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Re-Election? The Only Thing Traitor Trump Merits After Yesterday Is The Hangman's Noose!

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Treason: def. Giving aid and comfort to one's enemy or a hostile force

""Trump's press conference was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump's comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican patriots where are you???" - former CIA Chief John O. Brennan

"This was one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory. No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant."  Sen. John McCain, yesterday

The cognitive dissonance, on a mental Richter scale of maybe '10', arrived after I had read an article in The Denver Post that Donald Trump had amassed a "$90 million re-election fund".  Then there was the staged press conference with Putin in Helsinki, when all of the latter's  KGB tradecraft was on display. From arriving more than 30 minutes late, keeping Dotard chomping at the bit, to his decidedly low key demeanor in contrast to Trump's excitation.  Putin, as all could agree, "owned the room" by virtue of his savvy psych tricks, while Trump "looked like a slave boy with an electrified dog collar on his neck set to go off" if he veered too much from the planned script agreed upon in their secret meet.

By the end of this travesty, this sickening spectacle, there was only national humiliation via the most blatant and pronounced act of treason ever witnessed in American history.  Surpassing Benedict Arnold's - because this was committed by the highest executive in the land-  and one who should presumably know better than allowing himself to be a useful idiot for an adversary (not a "competitor").  A day and time, to quote one guest on Maddow last night, for which every person witnessing it will remember exactly where he was, what he was doing, as in the case of the JFK assassination and 9/11.    Think I'm exaggerating? Then see what historian Michael Beschloss stated while on Maddow yesterday evening, e.g.

"We are living in a national emergency. We may not have known it twenty-four hours ago. We do now. You know, I have been studying and writing about U.S. Presidents since I was twenty years old. I never thought I would live to say this, but this is a president who now has demonstrated that he deserves suspicion as acting on behalf of another country over his own."

 See e.g.  Michael Beschloss: “We are Living an a National Emergency” - Daily Kos

So nope, no hysteria here - none  - just an objective assessment  following a  disgraceful  press conference in which a sitting president - in front of millions of global viewers -  tossed his entire country under the bus, asserting "America is foolish".  Even brown nosing fool Newt Gingrich admonished Trump that this was "the worst mistake of your presidency".  But  in its entirety, that press conference should sink any remote chance of Trump's re-election once and for all. If he deserves anything it is the hangman's noose - from the tallest tree in the Beltway-   after that public display of treason that will live in infamy,  rivaling Pearl Harbor in betrayal and treachery.

As if that wasn't bad enough, we've learned in the wake of that Drumpf performance of a covert agent, Maria Butina, seeking to arrange a secret backchannel with the Repukes to expedite a Russkie- Republican coalition via the NRA by 2020.  This, of course, defines collusion of the highest order.
See e.g.

As Maddow put it, "we have never had to confront a problem like this one before, and we have to get this right"

Of course, "getting it right" will mean disinfecting the government of all Republican controlling influence by 2020, including Drumpf. - who publicly took sides with Russia and Putin against his own country yesterday. Granted, we may never get to see the sorry traitor bitch indicted and hung, or shot before a firing squad, but we ought to see his name forever defiled and retired from any annals of historical decency and honor.  His name should now be, like Benedict Arnold's, formally ensconced in the shit pile of American history's foulest dregs.

 We all knew, those of us with sense and IQ over room temperature, this was going to be bad,  but it's exceeded all our worst expectations.  The Traitor occupying the nation's highest office managed to cross new and vastly more grievous thresholds of treachery and treason as he betrayed his country and actually bragged about doing so.

Some - mainly his diehard followers and certain centrist Milquetoasts - are squeamish or averse to using the "T" word, but after Monday's disgusting performance they shouldn't be. And I would go so far as to question their real patriotic bona fides if they refuse to call a spade a spade. The time for nicey nice is over. As Michael Beschloss put it, we have a national emergency. If you're going to provide cover for Trump - like Devin Nunes has - or make excuses, then you are a traitor too.

What's aroused the ire of so many to start using the T- word?

For starters, Trump not only downplayed (if not doubted)  Russia's 2016  election interference actions, but regularly volunteered defenses for Putin and repeatedly blamed both sides for the strained relationship.  It reminded many of the Chalottesville debacle last year, after which he referred to "many fine people on both sides"- thereby conflating Neo-Nazis and racists (who ran over and killed a protester, Heather Heyer) with anti-fascist protesters. In the latter case, many of those Antifa activists helped rescue innocents from the batons and bats of the renegades trying to play T-ball with their heads,  but then were on the receiving end.e.g.

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Indeed, asked whether he blamed Russia for that strained relationship, Trump immediately reverted to the kind of both-sides rhetoric he employed after Charlottesville and admitted: "Yes, I believe both countries are to blame".

In other words, this guy lacks any moral compass. He is totally incapable of  parsing evil actors from good or neutral ones and only awards "winner" points if the subject kowtows to his ego or somehow charms him.  This, of course, is the master trick of former KGB agent Vlad, who played Dotard like a one note harp.  The saddest aspect is the dummy never realized he was being played, but then likely didn't care anyway.  Even before leaving for Helsinki, while still in London standing next to Therese May, the rat blabbed-  after learning 2 days earlier of the Mueller indictments:

"I think I have a very good relationship with President Putin.  I think we're being hurt very badly by this witch hunt, I would call it the rigged witch hunt. You know,  in the United States we have this pure stupidity but it makes it very hard to do something with Russia"

This led Mother Jones journalist David Corn to remark:

"Throughout the campaign, and while the attack was going on, Donald Trump and his lieutenants were saying it's not happening. Even when he was briefed by U.S. intelligence he came out and said, 'nope, nothing happening, could be a 400 pound guy, we don't know that it's Russia Well now we know it's Russia. Now we know while they were doing this he was providing cover., he was covering up what they were doing."

In other words, Trump - aka "the Donald" - is effectively a Russian intelligence asset and blatant actor on Putin's behalf, to undermine the U.S. national security interests. This is by way of enabling meddling in our elections to propel Trump to power and act as said agent on Putin's behalf.  Trump's just complete chummy chum happy meet merely confirmed Corn's suspicions that our President is indeed a "Manchurian candidate".

While ninnies may recoil at this appellation, as well as "traitor", let's make it easy for their  febrile brains to grasp: Rather than defend America against those who would threaten it, he attacked his own citizens and institutions while hailing the leader of a hostile power.  Indeed, he literally bent his butt over for this hostile power in a shameless and debased way.   In the words of Sen. John McCain - alert enough to comment even after undergoing treatment for brain cancer:

No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant.  Not only did President Trump fail to speak the truth about an adversary; but speaking for America to the world, our president failed to defend all that makes us who we are—a republic of free people dedicated to the cause of liberty at home and abroad.

Process those words carefully, because they are not rendered lightly or frivolously. At each stage of the farce yesterday we beheld more and more evidence we are in a national emergency, to use the words of historian Michael Beschloss.  

Challenged to condemn Russia’s actions and warn Putin against future interference, Trump spun into a recitation of counterclaims and conspiracy theories about supposedly missing computer servers and Clinton’s emails.  This is the tried and true behavior of an owned (i.e. Kompromat) asset or a willing traitor.

Former CIA director John Brennan, who was among the first to warn that Russia was waging a campaign to help Trump, said in a posting on his Twitter account that Dotard's “press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short of treasonous.”  Brennan's term, not mine, but I absolutely concur.

Daniel Coats, the intelligence chief whom Trump treated as no more credible than Putin, issued a statement Monday saying that the nation’s spy agencies “have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling . . . and their ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy.”

  But the most outstanding evidence for a traitor or Manchurian candidate inevitably resides in his overt reaction to the specter of potential prosecution.  Thus, the scorn Trump heaped on U.S. spy agencies - while mind boggling  - was exceeded  by the attack he launched on Mueller whose probe he called a “disgrace” and a “disaster for our country.” He was speaking of an investigation that has racked up indictments and guilty pleas against some of the top advisers to Trump during his campaign and presidency — as well as leveling charges against 26 Russians, including military intelligence officers, for their alleged role in hacking Democratic computer.

In the words of David Laufman, a former chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section who had helped lead the Russia probe:

The repeated accusation that the special counsel’s investigation is a ‘witch hunt’ is belied not only by the integrity and professionalism of the special counsel and his staff, but by their demonstrable and formidable accomplishments to date,  And to have lodged such an accusation on foreign soil, standing alongside the very individual believed to have sanctioned the 2016 assault on our electoral process, is a betrayal of the law enforcement and intelligence communities on whom we all depend to protect the national security of the United States".

Or, to quote Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Russia, this is a "national security crisis"   National security crisis, national emergency. What the hell are we going to do about it?   Things have now far surpassed the Dotard gaming era, as Dr. Jeffrey Sachs explained this morning, and his comments on 'Morning Joe' again suggest a 25th amendment solution, e.g.:

"Trump the man is unstable, showing very deep signs of personality disorders.  Many experts I've spoken to believe he is evidencing dementia. What is alarming about all this is the extent to which our nation has become  a one -person game, because congress doesn't do anything but enable.  The Republican side needs to see right now this is not a partisan game. He is putting our entire nation at risk. 

We have a one person wrecking ball right now that is going to destroy global trade through his individual ignorance and whims. We have a one person wrecking ball who is undermining every alliance and the publics abroad are stunned....they want nothing to do with our country. Trump is breaking our alliances, endangering our security, endangering our economy and he's psychologically, absolutely unfit for office.

And, for god's sakes, by enabling this, the Republicans in congress must understand they are putting the entire country in jeopardy"

Strong words, but it is doubtful the Repukes will let go of this toxic toad, given how many "conquests" they fancy he can still deliver for them. Hence, since invoking the 25th amendment requires their cooperation, that remedy is off the table.

But let's continue with Trump's treason spectacle from yesterday's press conference, which Russian media is now proclaiming as "fabulous" and "better than super".

They'd especially have to rejoice after Trump made clear that he saw the consensus position of U.S. spy services as offset by Putin’s persistent denials, counterclaims clouded by too much ambiguity for the American president to make a judgment.  In other words he's become Putin's public defender and cover imp, saying:

“I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today,"

Extremely strong in his denial?  Well, only to a lapdog slave with a collar on his neck, set to deliver shocks if the mutt is uncooperative. Trump also seemed to nod approvingly as Putin disputed American claims against Russia. “Who is to be believed and . . . who’s not to be believed,” Putin said, a line that closely tracked Trump’s position.

At one point, Putin seemed to be mocking the United States — offering to help American investigators pursue their theories about Russian culpability, while imposing a condition that he knew the United States would never abide- going after Bill Browder who is almost single- handedly responsible for getting the  Magnitsky Act passed..   The fact Trump, by effectively agreeing with Putin's proposal,  would see Browder in equally malign terms to the indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers shows he has the moral -ethical discrimination of a slug.   

The preceding in concert meets the standard for what David Corn terms "providing cover" for our enemies.  In other words not only giving them aid and comfort but actively siding with them against his own people and country. In other words, treason.

Former CIA Assistant Director John McLaughlin has said in the wake of yesterday's abomination to the nation that "we need an intervention".  He went on to confide false hope that the Republicans will now find patriotic honor and do this. But don't hold your breath. The Republicans will ride their toxic traitor so long as they believe he can deliver goodies, even at the risk of destroying the country.  (Let's also grasp - as former CIA chief John Brennan observed, every word Trump spoke in his private meet with Putin has been "memorialized on tape", so it can be used against him in the future.)

The only source for any viable intervention will have to be the intelligence community itself, Trump's prime whipping boys. I am ok with whatever means they use because as my Revolutionary War ancestors would put it, the welfare of the nation comes before the welfare of one derelict traitor.

Make no mistake, things will not get any better! So long as Republicans stand by and enable this turd, he will remain Putin's puppet, doing his master's bidding:

Update:  Asshole. traitor and  mutant mutt Trump has now tried to walk back his remarks but that is laughable - given this shitwad lies with each breath.  Now trying to claim he "really" meant to say was:  "I don't see any reason why  it wouldn't  be Russia."  Failing to process that his use of a double negative translates to the same meaning as his original!

What does he take us for? Low IQ morons like his base? (Quoting one from nightly news: "Man, it was jus Trump bein' Trump!")

The House quislings, we also understand, are trying to make a case to impeach Rod Rosenstein by the end of the month. Needless to say, ALL of these enabling traitors need to be hung, drawn and quartered then burned up in a massive pyre if they seek to protect a traitor in so disgusting a fashion.


It was incomprehensible this morning to behold radically different headlines in The Denver Post and The Wall Street Journal.   While The Post headline correctly read:

'Trump Embraces Putin, Doubts U.S. Agencies'

The Journal had this dubious and deplorable version:

'Trump Questions Russia Meddling'

Conveying the false notion that Dotard was an active and aggressive inquisitor - when he was really a passive lapdog, echoing his master's denials. Strangely, when one got to eh main text it essentially agreed with the Post's account, i.e .that (WSJ) Trump "questioned the U.S. intelligence conclusion that Moscow meddled in the 2016 U.S. election, a move that was a stunning alignment with an adversary."   So why the misleading headline? To save space? Not good enough.

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