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The Bowe Bergdahl Case: Let The Biggest Hypocrites Cast The First Stones!

This revolting, disgusting display of hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy, is this what we’ve finally become?

Are we now so filled with foul bilious hatred, are we now so consumed with soul-destroying fear, do we now despise our own selves so much that we would actually protest the return of one of our own? Is that it?

Is that what we’ve become? - Jim Wright, today on

First it was Benghazi, then it was the eruptions against Edward Snowden's justified whistle blowing (and the ninnies and cowards in the country calling him a "traitor") and now - in the wake of a POW release, we have the Bowe Bergdahl hair on fire screeching that "Oh my god, no! This guy DESERTED! How can any town hold a celebration for him!! He's a TRAITOR! BWAAAHAHAHAHA!"

Ok, let's get a grip and kick some lamo, defunct and defective ass here. It seems as soon as the most minor informational conflict comes into play now ('Hero released, no wait, deserter!'), half the fucking country goes nuts, as is occurring now with Bergdahl.   Was he a deserter? We don't know. That remains to be ascertained. Should he have been left in Afghanistan if he was? NO! Because we as decent Americans -as opposed to walking turds - leave no soldier behind, and we certainly don't pre-judge a man before he's had his day and say in a proper judicial venue - NOT the court of public opinion. (Of course, if Steve Rattner had his way, even a proven war hero would have been left behind rather than make the trade for 5 Taliban. Though Rattner did say this a.m.- in response to Eugene Robinson's question-  that if it was "a Senator, or even Joe Scraborough" we'd make any deal necessary. you really don't respect any of our serving soldiers, eh Steve?)

Let's accept ab initio as a proposition to work with that any war, even a minor,  localized conflict (compared to WWII - which my dad fought in),  is likely to lead to clusterfucks and the proverbial fog of war, not to mention so much propaganda you don't know who's telling it straight. The military can't be relied on for the truth because they themselves have left a long trail of bullshit behind, and from the time they launched these two wars of choice, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For the sake of memory jog, anyone recall the Jessica Lynch story? We were fed the line that she was rescued in Iraq while on some mission and was a "heroine". Lynch herself exposed the bullshit some time later when she said she never even fired her weapon and was knocked unconscious - and remained so - for most of the time any firefights went on. The whole Jessica Lynch rescue story was a Pentagon 'dog and pony' show to appease the masses - make 'em feel good.

Anyone recall Pat Tillman?  The former NFL star (Arizona Cardinals)  like so many - promptly signed up for God and country in the wake of 9/11. Some time later, in Afghanistan, he was killed - we were told this occurred while bravely engaged in a firefight with the "enemy".  This soothed many minds until the truth came out that he was killed by friendly fire. The Pentagon - as in the case of Jessica Lynch -  tried to bury the real story and push a phony PR one.

My point is that you need to exercise caution when confronted with "hero stories" or "traitor stories" - especially the latter since they are most likely to arouse screeching and accusations. As sober citizens we therefore don't respond to network dog whistles but instead let the truth find its way out it will in the Bergdahl case. For those that pre-judge and have screamed "Traitor!" - they themselves need a wake up call from our own history (which too many of our countrymen either forgot or never knew in the first place.)

What is a traitor, after all? Is it a young, disillusioned kid who probably - once he was in theater- saw Afghanistan for the stupid, money-wasting fiasco it was and wanted to back out?  OR - might it be an actual government or political party,  that does business with the enemy - to the extent of taking them on for service in a government agency (CIA)? You get my point? For example, the CIA in cooperation with the Vatican helped thousands of Nazis escape to South America along the infamous “ratlines” set up just before the end of World War II. This is all thoroughly documented in a number of books, especially Aarons and Loftus’: Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, The Nazis, and the Swiss Banks, 1998, St. Martins Press)

In addition, then O.S.S. head Allan Dulles (later to become head of the CIA) officially implemented the policy via Operation Bloodstone to import former Nazi spies to help the U.S. set up its own intelligence service to spy on the Soviet Union (Never forget – despite the lunatic tea party portrayals – the Nazis were the mortal enemies of the Marxist –Socialists in the Soviet Union!)

Readers can learn more here:
Much of this would have been fully revealed to Americans' eyes in the Nazi Wartime Disclosure Act, but it was shot down in 1999 so never became law. According to a Baltimore Sun article ('Government May Soon Open Files on Nazi War Criminals', Aug. 2, 1998, p. 20A):

"Under pressure from Congress, the Justice Department and other agencies may be forced to declassify tens of thousands of top-secret documents describing the U.S. intelligence community's dealings with Nazi war criminals in the Cold War years. Legislation to open most of those files has already passed the Senate and could come up for a vote in the House this week. Some historians suspect that the opened files could cause 'tremendous embarrassments' for the United States."

Less than one year later the GOP congress voted against passage, and that was it. No one has heard much about it since. Perhaps the GOP Neocons and their fellow travelers knew then, as they do now, they didn't want to let the "cat out of the bag"  The primary ones who voted against it were, of course, the Repukes and their right wing reactionary confederates - the same  Foxite drones screaming for Bowe Bergdahl's head now (to the extent they won't even let Bergdahl's hometown in Idaho celebrate his return in peace.)

Maybe these characters would do well to recall that their favorite party, the GOP, was very big on Nazi links back in the day....around the Reagan and pre-Reagan era.  For those of us in deep politics, the history of the Nazi-backed Republican Heritage Groups is well -known. All this is well documented  by Russ Bellant, in his book 'Old Nazis, The New Right and the Republican Party' ( South End Press, Boston, 1991, p. 77). Bellant painstakingly documents how Nazis, and former S.S. infiltrated the Republican Heritage Groups and Council from the time of Reagan's ascension in 1980. He provides actual letters written and received as well as how their agenda is spelled out. He also notes a key figure who had established connections many decades earlier, i.e.

"Philip Guarino helped establish the ethnic division of the GOP in 1952. He was vice-chair of the Republican Heritage Groups Council from 1971-75."

By April 8, 1980, Guarino "was a senior member of the Republican Party National Committee, which at the time was concentrating all its efforts on getting Ronald Reagan elected President." (Recall Reagan also gave a nod to these vermin when he visited the grave site of a Waffen S.S. in Bitburg, W. Germany. The PR at the time was that it was "an accident", but don't buy it for a second!) The "ethnic division of the GOP" refers to Ukrainian and Latvian assistants and associates, or members of the extension group affiliated with the German Waffen S.S. which had helped carry out pogroms during WWII- usually butchering Jews and communists in their own nations. (Recall, Hitler often conflated the Jews with Marxists, communists based on the fact Karl Marx was a Jew.)

It then may also be no coincidence that neo-Nazis have been observed and documented amongst these proper "democracy" protestors in the Ukraine, overturning statues, harassing those who disagree with them and in general carrying on like rogues and thugs. But how much do you hear of that in the Western Press?  To make a long story short, part of the GOP agenda dating from the original Nazi infiltration, evolved to overturning elected governments that didn't meet the Reagan- Far Right "smell tests".  (The mistake of Obama was in allowing too many of these GOOps to remain at State where they could cause havoc.)

Let's also note Bellant's claims re: associations, groups - apart from establishing direct ties of former S.S. affiliates to the GOP, were also well substantiated in the Newsweek article ('The Right Wing Web', February 22, 1999, p.34).  The reason for reinforcing Bellant's book is that the putative basis for widespread former Nazi use and recruitment (including in our intelligence agencies, e.g. CIA) would have been laid bare....but it seemed evident to me even then that the GOP congress wished to cover its party tracks and all possible links to Nazi interests.

SO tell me now: Can a political party which has knowingly harbored known Nazis - even allowing them to be integrated into its "Heritage" groups, be trusted  when its lackeys and pols scream "traitor" - directing it at a forlorn, confused kid who likely never knew what the fuck he was getting himself into in the first place?  WHO are the REAL enemies here?  I submit they're not immature kids who sign on to something they later find out is BS, but mature, cynical fuck-faces that enlist the services of the most wretched, dastardly murderers the world has ever known.

I say let the biggest hypocrites - namely the ones who voted down the Nazi Wartime Disclosure Act and belonged to the Republican Heritage Groups when known Nazi-S.S. links were established - to get their asses out there and toss the first stones at Bowe Bergdahl when he lands in the US of A. I am betting they won't have the balls to even show their faces, but instead will push their foolish, FOX- brainwashed pawns out front to do it for them. You know the ones, the same types that responded to the Clive Bundy dog whistle in Nevada- and beat their chests senseless while declaring themselves "patriots" and everyone else scumballs or "traitors".

While we're at it we can add the Reepo blowhard Saxby Chambliss to the list too! This is the dirt bag from Georgia who never served a day himself, but had the nerve to try to slime the (Vietnam) service bona fides of Max Cleland in the 2002 election- by trying to link him to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam. Shitheads like Chambliss have no right to mouth off at all about "security" or "traitors" and they definitely need to STFU about Bowe Bergdahl.

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