Friday, November 27, 2015

Five Hours Of Terror In Colorado Springs

The Right wing POS terrorist loser who targeted Planned Parenthood

It was just after 1 p.m. local time that I turned on MSNBC as I usually do after eating lunch. There on the screen were the words "Active Shooter in Colorado" and Colorado Springs identified at the top. For the next 4 hours wifey and I sat glued to our seats watching as events unfolded: a terrorist's attack on the Planned Parenthood Clinic at Fillmore St. and Centennial Blvd. in our city,

NO, it was not a Muslim that carried out this terror, but a right winger named Robert Lewis Dear, clearly pissed that women in our mostly Red (as in Republican-Right wing) county were able to get health care and abortions.  And no, it doesn't take a genius or crystal ball to figure that out even though all the facts aren't in yet. As law enforcement specialist Jonathan Gilliam put it, he didn't just wander into that particular spot and start a game of 'shoot em up'. He had a definite agenda and ideology by the very nature of the target chosen. In other words, don't let anyone hand you the malarkey it was a "coincidence" or this loser was just a random gun nut. As Gilliam put it, he clearly wanted to live to make known his agenda to others in our city.

One theory has it that his brain was filled with hate after months of invective spewed by the Repukes over the airwaves (after a bogus, edited video appeared of allegedly maimed fetuses sold for profit by PP)  including more twisted lies from slime like Limbaugh and most of the Reepo presidential field. In that sense, all those assholes bear some responsibility for fomenting the meme that infected this terrorist's brain and led to the slaughter - including three slain (one officer, Garret Swasey) and two civilians as well as nine injured (4 other officers and 5 civilians).

The bastard Reich wing terrorist entered the building with an AK -47 and bags containing what were presumed to be some kind of ordnance to be set off. Witnesses reported volleys of shots being fired, sometimes as many as twenty an hour. In the course of this cowardly rat's hostage- taking he took out three people, but at the end was too cowardly to take out himself. Maybe it happens that garbage can't dispose of garbage - if it's bad enough.

One hostage -crime specialist, Jim Cavanaugh,  reported in an MSNBC interview, that  the perp probably felt  like the still loose terrorist (Salah Abdeslam) in the Paris attacks. It was more important that he live to be able to dispense his agenda to the media, than to honorably off himself for the despicable turd he is.

Planned Parenthood itself, after weeks and months of rhetorical attack from the nutso Right, was wise enough to install a safe room where patients could go in case of emergency or attack. (Their alarms were likely already in place after a failed bombing of NAACP HQ some ten months earlier.) As soon as the first shots were fired most of the civilians-patients were able to gain entry and lock themselves in, while others were taken hostage by Dear.

For hours SWAT teams and Colorado Springs police tried to reason with this terrorist to little or no avail. Finally, a "Bearcat" - one of SWAT's best weapons- was brought in to plow down one side of the clinic and gain immediate access., As team members barked orders to surrender more shots were exchanged until finally the POS surrendered himself, skulking out in a white-t-shirt and dark pants.

As Cavanaugh and other terror specialists observed, this rat will be grilled for hours on his motives, or imagined grievances and then face stern justice - likely ending up spending decades in the same Supermax prison as one of the masterminds of 9/11 as well as one of the OK City bombers.  His act of "focused aggression" will bear a high price and he will pay it.

As we know, the aim of the terrorist - whether a Rightie like Dear, or Muslim like Abaaoud  - is to strike fear into ordinary people to make them less inclined to either use public facilities or gain access to special places that offer services not available elsewhere.  As Jonathan Gilliam put it in the context of this case with this loser, Robert Lewis Dear:

"The reality is terrorism is a tactic which uses fear to change the political ideology of a community or a group of people. And if his motivation is to do that, going in there and being very specific, you can call that terrorism."


While the Paris attack ISIS bunch sought to strike fear into Parisians and disrupt their normal lives, Dear clearly sought to strike fear into the hearts of women in our city - lest they even remotely consider going to the Planned Parenthood Clinic for any health care services, including abortion.

But Planned Parenthood's founder, Cecile Richards,  has declared no one will be intimidated nor will PP's mission be subverted.  This is important because otherwise offal like Dear win, and his terror meme triumphs. This we cannot allow. Women in our city must continue to feel safe enough to use PP's services, irrespective of the justice outcome.

Interestingly, while the Dem presidential candidates have publicly come out to declare they "stand with Planned Parenthood"  we have not heard one Reepo candidate comment up to now.

Which makes me believe the only conclusion is that they stand with this terrorist Dear,  who butchered three innocents and injured nine others in the worst massacre this city has seen in over ten years.

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