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Racist Domestic Terror In Charleston, SC - What's Behind It?

The racist domestic terrorist, Dylann Storm Roof,  who needs to be taken down like a rabid dog.

By now everyone is aware of the massacre of nine African-Americans in an historical Charleston, SC church. Video imagery has captured a white gunman - now identified as 21 year old  Dylann Storm Roof by the FBI . This POS actually sat with church goers (doing a bible study class)  calmly for an hour before opening fire. According to eye witnesses this maggot Roof reloaded five times and at the end had taken the lives of nine (6 women and 3 men),  including the pastor, a black state senator, in an attack the U.S. Department of Justice called a hate crime.

Well, of course it is a hate crime! DOH!  One does not need a Mensa level IQ to grasp that. (Or shouldn't) Any little scumball who'd go into an all black church and gun down its worshippers is a disgusting racist termite - no two ways about it. And yes, his crime is not only mass murder but mass murder done as a hate crime. For this, this sandy-haired shooter with the fucked-up name, Dylann Storm Roof,   needs to be hunted down like a rabid dog.

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley told reporters:

"This is an unfathomable and unspeakable act by somebody filled with hate and with a deranged mind,"

Roof  may have a "deranged mind" but it was certainly filled with hate. Where he got it, who knows? Did he listen to too much talk (hate) radio, slapping down black people as "apes"?  We know, from David Livingstone's book 'Less Than Human' that when  an entire race is denigrated whether as "apes" in the case of blacks, or "rats" in the case of German Jews (during the Third Reich) than the enslavement and slaughter of people belonging to those groups becomes easier because the whole class has been de-humanized.

Maybe also Roof fell victim to vile propaganda spewed as in hate billboards across the South (e.g. SPLC Intelligence Report, Summer, 2015, p. 5).  The epicenter of white nationalism and billboard hate now appears to be Harrison, Arkansas. According to the SPLC (ibid.):

"A billboard war that started in 2013 continued to rage in the small city of Harrison, Ark.,  which to the dismay of many locals has become a battleground for white nationalists bent on promoting racism and sowing discord. "

The fact is we don't know exactly what spawned Dylann Storm Roof's  hate, but - as previous SPLC Reports have noted - we know there's been a steady uptick in hate groups and hate crimes since Obama was elected in 2008.  Indeed, the hate momentum was fueled further after Obama's 2012 re-election, very likely because all the racists were convinced Mitt Romney the plutocrat would be the white 'savior'  to finally replace him. When it didn't happen, they went bonkers. So we beheld racist swine from Texas to Virginia hanging our president in effigy via the chair prop introduced by relic Clint Eastwood at the GOOP  convention in July, 2012.

We also saw students on election night at the University of Mississippi going ape shit,  hanging then burning effigies of President-elect Obama after the final, projected winning returns were tallied on CNN.. The haters simply couldn't take it and there also followed many incidents - mainly in the South- and often included presumed Obama voters beaten up. For what, exercising their franchise? Evidently! (They exercised it for the wrong guy, according to the misfits.)

There are a number of books that are useful in exploring further this penchant for human hate and degradation.   One such work is Simon Baron-Cohen's, Zero Degrees of Empathy: A New Theory of Human Cruelty. The aim of this (2011)  book is to explore how it is some humans can be so incredibly cruel, and wreak havoc on so many while pouring out racial, ethnic and other hatred. What is it that turns  people to misshapen monsters? Baron-Cohen, a renowned Cambridge psychologist, is well qualified to pursue this issue and answer the question of the ages: What is cruelty? What is evil? And can they be explained scientifically?

As an objective scientist, Cohen dislikes the term "evil" (freighted as it is with supernaturalism and emotion) as much as I do. In place he uses "empathy erosion" as an alternative. Empathy is just the capacity to feel what another person does, put oneself in his place, and hence - be able to feel his pain. For example, it would be analogous to putting oneself in the place of a poor black, say being racially mistreated or abused in the Old South, before Civil Rights came in. Putting oneself in his place, one would feel his pain and want to do anything to help him. Not doing so, and the person would either join in setting attack dogs on him, or stand by and watch while KKK'ers beat him, which is even worse.

Because empathy erosion is more measurable than the term evil (since one can gauge its presence or absence by using positron emission (PE) tomography in the region of the brain called the posterior superior temporal sulcus) then it's more useful since it's quantifiable. A typical way to do a base quantification would be to hook the person up then show him assorted photos, such as concentration camp scenes, and measure the response. If the PE  radiance region area is maxed out at a certain limit, than that discloses highest empathy. If not, then empathy is absent and hence there is erosion .

The Nazis were not totally insensitive to how their victims were feeling, they simply didn't care! They lacked empathy and hence displayed monstrous empathy erosion. Hitler displayed some of the least empathy, and as explained in one earlier theory by Harvey Hornstein (Cruelty and Kindness: A New Look at Aggression and Altruism,1976, Prentice-Hall) his own empathy erosion probably arose from having authoritarianism imposed on him: His father Alois used to beat the boy senseless, and often for no reason. Later, devoid of empathy, Hornstein reasons Hitler took out his pain on the Jews.

Did this little Charleston, SC racist maggot take out his "pain" on innocent blacks? We don't know because we can't be sure in his earlier life there was even some excitation of pain centers. Was Roof beaten by a gang of blacks? Did he call them "apes" or "thugs" to incite their reaction? Did a black teacher take a paddle to Roof's  behind for some misbehavior? We don't know, but in any case none of those can be used for justification of his bestial act. Even if Roof  was beaten senseless by the Crips it doesn't justify mass murder.

If a gang victim, Dylann Roof's  response ought to have been to man up and report his beating to the law, not become his own judge, jury and executioner.  If, OTOH, he'd harbored deep seated Obama-hatred and took that out on nine innocents, he'd also have done better to grow up and suck it up.   You don't get to kill nine innocents in a church to feed your hate of Obama!

What should happen to this piece of refuse, Roof, if found guilty and condemned to death? Maybe do a partial electrocution - to the point his eyes are nearly popping out of his head and his face is sizzling- then finish it off with a trip to the gas chamber.

In any case, an example needs to be set. The problem is it likely won't reach that phase because when finally cornered Dylann Roof - evident punk that he is-  will probably off himself. Or the cops will do it - which has the benefit of saving the good taxpayers of Charleston, SC hundreds of thousands of bucks!

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