Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Conservo School Board Members Get Dumped in JeffCo Recall Election - A Blow Struck For History Teachers Everywhere

Supporters for the Jefferson County Recall vote gather in the main ballroom at the Sheraton Denver West hotel in Lakewood  for the watch party as election
Jefferson County, Colorado voters overwhelmingly chose to recall three members of the Jefferson County school board Tuesday night and elected two others to form an entirely new board in Colorado's second-largest school district. It was sweet revenge for voters - especially teachers and parents - who had watched helplessly for 2 years as these three renegades tried to impose their conservative will on the JeffCo school district, including "reforming" the AP History curriculum.
Student protests
JeffCo students protested the 3 board members changes to the AP curriculum last Sept.

Susan Harmon, a Lakewood attorney who was chosen by Jefferson County voters to replace ousted member John Newkirk, said Tuesday's results show that "maybe the tide is turning" in terms of school district politics. She said:

"It sends a large message that you need to be responsive to your constituents, your teachers and your community,"


Conservative board members during their years in control tied teacher pay to new evaluations, advocated for more conservative spending, and, in turn, strained relations with unions in both  the Jefferson and Douglas County districts.  After years of discontent from teachers and parents, voters this year rejected conservative board members who were elected in years when less attention was paid to school board politics.

Meanwhile, the usual conservo whiners bellyached in the aftermath. But what do you expect? Just look at the Repuke candidates whining how they were the victims of the big, bad, librul media after the last debate in Boulder..  As Obama put it, if these assorted clowns couldn't even handle 3 lowly CNBC moderators, then how would they handle Russia or China? In truth neither nation would be very "afeared" of these bozos.  Putin and Xi must be howling their asses off and hoping one of these nincompoops gets elected- if Americans are dumb or complacent enough.

Now hear Julie Williams, one of the Jefferson County school board members who was recalled Tuesday, who said the election was taken over by "the liberal agenda and union bosses."

Please! Voters simply exercised the option to dump a trio of assholes who refused to listen to them and intended to convert the AP History syllabus into their personal, conservo fantasy land - replete with faux patriotism, jingoistic justifications, and positive propaganda, i.e. about the slave trade, Native American genocide and Civil War while the real history was whitewashed.

Williams went on to blubber:

"It's hard to fight the lies!"

Aw, boo hoo hoo, and BWAHAHAHAHA. Gimme my sippy cup!

Look, you reaped what you sowed with your arrogant over reaching and dictatorial style rule - along with your two brainless cohorts.

As of 10 p.m., the Jefferson County recall effort held a resounding 64 percent to 36 percent lead

Ken Witt, the head of the Jefferson County board, conceded his race around 7:30 p.m. The two other clowns soon followed.

Much of the drama in this year's campaign has centered on Jefferson County, where a long-standing dispute between the conservative board majority elected two years ago and a large contingent of teachers, parents and students culminated in the launch of a recall effort.

Williams, Witt and  Newkirk raised the ire of thousands in the district when they hired a new superintendent from Douglas County, proposed a review of updates to the advanced placement U.S. history curriculum, hired a board attorney and instituted a new performance-based teacher compensation plan.

Witt defended his record and that of his colleagues Tuesday. He cited a new school that the board approved to build and equal funding for charter schools among their accomplishments.

"We've implemented some great reforms that will have lasting impacts," he said.

Actually, those were "great reforms" only for knuckle draggers - of whom, fortunately, there were not enough to keep these school board conservatives at their jobs, wreaking havoc on teachers, parents and students.

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