Friday, June 12, 2015

Liberals Need To Hold The Line On TPP Vote - Don't Let Obama & Reepos Prevail

Hmmmmm.... If we can just catch the liberals sleeping next Tuesday maybe we can push this bill through!

The news today that the liberal -progressive faction of the House held strain - under Nancy Pelosi's guidance- and torpedoed a key element of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) fast track trade bill, has to warm the cockles of every true citizen's heart. And despite Obama's high pressure personal pitches in trying to wrangle congressional votes, he fell short  - he and his Repuke allies, at least for now. But, as they say, it's not over til it's over and by some "legislative acrobatics" (to use Rachel Maddow's parlance) Johnno Boehner managed to keep this sick dog on the respirator enough to live another day - next week  - for a re-vote.

It goes without saying all the real dems and allies must hold the line on this and not give an inch. Obama will likely turn on the fake charm and smile again to gain leverage on this TPP abomination but this we can't allow. People need to get hold of their congress critters over the weekend and remind them - as 'Democracy Now' has -  that if they cast a vote for this perfidy they will be left to "rot" next year and be "primaried by a real Democrat" as opposed to being elected as a DINO, Neoliberal traitor.

To remind readers, what happened today is that the worker assistance provision ("Trade Adjustment Assistance") was voted down- which meant the fast track legislation couldn't go forward. This worker assistance provision emerged out of the Senate bill when it was realized that if American workers' jobs were lost (as they likely will be by the millions) they will need specialized re-training to get back in the game.

Normally such a provision would be a no-brainer to vote on but in this case two strikes stood against it: 1) it had to be paid for and the Republicans originally designated cuts to Medicare providers to pay for it - but Dems let them know this was not on, so the 'pay for' part was left for later, and 2) passage of the provision would represent an "enabler" to a bill that is awful on its face with many elements that are hostile to not only workers but the environment, see e.g.

Thus, killing the whole TPP trumped passing any given provision, since if that happened the damned thing would be fast-tracked for Obama to sign and expedite. The last thing any true, red-blooded American  - especially worker - wants.

So, despite Obama's rancid insults to the House Dems - including advising them to "vote straight" - they ignored him, as did House Minority Leader Pelosi.  Well, they ignored him at least on the worker assistance provision vote. The other main TPP vote passed by 219-211. (But I suspect at least twenty rat's ass Dems hid behind that vote knowing in advance the worker assistance part was doomed, to appease their dear Prez.)

But as I said, this isn't over...not yet. Boehner and the House Republican majority plan to resurrect it again next week, and we need to keep the pressure on congress critters not to relent. If this turkey passes, as one blogger observed on smirkingchimp, it will mean a "blood bath" next year for the Democrats. This we do not want no matter what Obama believes about his "legacy".

Find another legacy cornerstone, Mr. Prez!

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