Thursday, June 18, 2015

Uh....YEAH It Was a HATE CRIME! The Little POS Was Wearing White Supremacist Emblems

#NotAllWhitePeople: Twitter racists react to news of Dylann Storm Roof's killing spree with delusional denial
Dylann Roof wearing some of his white supremacist emblems in a FB image.

The levels some rightists will go to in order to dispel reality and their own seeing eyes is beyond belief. We are actually expected, to read some of their blogs, to believe that Dylann Storm Roof's massacre of nine BLACK people in a BLACK church may merely have been the work of another garden variety "psycho" like James Holmes. Uh, no Sparkies, see -  in at least one (CNN) report this a.m.  the little POS was wearing actual white supremacy regalia when apprehended in Shelby, NC. In other reports (NY Times) we behold him proudly displaying such emblems in a Facebook display. If it walks like a racist, talks like one - and errr....looks like one (wearing racist shit), it therefore IS a racist. So stop soft soaping this vicious crime by way of refusing to call it out for what it is!

It is time those who seek to provide generalized cover for this imp wake up.As for trying to peddle the chestnut that "all crimes are hate crimes", oh no you don't! Not that hate conflation sophistry tactic!  We are talking about a subset of crimes falling under a specific legal definition - and indeed, this definition would not even be invoked or used if ALL crimes were hate crimes.  This is about as deranged as arguing "all crimes are sex crimes".

Certainly if a person is imbued by hate from white supremacists, to the point of even wearing their regalia and emblems- we can say with some assurance he's a RACIST. Also, he's motivated by race hatred if he wears them while gunning down nine black innocents in a black AME church. (Even if he didn't wear it at the exact same time he already appeared in FB photos with them!)This  then should be no more an issue of debate than that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis in a holocaust.

Rightists need to get their act together and cease with the daft rationalizations for this heinous crime. What will be next? Will they argue (as the followers of Jacque Derrida have) that no real Japanese were killed at Hiroshima only mental abstractions - because the A-bomb was a "mental abstraction"? That way insanity lies.

Logic dictates that if we see a horrendous mass murder carried out by a guy who fancies wearing white supremacist emblems we call the crime what it is - as opposed to using obfuscation and circular codswallop to generate massive red herrings. That alone would elicit the question: WHY are you so intent on protecting this turd?

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