Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oklahoma U. Needs To Expel ALL These Little SAE Bums!

Offloading stuff from Sigma Alpha Epsilon House- Now Closed- at Oklahoma U.

I could not believe my eyes and ears on viewing the news last night when I saw and heard the racist chants from a bunch of Oklahoma University frat boys aboard a bus bound for a "Founder's Day" event. Screaming the N-word out loud in the form of a senseless chant (starting "Yuh can hang 'em from a tree"), the little morons from the frat Sigma Alpha Epsilon perhaps didn't realize how widely their stupid "song' renditions would circulate.

Well, it got the attention of the national office of SAE - which promptly disowned the Oklahoma University chapter. It also got the attention of the University President who shut their frat house down and has already expelled two of the little maggots as of this writing. Amazingly, one of them - lead "conductor" Parker Rice- actually came from a Jesuit HS in Dallas, according to the CBS News tonight. The little bastard ought to be ashamed of himself since he clearly never absorbed Jesuit values!

Of course, all should be expelled and pronto! What these entitled,  racist narcissists manifested was not "free speech" - not by any stretch - but abuse of speech to the point of denigrating (and bullying) a minority race on their campus. One for which they've evidently gone so far as to prevent pledging.. For such wanton, disgusting vocalization all of these brats need to pay and that means expulsion.

What a far cry from the SAE I knew (while pledging Delta Tau Delta fraternity) at the Univ. of South Florida decades ago. That chapter - as well as all the chapters on the USF campus - was open to all and sundry irrespective of race, or religion.  All fraternities were open to prospective pledges and each new guy was entitled to endure the same initiations, as well as "road trips" - but also the fraternity parties. (I ceased pledging in my next to last quarter at USF, realizing I needed to work harder and leave out the parties, or I'd never graduate!)

Meanwhile, JeffriAnne Wilder, associate professor of sociology at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville  - where a school board decided in 2013 to rename a high school named after an honorary Ku Klux Klan leader - said the incident at OU is a quick reminder of how far the state, and the U.S., has to go in dealing with racial issues. As she said recently in a quote to the Denver Post, referring to the 1965 civil rights march in Alabama from Selma to Montgomery:

"It's saddening and unfortunate that just a few days ago, we were commemorating Selma. We have to pause and on one hand, we can look back and see how far we've gone and on the other hand, how far we have to go."

Indeed, and those issues become raw reminders to those of us who lived in those days, whether we currently behold cops beating or shooting black kids - as in Madison, WI or Ferguson, or note Fox news anchors referring to Obama as a "chimpanzee" or one's own kin (from OK) portraying Obama as a skunk in a national emblem ("half white and half black")

Worse even, is how many of this Millennial generation don't seem to process their own racism, such as the spectacle we saw at Ole Miss after Obama's re-election when the "Rebs" came out in their numbers and chanted racist slogans and hung an effigy of him. (But this gets back to an earlier point I made in a previous post about too many being raised as entitled narcissists, e.g.


As Prof. Wilder observed:

"The millennial generation is supposed to be both colorblind and post-racial, but that's not true."

Well, let's be fair - for many it isn't - but that's all the more reason we need to re-acquaint these kids with our past history, lest they forget - including how tawdry a history of racism this nation has.

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