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Colo. Springs Terrorist Identifies His Motive: "No more baby parts!"

Robert Lewis Dear, screamed 'No more baby parts!' after his 5 hour terror spree and arrest in Colorado Springs.

As I said in my previous post on the Colorado Springs right wing terrorist (Robert Lewis Dear) who shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic here, killing 3 and injuring 9: It doesn't take a genius or a crystal ball to figure out why this asshole did what he did. You only need look at: a) the invective of the Right's crazies, e.g. on right wing hate radio and from the Repuke presidential candidates that preceded it, b) the choice of the target - a Planned Parenthood clinic, and c) the weapons brought in to ensure he'd have a long stand off with our police and holding citizens hostage to his cause.

The aim is clearly to change the ideology of our community or to instill it with fear so PP will lose clientele, as specialist Jonathan Gilliam observed on CNN yesterday. He also referred to it as "terrorism" which only a deaf or blind man wouldn't see - or a person similarly imbued with Dear's malformed perceptions, but wishes to protect his right flank.

It is especially galling to think former cops could attribute ambiguity of motive to this slime when four cops were injured in the altercation and one (Garret Swasey) killed. Some of these obfuscationists believe they know all about it because they know how to Google but they don't know diddly or squat - not as much as those of us who live here (tuned in to local news stations almost continually). And it never fails that they trot out the same bogus bullshit every time a right winger goes on such a spree - like Andre Brevik in Norway some years ago. It's always "mental health issues" for the Right but it's always "terrorism" if Lefties or Muslims do it. How so? You cannot have it both ways, sorry!

Here's the skinny: We now know from current reports the first words out of this turd's mouth (despite being 'Mirandized')  on his arrest were:

"No more baby parts!"


Why the fuck would this degenerate utter such words, the only ones thus far, if saving all those poor "babies" from PP's "butchers" wasn't the primary motive? (They aren't "babies" of course, since babies are already born, they are fetuses. But clearly, he had bought into the bogus videos circulated by a right wing group months before, purporting to show the parts of fetuses being offered for sale on the organs' market.

But this dingbat like most of the Right's loonytunes can't tell the difference between fetus' tissue and "baby parts" - which is why he became enraged enough to carry out a mass murder. See also:

Another aspect that points to a political motive was an encounter with Dear's neighbor (Zigmond Post) in the guy's mountain town of Hartsel. Mr. Post told of being handed anti-Obama pamphlets within minutes of first meeting Dear, then having to listen to a rant against the President. (Denver Post, today, p. 17A)

The fact is this PP center has been under siege from our local wingnuts for years. On some occasions they even drenched dolls in blood (likely from cow's blood or some other animal's) and tossed them in the path of terrorized patients trying to gain access - even to ordinary services like breast exams.

The PP leadership then decided to install a safe room where at least some of their clients could hide in the case of an all out attack - which is what this terrorist mounted.  Luckily it was in use Friday and saved lives, as The Denver Post reported yesterday (p. 13A).

As more details emerge during grilling, even more of this scurvy bastard's plans will come to light.

In the meantime those who don't live here and don't know dog shit need to button it up, especially with the fulsome horse pockey that "the Left never lets a good tragedy go to waste"

Uh, no, Sparky. We just recognize a right wing terrorist's work when we see it and if you were honest you would too! Time to call 'a spade a spade'  and cease the misdirection especially now we have the scum's own words to go by! But, of course, the Right's sophists will likely declare he burped out those words in a fit of anxiety and they can't be taken seriously.

If we don't take him at his word when he blurts out his motive at his arrest, when will we? Time to stop the obfuscation and recognize Dear's terrorism and hate crime for what it is!

Congrats to Rev. Nori Rost of the local Unitarian Universalist Chuch who conducted a prayer service for the victims yesterday and said: "We are here to pray for the victims of this domestic terrorist" (Denver Post, today, p. 18A)

Realizing full well that even if the guy was slightly deranged that does not mean there was no political motive. One can be "deranged" and still act politically and as a terrorist! Obviously, a lot of planning went into his act so he wasn't that fuckin' deranged!

Update  11/30

Over the weekend more presidential candidates came out against this horrific act. Even Republican Christian candidate Mike Huckabee called it "an act of domestic terror".  And Martin O'Malley referred to an act of "intolerance and violence" perpetrated on victims. But evidently Mistress Carly (Fiorina) couldn't give a fig whether anything happened to the victims as she assumed the demeanor of a deluded nut and said: "This is typical left wing tactics".  She didn't clarify but one presumes she was referencing the acknowledgement by most sober and sane people in the wake of Dear's statement on arrest that he was virulently anti-abortion and a terrorist.

Meanwhile, Dear's wife in an interview with the NY Times admitted he was anti-abortion but wasn't "obsessive about it". But this only proves to us that Dear was nowhere as loopy and deranged as the Right wing fellow travelers and apologists make him out to be. He was able to keep his self-control until the time he chose to act.

As reported on CBS Early Show today "another estranged family member described Dear's political views as 'radical'".

Other news disclosed:

- He did have an AK -47 which he used to kill and injure (some know nothings were babbling it may have just been an ordinary "long rifle" like a .22)

- Law enforcement sources quoted in the same Early Show segment said Dear had positioned  propane tanks next to his vehicle and had every intention of "firing on them to set them off".

The right wing and racist defenders of this loon can squawk all they want but we can call him what he is: a radical right wing terrorist.

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