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Women Who Love Trump: Sick, Stupid Or Stockholm Syndrome Hostages?

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As if we didn't have ample cans of worms lying around, WSJ columnist Dan Henninger opened up another one with his December 19th piece 'Women Who Love Trump', p. A13, e.g.

Henninger trots out a number of eye-popping stats for this cognitively dissonant (i.e. pussy grabber -loving) demographic (nearly all white women) including:

-Trump's approval rating among Repub women is 93% - higher than for men (at 85%)

-  A mere 12 % of these Trump lovers believe Trump colluded with the Russians

-  89 % of these women approve of Trump's handling of the economy including his trade wars, tariffs

-  72 % of the Trump lovers insist that 2018 was a "very good year" for them, their families.  This is vs. 31 percent of Democratic women.

- 64 percent don't believe Mueller will come up with anything criminal or impeachable

What breed of female is this? Henninger tries to clarify for those of us gobsmacked by the fact ANY woman, black, white, red or polka dot could in any way "love" this misogynistic slimeball who actually had sex with a porn star while his wife was caring for their newborn.  Henning informs us:

"They aren't just women. They are self-identified Republican women.  No one likes Mr. Trump more than Republican women do.  This parallel truth about women in the electorate jumped out from the data in the Dec. 17th Fox News Poll, a random national sampling of registered voters."

Well, yes it jumped out. Though I always suspected that despite what we heard about women "turning from Trump" after his infamous Access Hollywood tape was exposed, that a core of females would secretly adulate him.  There is, of course, a well known pathology among certain females who appear  to gravitate toward pussy -grabbing pseudo presidents, serial killers and even family murderers. 

Yes it is true. As The Denver Post reported barely a week ago, the mass murdering filth Christopher Watts - who brutally killed his wife and two young daughters, then stuffed the latter into an oil storage tank  - is now being inundated with love letters from mentally dislodged females. See e.g.

This is pathetic.   I asked my psychology (post doc) niece Shayl about this phenomenon and she was blunt:

"Sadly, there are many women - mostly white and more than you'd think - who have a thing for dangerous guys, murderers, psychos - like Ted Bundy who killed over fifty women-   and misogynist presidents.   Many of these women were likely abused as children and then acquired a mean daddy complex, needing some strong man to take charge of their lives. They root for sordid but powerful alpha males like Donald Trump, or send love letters to mass killers like Chris Watts, because it delivers a vicarious thrill.  They usually have so little going on in their real lives, even having satisfying sex, that they have to get their excitement this way."

I asked if this could account for all or most of these Trump -loving Repub women and she replied: "Of course!  Many of them might even fantasize about being like Stormy Daniels in a sex fling  with Trump".

Another possibility is that these women - many of them anyway- have become so inured to Dotard's crass behavior, racist dog whistles and other excesses in the past two years they've become like Stockholm syndrome victims. Lance Morrow actually raised this as a conceivable explanation for why the Dems way back in October, might not take back the House (WSJ, Oct. 19,  'We've Grown Accustomed To Trump', p,  A19) writing:

"Familiarity and the passage of time may breed a certain kind of acquiescence, even grudging acceptance.  We see a touch of the Stockholm syndrome.

My guess is that the variations on Stockholm syndrome will play a role in the minds of independent voters in the 2018 midterms, producing a slightly friendlier inclination toward Mr. Trump and anyway, toward Republicans."

Of course, Morrow's midterm projections didn't happen. Most independents saw the insanity and disruption of the Dotard and sided with millions of Dem voters to generate what we now recognize as a true blue wave.  Despite massive gerrymandering in Reepo -governed states (like MI and WI), it succeeded in taking back the House with the largest majority since the Nixon era.  Nonetheless, the Stockholm syndrome Morrow invokes may have played a role in keeping too many right leaning white women in fealty to Trump.

But it is sad to think a portion of the voting  public is so enamored of the white trash, orange baboon in the oval office they could be so deeply in his...uh pocket.  But maybe not quite as deeply as some of us cynics believe.  Henninger notes, for example, that irrespective of their devotion, "68 percent are concerned about the economy".  Which strikes a note of cognitive dissonance given (according to the same Fox News poll) that "89 percent approve of his handling of the economy".

So the question becomes: How can you approve of his handling of the economy - by almost 9 in 10, and then express concern, by almost 7 in 10. Whichever way you cut it that's a significant overlap!  Another shocker, which perhaps shows these women have a grain of sense after all:  "71 percent are upset at the country's political divisions" and "18 percent don't think Trump will be reelected".

Amazingly also, "77 percent express concern about health care."    But if they are so concerned, why are they not aware of how their hero is trying to destroy Obamacare, where a good segment of the populace (many with prexisting conditions) now obtain their health care?  Again, it makes no sense. It suggest that though they recognize the problems with their guy, they are still prepared to stay kool aid drinkers in his cult.

One thing is clear from Henninger's piece, the minute the Reepo women bail on Donnie Dotard, he will be circling the drain as far as any future Oval Office prospects.  We learn, for example:

"For now they are on board the USS Trump no matter how many icebergs others see...Their GOP menfolk seem to be headed toward the lifeboats."

Well, maybe in this case those GOP males know more than their Trump -doting women partners.

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