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The 'Ravenous' Meme: Islamic Radicals Must Be Wiped Out With Their "Caliphates"

"This is an attack not just on Paris, not just on France, This is an attack on all of humanity."  - President Barack Obama yesterday, speaking at the White House.

The carnage in Paris yesterday and early today (Paris time) was almost too much to bear. The slaughter of innocent concert goers by maniacal zealots made wifey and I recall our own concert attendance at the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, e.g.

Scene at the end of the concert  at Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna.

And we tried to imagine what it'd have been like for assorted lunatics, seized with evil, ideological fervor, to barge in with AK-47s and grenades, slaughtering everyone in sight.  But what would provoke a human to do that to another human and especially invoke some kind of deity or "Allah"?

People, like us, would have gone to the Bataclan Concert Hall to enjoy an evening of music, never mind it wasn't the classical type we enjoyed at Schonbrunn. The last thing they'd have expected is having their pleasant evening disrupted and turned into a nightmare by murderous zombies, which is what they were. Brain dead, or rather brains infested by ravenous memes, creatures that were only bent on destruction.  The death toll now stands at 127 and could go even higher, this now on top of the 224 murdered by likely ISIS bugs in the bombing of the Russian Metrojet at Sheik-el-Sharm.

Why do I say "ravenous memes"? And what is a meme?

A "ravenous meme" is an idea or conviction that constrains the brains that hold it to consume other beliefs, ideas in a "war of memes".  This has the aspect of a metastasizing cancer in that the ravenous meme will have the brains' physical counterparts actually destroy other persons (not holding the same meme) in order to advance itself.

The first explication of the meme that I recall reading was in the Chapter, 'The Kingdom and the Darkness' in the book, Chance and Necessity' by Biochemist Jacques Monod (Collins Books, UK, 1970)

Hence, Monod tied the blame to the spread of inherently primitive, anti-human and perverse ideas, in a kind of mind-to -mind infection. Hence the later coined term,"mind virus". In terms of infection, discussing the analogy to viruses in his book, Monod listed three attributes:

1) Performance value (what change does the mind virus bring about in a person's behavior?)

2) Propagation value (How far and wide is the mind virus spread and what means are employed to achieve this? I.e. fear of "Hell", fear of physical retribution (stoning, beheading in Islamic enclaves, etc.)

3) Infectious value: (How easily are other brains infected with the mind virus? What specific attributes of the mind virus facilitate this infection?)

Of course, in examining the preceding, the question must be asked: How adverse is the infection to human welfare? If there is a significant component of adversity, or perversity such that human welfare is undermined then one must concur the mind virus is antithetical to humans, and hence a threat to our civilization. In that case, we owe it to ourselves to eradicate the virus as we would any adverse physical virus, such as smallpox, or Ebola.

It follows then, that if a religion harbors such a ravenous meme, hostile to human welfare, then it poses a threat to our planet and civilization by extension. Hence, the sooner we can eliminate this threat the better. If not the toxic memes themselves then we must eliminate those whose brains embrace them and nurture them. The question posed since Monod's book, is 'How best do we do that?"

 Author Howard Bloom in his book, 'The Lucifer Principle', explores in depth the gestation of memes in all religions.  But he pays special attention to Islam because its basic, militant - jihadist meme tolerates no contender religions or beliefs. He writes (p. 228):

"Today's Islam is the perfect example of a meme grown ravenous".

That means it bears analogy to a mind virus with the power to infect brains, and basically convert the owners into murderous Zombies. What do you do with murderous Zombies infected with the "Zombie brain virus"? Well, you lance them through the head. There is no other way to ameliorate the threat and you can't change them - short of a brain transplant.

Bloom goes on to write (ibid.):

"The ground is ripe for worldwide Islamic fundamentalist expansion. It is currently the largest growing religion in the world"

Thus, just as zombies in the "Zombie apocalypse" multiplied because the bitten dead always multiplied more than the remnant humans (not yet dead) so the "ravenous" meme underlying Islam has multiplied via the multiplication of living, mind virus infected brains. Is there such a thing as "Peaceful Islam"? Bloom doesn't believe so, quoting one prominent Mullah who disavows any promotion of harmony. He tells Bloom (p. 226):

"The leaders of our religion were all soldiers, commanders and warriors. They killed and they were killed."

Specifically, their basic meme promotes one of two outcomes: either the slaughter of the "infidel" or what  is perceived as such, or conversion to its laws and religious beliefs. For further clarification of what he's getting at, Bloom writes (p. 224):

"Though Islamic literature praises Mohammed as a man of peace, he was anything but. In A.D. 624 the Prophet announced the concept of the jihad - the holy war. He said in the Koran: 'Kill those who join other gods with God (i.e. Christians) wherever you shall find them, and seize them and slay them, and lay in wait for them with every kind of ambush."

Bloom goes on to note in the next 9 years after those words were put to paper, he ordered "at least twenty seven military campaigns and led nine of them."

Who or what directed this? It was the ravenous, belligerent  underpinning of the Islamic meme which by its very nature can tolerate no mutual co-existence with other god beliefs or religions. It was either the Islamic way or the death way.

Isis and the hundreds of other Islamic groups now vying for power in Syria, are cut from the same cloth, which is why there is no such critter as a "moderate rebel". This is the phantasm of addle brained Westerners and faux liberals prepared to extend tolerance to the point they themselves are slaughtered.

Thus, whether ISIS did it, or Al Musra, or Al Qaeda, is of no relevance - nor whether some one of the other 100 -odd groups fighting for power in Syria to overthrow Assad is to blame. They ALL need to be eliminated with their "ravenous" memes.  Any Islamic fighting against established order in any area of the Middle East is infected.

It is clear from this that the West must treat all those infected by the Islamic meme promoted by Mohammed as de facto living zombies. And as anyone knows one cannot make peace or harmony with a zombie because his first instinct is to take a chunk out of your head. He is ravenous, after all. It matters not that he or she is an ISIS zombie, an Al Musra zombie, an Al Qaeda zombie or any of a hundred others. They are all committed to the militant stance of Mohammed described in detail by Howard Bloom. One thing they cannot be is a "moderate Islamic zombie" which is an oxymoron.

If further incidents like what transpired in Paris are to be avoided, the U.S. must drop the stupid pretense of the existence of "moderate Islamic rebels" and join with the Russians to wipe them all out. There can be NO "moderates" because as Islamics following the Koran all are committed to jihadism. Stop inveighing against Russian military might and work with it to extinguish the ravenous violent meme carriers laying waste to the Middle East. Stop seeing the Russians as your enemy but rather as your ally against the Islamic Zombies.

Don't worry about eliminating all of them.. "Let God sort them out" to use the words of Bill Maher in one of his Real Time shows.

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