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GOP Candidates Talk Tough But They Have NO Serious Plan Superior To Obama's On Eradicating ISIS

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In his book, Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free , political and cultural critic Charles Pierce exposes at multiple levels:  including politics, economics and religion-  how too many Americans have become hostages to stupidity. This is mainly because they were never taught logic or critical thinking in the first place.Mostly, they are only good at regurgitating the insane, idiotic blather of their "heroes" - whether El Rushbo on talk radio, or "The Donna" Trump (aka "little Hitler") out on the hustings.

Evidence is pouring in that current events confirm Pierce's take, including new polls that show 53 percent of Americans want no Syrian refugees entering the country  - even women and children - despite the fact this nation has one of the most rigorous systems in place to screen newcomers. A screening far more intense and all -encompassing than allowed for the nation's gun buyers.

Additionally, 11 percent demand only Christian Syrians be permitted entry. They clearly demand ultra safety in this terror age redux. The question that arises is let's even say their demands are met (again mostly echoed and recycled from the GOP poppet parade) how are they going to protect kith and kin when the next AMERICAN mass shooter opens up on them at a cinema or a church, given the NRA won't even allow the sale of smart guns or universal background checks? 

The key aspect these ninnies don't get is that so long as we have loose gun laws no one is going to be safe from slaughter. Why can't they process that rigorously regulating the guns in this country is more important than regulating the entry of Syrian refugees already subject to intense screening - much more powerful than anything the NRA allows?

As Connecticut governor Dannell  Malloy put it in an "All In" interview Monday night, referring to this nonsense:

"From 2004 through 2014 according to the GAO report, we sold 2,042 guns to people who are on the terrorism watch list. Why? Because the NRA  has refused to allow people who are on the watch list as ineligible to buy guns in the United States. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense."

Got that? The NRA has disallowed those on terror watch lists being ineligible  to purchase high powered weapons. Looks like the real terrorists these 53% and 11% ought to be fretting about are the NRA, because as I observed in yesterday's post:

"I'd just add that the loss of future lives in these United States is much more likely to come from unregulated guns in the hands of the wrong people,  as opposed to Syrian refugee babies strapped with IEDs as the GOOPrs fear."

But the caterwauling hasn't stopped, because like any political opportunists, these shameful assholes - including "The Donna", The Cisco Kid (Rubio) and Canuck Cruz have all been increasing their bombast to try to prove how rough and tough they'd be with ISIS and how they'd solve the problem with "ground forces" (despite no 'Muricans in any poll are for that, given the cost in lives and treasure) or with bombing 'em into oblivion like The Donna wants.

They also haven't held back on the nutso rhetoric including "shutting down all mosques in the country" and yapping:

"Obama was primarily angry at the Republicans rather than the terrorists who did this!" (The Donna)

And he also blabbed:

"We can't take a chance that some of these people coming in are ISIS"

Er, ok, how about a lone wolf American - totally off the watch list and screening grid, but radicalized by ISIS videos - how you gonna protect yourself from him making a soda can bomb (such as depicted on the ISIS rag 'Dabiq') and setting it off in a theater or restaurant? OR - buying a Kalashnikov at a gun show and spraying rounds into a crowd? You can't put cops everywhere!

It shows how stupid this blather is.

Then there's this choice remark from Cruz:

"I would encourage you, Mr. President, come back and insult me to my face".

Really? This from the putz who barely 12 months ago put up a campaign video on a website with him prancing around in women's wear? What, are you going to wave your panties at Obama?

Earlier on the same "All In" Monday night, Charles Pierce skewered all these idiots and showed using statistics and attention to logic and critical thinking that NONE of these dopes would really do anything other than Obama is doing if actually in office.

As Pierce put it, you can say anything you want as a candidate because there's no accountability. You can even claim you will defeat the bad guys with a super weapon or special strategy hitherto untried, and you can bet there will be enough dumb Americans to believe it.

Pierce also put a lot of the blame, as I do, on a corporate media that has failed itself to hold this cavalcade of yahoos to account in asking the tough questions when they pop off.  You see it every time they have a debate, such as the last one on the FOX business channel, and you see it in all the assorted spot interviews. They let each of them, whether Cruz, Trump or Rubio pop off without bounds, but then don't push back with critiques or hard questions - as Cronkite would have done back in the 60s.

Rubio did get one thing  partially right when he said:

"ISIS can only be defeated by a ground force  the bulk of which is made up of Sunnis themselves who reject their (ISIS) ideology and defeat them militarily"

 However, as I already noted, see e.g.

this still wouldn't be enough - an adequate ground force would have to include well trained troops from the two recent victim nations: France and Russia.

Finally, to confirm Ben Carson and his campaign are part of Idiot America check out his erroneous map of the U.S. here as appended to the 'We're Saying No' area - on who is rejecting Syrian refugees:

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