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Francis Must Be Wary Confronting Rats In The Vatican Bank

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Francis needs to tread carefully as he attempts to shed light on the Vatican Bank and its many covert operations.

As the news surrounding more Vatican intrigue erupts, e.g. with headlines like 'Vatican Financial Troubles Run Deep, According to New Book', in the New York Times, the media and others appear to forget or omit the source is not the Vatican per se- but the Vatican Bank.  And it's nothing new, not at all for those of us who've done deep politics research into its issues - including ties to notorious intel and gangster outfits like P2.

As long ago as 1978 Pope John Paul I had planned to change the culture and operations at the Vatican Bank to make them more transparent and accountable. At the time of Albino Luciani's ascension it was run by renegade padre, Paul Marcinkus and shady sleaze bags like Licio Gelli .   The new Pope had become aware that the Bank had been funneling money to unsavory types such as P2 in Italy and the gangsters connected to it  didn't want any light cast on their deeds.

As documented by David Yallop, ('In God's Name').  they eliminated their primary threat, as well as took measures against secondary ones such as Roberto Calvi (P2 member and 'executioner', found hanging under Blackfriar's Bridge, London, June 17, 1982. )

In the wake of these sort of revelations it is nothing short of amazing that Pope Francis would dare to make this misshapen Bank accountable and transparent again.  But he needs to watch every step he takes because the same breed of nasty vipers are again in charge. This has been disclosed by the new book, 'Merchants In The Temple' by Gianluigi Nuzzi,  who portrays Francis as a lonely crusader. Which he is, as much as Pope John Paul I in 1978.

Among the information disclosed in the book:

- The fierce revolt against the Pope's efforts to make sweeping changes at the Bank

- A real estate portfolio that is worth seven times as much as the Vatican shows on its books

(All deep politics researchers grasp that this template is the M.O. for black budgets, i.e. to fund operations outside of the purview of the Bank or the Vatican)

And the most repugnant:

- Donations from around the world intended for the poor which actually went into a slush fund to pay running costs.

All the revelations are based on secret recordings of meetings the Pope held with senior cardinals- recordings which were then leaked and have been published by Nuzzi in his book.

A statement released by the Holy See in the wake of the book's publication read in part:

"Such actions are a serious betrayal of trust granted by the Pope"

Maybe, but as in the case of Edward Snowden releasing the transgressions of the NSA, the transgressions of the Vatican Bank superseded those of the ones who leaked the recordings. Clearly, the leakers - as in the case of whistle blowers everywhere- had to have experienced strong moral revulsion at the goings on and believed it their bounden duty to enlighten the rest of us - through Nuzzi's book. I applaud them as I do Snowden, and only rats would defend rats.

And also, let's realize the Pope's quest for action and accountability may actually have been given a serious boost by all this publicity.  With so much media light now shining on Francis and his efforts, it is doubtful the rats will come out of the woodwork to exact vengeance like they did against John Paul 1 in the summer of 1978.

Meanwhile, Francis has recently released a tweet in the wake of the kerfuffle:

"Onward with serenity!"

This is good, but as he goes "onward", especially in regards to exposing the vipers at the Vatican Bank, it is critical Francis ensure he protect his "blind side". Alas, Pope John Paul I didn't. A pity! Had Albino Luciani survived his papacy I'd likely never have left the Church and become an atheist.

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