Monday, March 2, 2015

SNL 'ISIS' Skit Shows Too Many Remain Free Speech Hypocrites

The Saturday Night Live skit featured cute Dakota Johnson  (of '50 Shades' fame) as a teen off to join the terror zombies called ISIS. She is being taken to the airport to meet their local emissaries by "Dad" - played by Taram Killam.  At the outset Dad asks his budding little ISIS girl: "Well, this is it. Need any help with your bag?"

She replies, "No that's all right, I got it".  And Dad responds, "Looks like your ride is here."

And the scene pans off to a pickup arriving with Islamic emblems displayed and guys sporting rifles. Dad sees them and chirps: "You be careful, okay?"

And as the wannabe warrior peeks into the car window from outside she smiles and says:

"Dad, it's just ISIS."

The spot ends with the main ISIS bearded guy saying "Death to America!" after 'Dad' asks him to "take care of her", then the words appear on the right bottom of the screen:

"ISIS: We'll take it from here, Dad"

To behold the reaction  to this skit (as "offensive") , at which we howled with laughter, you'd think the SNL bunch had insulted everyone's mom. Despite the backlash from obvious free speech hypocrites (who want only THEIR brand justified) Taram Killlam defended it on Twitter, observing:

"Proud of this. Freedom to mock is our greatest weapon. Thanks to the writers who asked not to be mentioned by name."

So why all the huff and puff and sanctimonious outrage now when many of these same upset ninnies cheered in indy theaters when N. Korean dictator Kim Jong -Un was killed in a pseudo-jokey assassination flick called 'The Interview"?  Well, because Americans can dish it out but can't take it. They will howl with laughter when another nation's pet "Ox" is gored in a media venue, but snarl in outrage when their own Ox is exposed. In this case the petrified fear of the ISIS bugs and their foul deeds.

Oh no! Mustn't laugh at that or mock it! No NO! It's real and it could happen to us!

But see, if that meme is kept constant as well as it's ancillary one, that numbers of young Americans (and other nationality) idiots really are trying to join ISIS, then we lose by being reluctant to mock them. Both the nitwit joiners and the ISIS bugs. (Which I already have stated ought to be eliminated with nerve gas whenever they charge out into the open desert by themselves).

So why the asymmetric outrage?  Again, because far too many pick and choose what forms of free speech (mostly over the top jabs at others' cultures, religions)  they will defend and hold sacred, but are prepared to condemn and punish those who dare to offer second thoughts - or jokes - concerning our own sensitive baggage. In this case the phenomenon of ISIS recruiting our wholesome young 'Murican offspring via social media.

Since it is too real to those who have young 'uns (and fortunately I don't,  so don't have to police them 24/7)  then mocking it - as in depicting a girl being driven by daddy to meet  ISIS - becomes seriously "cringe worthy" and offensive.

So basically, the ISIS maggots so have Americans crawling into their holes out of fear that they're afraid to laugh at their own neurotic foibles.

The takeaway from this is - once more - you  do not get to pick and choose which forms of free expression you will defend and which you will ignore if you declare yourself a real free speech champion. Cafeteria free speechers are hypocrites, pure and simple. So, if you're yelping now about the SNL 'ISIS" skit, you didn't have any right to yelp about being denied yucks when 'The Interview' was not shown in mainstream cinemas.

It's as simple as that!

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