour ago): "Perry threatened no one. This is just being used by people who already have an axe to grind against him".

A wingnut blogger:

"How do they know that treating him "ugly" in Texas , simply doesn't mean being rude to him, or simply ignoring him?"

On the last one, we already KNOW - from Texas' infamous history - what happened to the last high official (President John F. Kennedy) against whom a charge of treason was made (see image of a flyer retrieved from Dallas that day, posted by Bernard Weissberg and funded by Right wing oil tycoon H.L. Hunt.)

Within 24 hours of the 'Wanted for Treason' posters going up on nearly every telephone pole and bldg. in Big D, Kennedy was shot dead. He took a round to the throat, one to the upper back, and a dum-dum to the head - which exploded inside his skull, sending brain matter spewing out back across the limo. (Jackie desperately lunged across the limo trunk to try to retrieve the expelled skull fragment - as can be seen in the Zapruder image shown. Of course, this shows Lee Oswald could not have made the kill shot since the direction of momentum is in the opposite direction from that which Oswald was claimed to have fired, the Texas School Book Depository. Thus, the shot that drove the skull fragment over the limo trunk had to have come from the front by the laws of physics!)

A month before this, then ambassador to the UN Adlai Stevenson was warned away from Dallas since "no treason supporters" were allowed. He came anyway to deliver a UN Day address, and as he left was brutally attacked by gangs of redneck placard carriers, and spat upon. Adlai was so distressed that he warned JFK not to visit the city. It was "too full of extremist hate".

The bottom line? We've already beheld the historical evidence of how Texas treats those it regards as "treasonous" and it isn't pretty. Nor is it "rude" unless one regards exploding bullets fired into a skull as "rude"! If the apologists for Perry don't accept his words mean a serious threat, as opposed to being "rude", it is their job to prove it! One simply needs common sense (which most TeePs lack) to know that if one uses the word "treason" against an opponent, it doesn't mean he'll likely reach for "rudeness" as a corrective! Ask JFK, even as he's now turning in his grave!

We also know that Perry, from his comments, is a died-in the wool Confederate sympathizer and Secessionist so has no respect for law and order, thus his treason threat is well taken. Indeed, this man doesn't even know that the 10th amendment to the Constitution is not a carte blanche to have states' rights. Indeed, it specifically refers to powers (and as Alexander Hamilton elaborated, 'prerogatives') not to rights!

Government Prof. Garry Wills clarified these issues in his landmark book, A Necessary Evil-A History Of American Distrust Of Government, Simon & Schuster, 1999:

"The Ninth Amendment talks of 'rights enumerated' and says 'the people' retain unenumerated ones. The rights in the Ninth are not the rights of the state, which can- strictly speaking - have no rights.

Governments have prerogatives, people have rights - so Hamilton speaks of 'abridgments of prerogative' in the state to protect rights of citizens. What the Ninth says is that the rights enumerated as protected by The Constitution do not exhaust all rights inherent in a people. The states can retain powers, though not rights.

So 'state's rights' is something of a misnomer, no matter how common its use. The states have no natural rights. Their powers are artificial not natural - since they are things made by contract. The equation "states are to the federal government as people are to the states" mixes apples and oranges. Citizens alone have rights, in relation to both the states and the federal government."

If the man doesn't even know this, how in hell can he be presidential material?

Perhaps the answer inheres in one comment left on the comments section of salon.com:

From his dismal academic record at Texas A&M (1 F, 9 Ds, 27 Cs) to his infamous televised remark ("Adios, MoFo"), Rick Perry is and has been nothing but a clown here in Texas. He's used smoke and mirrors time and again to puff up his resume. He employs cronyism in just about anything he does. His embarrassing mis-use of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund should get some serious national attention. The program allowed his insiders to control how Texas tax dollars were spent in the private sector with significant dollars going to companies controlled by these insiders. The list could go on and on. The guy is a crook.

Check out the "Adios, MoFo" video. What a clown!


Lastly, I guaran-damn tee you that if a DEM candidate had been caught out using such a turn of phrase, you'd never ever hear the end of it! It would be on the media waves 24/7 on how a DEM "threatened Bernanke".

Since this is the case, we cannot allow Perry's words to slide here, or try to softsoap them away - as Obama attempted on a Wolf Blitzer interview today, averring he will "cut Perry some slack" since he's a newbie. No, Mr President! THAT is the way you LOSE! Cut no more slack! For anyone! Stop the nicey routine! We want to see some snarls and rage! Kick ass, and move on! No more Mr. Professor Milquetoast Nice Guy!

You HAVE to prevail next year! But being so easy going with opponents like Perry (who bested Terry Sanchez for the Texas governorship by spreading malicious lies he was connected to a Mexican drug cartel) is going to be your Waterloo.

We've already had one Texan asshole in the WH, we don't need another one to finish wrecking this country. And as for Ben Bernanke, the best advice to him based on Perry's threat would be to avoid Texas at all costs in the future. Send an underling if that's what's needed.

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