Monday, August 15, 2011

Are People Ready to have a Crazy Person As President?

That's a question that must be asked. This is especially in the wake of an assortment of crazed bloggers (mostly right wing fundamentalists) and their Tea Bagger - Tea Party crazy hangers-on. Leading the charge for these numbskulls, is the "Queen of the Tea Party", Michele Bachmann. Appropriately, she was featured on a recent Newsweek cover as the "Queen of Rage" which also fits her. Now, does she go off on rants every other day, with her eyes popping from her head? Nope! But a person in a rage doesn't have to evince any outward signs of such, and so one must give her kudos for the ability to put on the happy face to disguise it.

Like Rick Perry, and most of the other Repuke numbskulls, a Bachmann presidency would finish off what's left of this country. An election of either her, or Perry or any of the other reeper nimrods (except maybe Mitt Romney) would also convey to the world the level of intelligence of the American voter, which is to say, below room temperature and more at Densan level than Mensan!

Already most Europeans consider us hapless dimwits for the Bush Residency, two terms of it- imagine what they'd do with a Bachmann or Perry (or worse, Palin) residency? We'd forever be the laughing stock of the planet and now have monumental stupidity to go along with our monumental decline as a nation.

I don't know about most people, but I expect any President I put into office to at least possess an education and intelligence to rival my own. I don't want a damned dummy in the Oval Office, nor any person I can "drink a beer" with. If I want to have a beer, I will have it with a good friend or my Packer- fan cousin, Joe, not with a President. And I'd regard any President that wants to have a beer with me as a dolt and unworthy of the office.

In terms of dummyhood, Bachmann takes the cake, except maybe for Sarah Palin who some time ago opined in front of a mouth agape audience in Boston, that Paul Revere's ride was to warn the British!. Fortunately, we haven't heard a lot from that dummy since, but Bachmann has more than made up for the mental lapses!

Recall one interview when Bachmann was asked a question on the Revolutionary war she made reference to Lexington and Concord being in New Hampshire! (As opposed to Massachusetts.) This is so basic that I'd go so far as to make it an automatic disqualifier (as far as my votes goes) for anyone who misses it. And btw, this has nothing to do at all with being "elite" or anything of the sort, but of demonstrating a BASIC acquaintance with the history of one's own country! Too many today are too willing to call liberals who demand educated Presidents as "elitists", which beggars the question of who they'd really want? Alfred E. Neumann?

Then there was the other gaffe, in which Michele Bachmann promised to act "in the spirit of Waterloo, and Iowa’s, John Wayne". Obviously, firmly convinced that John Wayne, aka Marion Robert Morrison, was born there, when he actually hailed from Winterset, IA nearly a 3-hour drive away. But hey! Whatsa big deal! Lexington and Concord are only a few hours drive from New Hampshire!

In fact, the "John Wayne" she was confusing the actor with happened to be John Wayne Gacy - the Chicago serial killer who mass-murdered boys (after raping them) while wearing a clown suit- who did come from Waterloo, IA, Michele's home town.

Hey, maybe it was a "Freudian slip"! They happen!

Another monumental Bachmann gaffe occurred 6 weeks or so ago, when she said in a prepared text that "the Founding Fathers ended slavery", obviously having absolutely no idea that the Founding Fathers deliberately did no such thing. (Indeed, most of them, including Washington and Jefferson, owned a number of slaves.)

This again is an immediate disqualifier for any high office, far far more than being an atheist. Anyone who doesn't know that Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation has no business getting without 20 miles of the Lincoln Memorial, far less the White House!

Now some shameless right wingers on their blogs have said this isn't so and that Bachmann actually said was that John Quincy Adams - worked tirelessly to end slavery. This is true, but then John Quincy, the son of John Adams, was NOT a "Founder" - so she's still wrong! It was John Adams who was the Founder! If we gloss over these facts, what next will be allowed? Anything? A line must be drawn.

As for Bachmann's rage, it is integrated with the whole array of rage of the Tea Party - a niche of nitwits determined to sink this nation under their tsunami of gross ignorance, which Bachmann panders to. This may also be why none of Bachmann's gaffes makes any difference to them. They are, after all, the nitwits who insist the "Boston Tea Party" was against taxation, as opposed to taxation without representation! That's a significant difference!

If the Tea Baggers had one single clue in their hard heads, they'd be able to analogize the East India Company - against whom the Boston Tea Party was conducted- with the mega-billionaries like the Koch brothers who actually back their cause. It's billionaires like the Kochs who are funding the alleged "patriot" revolt of the Teepees, but they're too blind to see it. It would be analogous to the East India Company surreptitiously funding the Boston Tea Party - all the while off loading their main consignment of ten thouand pounds of tea someplace else!

Lastly, some Leftist feminists have come out against the unflattering Bachmann photo on Newsweek, as "sexist" but this is baloney. There were already many dozens of equally unflattering images of her out there, and they never raised a stink. (Which may be why MS. magazine editor Gloria Steinem is not committing one way or the other).

Also, when Howard Dean's "scream" was portrayed on magazine covers some 7 years ago I never heard of any "sexism" complaints! So why now, against this dope Bachmann.

People need to understand that elections have consequences, and apart from Bachmann's screwed up religiosity (based on the "submission" belief, see the lead article at there is no place for her or any of the other Repup crazies in the White House given the serious problems we face.

We have two choices next year: make this a better country by slowly digging out from our current economic morass, or plunge it deep into darkness and ignorance as author Morris Berman predicts in his prophetic book, Dark Ages America. Therein he forecasts the light of reason ultimately being extinguished by frenzied, hyper religious fascists and their corporate overseers.

Electing a Perry, Bachmann, Palin, Cain, Paul or Gingrich...would take us one giant step closer to that dark reality!

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