Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bill McKibben's Right Wing Climate Denier Stalkers Are Dolts

It takes all kinds of right wing loons to make the world, such as the ones stalking climate activist Bill McKibben, as he details events in his essay 'My Right Wing Stalkers' (NY Times, Aug. 7, p. 4) According to McKibben, "there are shameful photos of me on the internet - in one series groceries are being packed into plastic bags,  as I'd forgotten to bring cloth ones".  He adds "sometimes I see the cameraman, sometimes I don't, the images are often posted to Twitter, reminders I'm being watched".

Why is this happening and WHO is behind it?  Well, it's happening because a certain faction of climate denier  dunderheads are attempting to show McKibben's "epic hypocrisy" on  climate change and the environment. As most people may know he's behind the climate blog and was among the first to warn that we have certain oil thresholds beyond which, i.e. if we take them from the ground, we will have hell to pay in terms of climate catastrophes.

As for the stalking group itself, McKibben notes that both Politico and the Hill "reported that America Rising Squared, and arm of the Republican research group America Rising" is going all out - having decided to go after him and Tom Steyer (another prominent environmentalist) with a "campaign previously reserved for presidential candidates."  In other words, a nested cabal of knuckle draggers.

The Hill itself referred to "an unprecedented amount of  effort and money" to try to tar McKibben as an enviro and climate hypocrite.

McKibben also observes:

"This effort has resulted in all kinds of odd things appearing on right  wing corners of the web, out of context quotations from old books, and articles apparently on display to prove I'm a zealot ...mostly they publish these creepy videos to remind me I'm under surveillance."

Don't these losers have anything better to do with their time? Evidently not, as they're convinced if they can smear McKibben they can win the climate battles  - but they're dreaming. All they're proving is they are a bunch of would-be fascist Gestapo convinced that surveillance of an opponent will make him stop what he is doing, or writing.

But as McKibben also notes:

"As friends keep reminding me it's all a tribute to our movement's work in helping to kill the Keystone pipeline and highlighting Exxon's climate history and campaigns that cost the industry a lot of money".

But if you pay to produce expensive propaganda and get exposed, that's what you get. 

But where these loopy assholes really go over the top is when they also began taking photos of McKibben's daughter, as when she was to board a plane at an airport.  As he indicated (ibid.) "common decency would suggest otherwise (in terms of such filming) but that seems an increasingly rare commodity".

Well it is increasingly rare when these cheeseballs go after family members who have nothing to do with the climate organization.  All that manner of stalking shows is that they're detestable cowards as well as rank knuckle draggers.

Despite the fact McKibben uses solar panels on his home, and uses an electric car, what has this America Rising bunch with such a bee in its bonnet? Well, because McKibben doesn't demonstrate the enviro life 100 percent 'perfecto'. He does take planes - say to get to rallies - because an electric car doesn't deliver that many miles. As he notes "we also have to live our lives in the real world and none of those things should demand an apology".

Indeed, the apology ought to be coming from the stalkers who still drive SUVs everywhere, adding tons of carbon to the atmosphere each year.  And as McKibben writes:

"Changing the system, not perfecting our own lives, is the point. 'Hypocrisy' is the price of admission in this battle"

Indeed it is. One hopes McKibben's stalkers will ultimately learn this lesson but the odds are they won't,  at least not until the horrors of climate change-global warming are right on their own doorstep!

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